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Ice Continues Dramatic Melt In Arctic And Below

We’ve written for quite some time about the remarkably low levels of ice cover in the Arctic Ocean. The surface area of ice has been at record lows at times during this winter. It’s not just the surface area that’s shrinking, though. According to data from the Polar Science Center indicate that the thickness of Arctic Ocean ice is also continuing a dramatic decline.

What’s more, it isn’t just young ice that’s created through the annual freezing of wintertime that’s thawing. In fact, ancient ice in the Arctic Ocean is thawing at an even faster rate than relatively newly formed ice.

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The decline of ice cover isn’t restricted to the waters of the Arctic, however. According to a new study by the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, the amount of ice cover in the Great Lakes has also become significantly smaller over the last few decades – a 71 percent reduction since 1971.

2 thoughts on “Ice Continues Dramatic Melt In Arctic And Below”

  1. Tom says:

    Of course! What should we expect when we keep living the same polluted way?
    Our biosphere will “pay us back” (reaping what we sow) for all this by failing on us eventually. It ain’t gonna be fun.

  2. Bill says:

    Thank goodness climate change is just a myth conjured up by evil liberals to redistribute petro-wealth, huh?

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