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Moving Earth, Nuclear Power, and War

This morning, we’re getting warnings that there are earth moving machines that have been spotted by satellite near a military testing facility. It has been speculated that these earth moving machines – bulldozers, and the like – might be part of a secret plan to cover up tests of prototypes of a device to ignite a nuclear weapon.

covering up nuclear testsThere’s a lot of conjecture in this story. So, it seems like a good time to engage in some questioning of our own.

Here’s a photograph of a U.S. military bulldozer, an American military earth-moving machine. Bulldozers are such a thorough part of the U.S. military’s infrastructure that there are even plastic model kits of them, for hobbyists who are fans of the machines.

When you look at this photograph of a U.S. military bulldozer, do you presume that it’s being used to cover up evidence of secret nuclear weapons tests?

How would you react if the United Nations or the Iranian government announced that it was taking satellite photographs of American military facilities?

If an aggressive attitude and nuclear weapons are an unacceptable combination in Iran, is it an acceptable combination in the United States?

Which nation is more belligerent in its foreign policy? Iran, or the United States?

Which is the only nation to have killed civilians in a nuclear weapons attack? Iran, or the United States?

Why aren’t these questions being asked by journalists in the nations where war against Iran is being suggested?

2 thoughts on “Moving Earth, Nuclear Power, and War”

  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    We’re not even sure if Iran even has nukes!

  2. Bill says:

    JClifford: please try again. You can do better.

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