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Five Things With Which I Am Not Cool (March 10 2012)

President Barack Obama gave the green light to child soldiers in Chad, the Congo, and Yemen.

The Lorax markets Mazda SUVs: a thing that everyone, everyone, everyone needs?

When officials conducted a Photo Op to show off their new drones flying over American skies, the people in charge lost control of their robot and it smashed into a SWAT team.

The New York City Police Department is secretly spying on kids who’ve done nothing but be Muslim.

The Democratic-Controlled Senate Judiciary Committee continues to sit on 5 nominations to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, which has been empty since Barack Obama took office as President.

Are you cool with that?

4 comments to Five Things With Which I Am Not Cool (March 10 2012)

  • Tom

    i guess that’s “good government” . . .

  • We’ve got a Pinterest board now that’s collecting images of inappropriate Lorax marketing. Does anyone have any suggestions for additions to the board?

  • Herbert Sweet

    On child soldiers. The article points to the difficulty in dealing with competing objectives — national stability of these countries and control over anti US operatives vs enlightened treatment of children. IMHO, stabilization of all of the world and conversion to modern sensibilities is a task too big for even the US to take on. Slight wonder that the rest of the modern world has been lacking in enthusiasm.

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