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Evil Broccoli

From a garden patch sprayed with pesticides, infested with genetically modified organisms, it awakened. Now, it’s looking for revenge.

Beware the wrath of the evil broccoli!

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Dr. Ian Walker warns us that that Broccoli is “the greenest of the Evil Vegetables”, explaining that “Broccoli adopts this colour scheme as a form of camoflage, hoping that it will pass unnoticed amongst the friendly lettuces until – too late! – we’ve eaten it and it has ensnared us in its evil clutches.”

Don’t ask me why. It’s early Friday morning.

4 thoughts on “Evil Broccoli”

  1. Tom says:

    Well Doc Walker is a bit misinformed if he thinks broccoli is evil. i like it with a dollop of “special sauce” (vinegar and mayo mix) and in salads.

    “Broccoli is rich in vitamin C and soluble fiber, but also has many other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins B1,2,3,5,6 and 9,zinc, phosphorous and iron.

    Broccoli, though, is now the subject of some serious scientific study, not just to dismiss an old wives’, but to find out why broccoli is such a powerful ally in the fight for good health, but to what extent it can prevent or cure particular diseases, such as cancers, and what the active compounds are that do all the good work. Apart from the well known vitamins and minerals, studies into sulphoraphane and diindolylmethane could bring forth some interesting results in the near future.”

  2. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Actually, I like broccoli too, but there is something, as healthy as it is for your body, that’s wicked in its personality. Just think about the way it gets so many children to turn into ravenous giants.

  3. Taylor @ Charlotte Personal Trainer says:

    It’s kind’ve like that evil creeper red haired guy from the Simpsons….

    love broccoli though, as long as its warm

  4. Bill says:

    Geo. Bush Senior hated brocolli…so how bad can it be?

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