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Hey Chris Christie! Why don’t YOU shut up for a second?

Yesterday morning, when a law student stood up and confronted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on a subject that Christie couldn’t deal with, Republican politician lost his cool. Christie shouted that the law student was an “idiot”, and ranted, “Damn man, I’m Governor, could you shut up for a second?”

anti-christie bumper stickerYes, you’re Governor of New Jersey, Mr. Christie. That means that you’re supposed to serve the people, not insult them and shout them down.

Chris Christie presents a terrible example of public behavior, too rude and crude to maintain respect for the office of Governor.

So, I have a suggestion: Chris Christie, why don’t YOU shut up for a second? While you’re at it, why don’t you step down from office, and allow someone more dignified and decent to represent the state of New Jersey?

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