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Buddy Roemer Defends Americans Elect Against Reality

Yesterday, Facebook User AE Transparency got into an exchange with Buddy Roemer, a politician who first left the Democratic party and then left the Republican presidential race and now is running as an Americans Elect candidate. AE Transparency asked:

AE Transparency: Mr. Roemer, concerns that Americans Elect Corporation is a hedge fund and junk bond-funded ‘game’ to nominate Peter Ackerman’s choice for President are now too loud, and too well-supported, to be ignored. AECorp’s self-appointed (not elected) Board of Directors reserves “extraordinary power and authority to take or compel any action”, and recently successfully suppressed a delegate effort to overturn a controversial Board decision. As a reformer, what can and will you do to help us reform Americans Elect Corporation so that it LIVES the democratic principles it espouses?

Roemer: I don’t agree with your baseless concerns. My staff and I have met with AE’s chairman, executive leadership and board of directors numerous times and I can tell you their heart is in the right place. Peter Ackerman is a good man and I do not buy into the rumors. Their board is made up of well-respected CEO’s, former Governors and Senators and Congressmen who are fed up with the partisan gridlock and corruption. These are decent people and some of them I call friends. The left and right are scared of change. I have from day one demanded that AE disclose their donors. I have told them they should pay back their secret donors, which they are doing. I have also committed to helping them raise money to pay back their secret donors if I am their nominee.

AE Transparency: Would your response then be “trust us?”

Roemer: [silence]

At this point, Buddy Roemer stopped talking to AE Transparency.

Perhaps Roemer learned the lesson, “when you’re in a hole, stop digging,” because unfortunately he doesn’t have his facts straight here about what’s a fact and what’s “baseless” or “rumor.” As AE Transparency pointed out in a later post, Roemer’s depiction of the Board of Directors is wildly off-mark:

Fact check: what did Buddy Roemer know…and when did he know it…when he stated regarding Americans Elect Corporation (see post immediately below) that “Their board is made up of well-respected CEO’s, former Governors and Senators and Congressmen”

1. “CEOs”: Almost true: The only CEO serving on Americans Elect’s Board of Directors is Americans Elect’s CEO, Kahlil Byrd.

2. “Former Governors”: Almost true. One former governor, Christine Whitman…not plural “governors”

3. “Senators”: Simply false. No senator, past or present, serves on Americans Elect Corporation’s Board of Directors.

4. “Congressmen”: Simply false. No congresspersons, past or present, serve on Americans Elect Corporation’s Board of Directors.

We’re delighted that candidate Roemer has taken the time to thoroughly vett the Board before casting his lot in with Americans Elect Corporation. Alas, it seems he was vetting some OTHER board.

It’s not “baseless” for AE Transparency to refer to Americans Elect as “hedge fund and junk bond-funded.” Peter Ackerman, a principal founder acknowledged by made his initial fortune as right-hand mand to junk bond king Michael Milken, and even dedicated Americans Elect supporters admit that it is funded by “serious hedge-fund money.”

It’s not baseless or a rumor to call the Americans Elect corporation’s Board of Directors “self-appointed (not elected).” That’s what it is. See the bylaws of Americans Elect.

Read the bylaws and you’ll also find the text indicating that ” the Board shall reserve extraordinary authority and power to take or compel any action necessary to ensure that the purpose of Americans Elect is not defeated by the acts or omissions of any persons or parties.” That’s not baseless. That’s not a rumor.

Finally, it’s not a baseless rumor that Americans Elect recently successfully suppressed a delegate effort to overturn a controversial Board decision. It happened, and it’s documented right here.

I could try to wrap this up with a snazzy little catch phrase, but sometimes you just have to say something baldly: Buddy Roemer either doesn’t know what’s going on with Americans Elect, or doesn’t care to speak the truths he’s aware of.

Don’t believe the politicians on Americans Elect. Heck, don’t believe me or AE Transparency or anyone else either. Follow the links you have and look up the primary source truth on Americans Elect for yourself.

17 thoughts on “Buddy Roemer Defends Americans Elect Against Reality”

  1. Kordo says:

    Thank you for your efforts, but I’m a little confused. What, exactly, is AE trying to accomplish? To get their hand-picked candidate on the ballot? I fail to see the utility of such a move, considering the fact that such a candidate would have pretty much zero possibility of getting elected. What’s the plan? Is it just scraping up SuperPac money out of the public eye? I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter, as I’m really unclear why these people are going to this amount of effort.

    1. Bill says:

      Kordo, some things — infinity, the origin of the Universe, and Peter “Junk Bond” Ackerman’s twisted thought processes — simply transcend human understanding. Speculation abounds regarding Dear Leader Ackerman’s motivations…to buy the next President, to spoil the Republican candidate’s chances, or the Democrat’s, or to set himself up as King-maker if the Electoral College otherwise fails to elect a President. All perfectly plausible speculations (however deranged these motives might be), but the fact is we just don’t know what Junk Ackerman is shooting for. And that’s just the way Pete wants it. Throughout the rising fecal storm of questions regarding Ackerman Elects’ (oops, I meant, of course, “Americans Elect’s”) true motives, AE founder, chairman and sugar-daddy Pete Ackerman has maintained an Olympian silence. And why should it be otherwise, really. I mean, he has people for that.

  2. NobodyAskedMe...But says:

    Kordo is thinking.
    Common sense and years of following and participating in political campaigns compels me to doubt that Americans Elect is designed with an altruistic motive. The secrecy hiding the identities of the people who have funded this organization, reputedly in the amount of approximately $30 million so far, is suspicious. The people who have been put on the Board and the list of advisers is heavily weighted to active Democrat party supporters. We all know from history that it is impossible for a new party like Americans Elect to put up a candidate who will win. So what is their motive?

    The political trick often used by a candidate in trouble is to find and support a candidate who will siphon off some of the votes for an opposing, usually most favored candidate, thereby permitting a less-favored candidate to win. This trick is particularly effective in a presidential election where each state’s electoral votes are given winner-take-all, even if that win is by one single vote. A close election may be decided in only one or two “key” states by a few votes. Obama is in trouble. If Americans Elect can put up a candidate who will draw off only 1% to 3% of the Republican votes in a key state, it could give Obama the victory, although he does not have the majority of the national vote.

    Many of the Democrat and Independent voters who voted for Obama in 2008 are dissatisfied with him and will not vote for him this time. But they may be reluctant to vote for a Republican and may be easily persuaded to vote third party instead, if they think it will do some good. These are the likely targets of Americans Elect. Like 1968, when McCarthy took Democratic votes from Humphrey and allowed Nixon to win, The beneficiary of a third party in this election will be Obama.

    Also, Roemer is the kind of person who would jump at this. He can’t get along with anybody. He is doing this only because he likes to campaign talk and be the center of attention but can’t stand to take on the details of holding public office. Google “Louisiana’s Governors Cowan” and select the Amazon site. Then, underneath the picture of the book cover, in small blue print, click on “Search inside this book” and then, in the pop-up, scroll down to page 259-267. According to his reputation here in Louisiana, Roemer is a “consummate liar.” Look at

    America is in trouble and Obama has made things worse. It will not be good for us if he has another term. The Republican nominee will be the better choice, even if he may not be the ideal choice. Americans Elect could be the spoiler. I hope the nation can see through this charade.

    1. Kordo says:

      Well, I see Ackerman isn’t the only fella indulging in fantasy. Let’s add ’em up, shall we?

      “Obama is in trouble” With who? Sure, a lot of Progressives are less than thrilled with some of the compromises he’s made; calling that trouble seems a bit out there. Compared to the Klown Kar the Republicans are driving, Obama’s dog could win.

      “Many of the Democrat and Independent voters who voted for Obama in 2008 are dissatisfied with him and will not vote for him this time.” Umm, says who? Did you go around and ask 65 million voters about this? Until I see some hard numbers, I’m putting this in the “Republican Fapping” column.

      “America is in trouble and Obama has made things worse.” How? The massive tax cuts? Saving the American auto industry? Ending Bush’s Oil war? Putting a round in Bin Laden’s eye, and killing more terrorists than smallpox? What, precisely, has he made worse? Please confine your answer to actual things that have occured in reality, and spare me the “He thinks…” and “He believes…” horseshit; just because your Aunt Ginny sent you a chain e-mail doesn’t make a thing so.

      Sorry to jump on you so hard, but I’m getting a bit tired of people taking Fox News talking points for objective reality.

      1. NobodyAskedMe...But says:

        Your attitude is contentious. Do you really believe what you are saying or are you being irascible as a tactic in order to convey the idea that what I said was ridiculous?

        You have to be asleep these past three years not to know that Obama is in trouble. Do you not read? Have you not seen the dozens of polls showing his negative ratings?

        He passed Obamacare using corrupt backroom dealing with insurance and drug companies that contributed $80M to protect their outrageous drug prices. ;He ignored the majority of Americans who were against it. Congress did not even read the bill before approving it in a screwy shell-game voting trick. Where were you when this happened? The plan is ruining healthcare plans and has already caused a rise in premiums of 30% with more to come when the program is fully in effect.

        He more than doubled our national debt in only three years and we have about the same under/unemployment as when he took office. He failed to eliminate the Patriot Act and other infringements on our liberties, actually extending and expanding them. He has messed up with foreign policy, alienating our allies and encouraging terrorism from our enemies.

        I voted for him and now will vote for anything but Obama. The polls show that this sentiment is common. By the way, there was an election in 2010. Did you hear about it? Can you guess what happened to the Obama tsunami of 2008? It dried up.

        I hope you recover from the brain damage

        1. Kordo says:

          I don’t need to “convey the idea”, what you said was ridiculous, in addition to being inaccurate. Here we go again->

          “dozens of polls showing his negative ratings” Which polls? Does your computer not allow linking? I’ve seen a few congressional polls showing their numbers in the toilet. Obama’s numbers seem to stay right around the 50% mark.

          That 3rd graph is nothing but bullshit. It was 80 BILLION, bro; yes, that sucked. It also got rid of a number of ugly practices (lifetime caps, dropping sick people, etc)
          “the majority of Americans”? again, where are you getting your numbers? You do know what the word “majority” means, right? Also, how do you know that the ACA has caused this rise in premiums? Any number of factors likely figure into that, insurance company greed is certainly part of that.

          “He more than doubled our national debt in only three years and we have about the same under/unemployment as when he took office.” Wow, you really suck at math, huh? What is 13 trillion times 2? 26 trillion. The debt stands at about 14.5 trillion now. Were you just rounding up, maybe? Did you just read/hear some bad info & regurgitate it without thinking?

          “He has messed up with foreign policy, alienating our allies and encouraging terrorism from our enemies.” What the fuck are you even talking about here? What allies are alienated? You’ve also got your finger on the pulse of European/Asian/S American opinion, too?
          He’s blowing up terrorists like they were bottle rockets on the 4th of July!

          “I voted for him and now will vote for anything but Obama.”

          I know it seemed like a wicked neat tactic when you heard about it over at MentalMasturbation.Com, or wherever, but for those of us who’ve been doing this for awhile it’s kinda old hat. Go to Urban Dictionary and look up the word “Trolling”. By all means, vote for whoever you like.
          But spare me the fact-free belly-aching, and for realz spare me the “more in sadness than in anger” comments. You’re not fooling anybody…

        2. Jim Cook says:

          Pardon me, Kordo.

          You two may have your discussion of Barack Obama on whatever terms you like, of course.

          But the accusation that comment-leaving liberals who have problems with Barack Obama’s policies and are considering alternatives to Obama in 2012 are trolls plaguing the website Irregular Times? Oh, that’s rich. You should be aware that’s exactly who the writers for Irregular Times are.

          Dissent from the party line may equal trolling over at DailyKos, Kordo, but it is encouraged here.

  3. Ralph says:

    Hey, take a look at the Americans Elect website. If you click on the “Candidates” tab, right at the top of the page you see…Buddy Roemer! How’s that possible? He’s way down the list, under Bernie Sanders? Oh, I see! They switched the tabs around. Now the “Candidates” tab goes straight to “Top Declared.”

    Wouldn’t you know it! They’ve figured out a way to put good ol’ Buddy right at the top. And, well, good ol’ Buddy thinks good ol’ Pete Ackerman is a good ol’ boy.

    Now that the candidates with the most support are invisible, we see the scale of this election–a list of candidates with vote totals in the hundreds. Student council candidates get more votes in large high schools. Congratulations, Buddy, you’ve got over a THOUSAND votes for President of the United States of America.

    I think you should make a bumper sticker that says BUDDY ROEMER FOR STUDENT COUNCIL VICE PRESIDENT.

  4. Joshua says:

    Irvine Hockaday, the former CEO of Hallmark Cards, is on the AE Board of Directors. That should count.

    On the other hand, I don’t even see any former senators or members of Congress on the AE Board of Advisors (larger than the Board of Directors), unless I missed somebody.

    1. Bill says:

      Hockaday is a former CEO, not a CEO, just as I am a former embryo.

  5. Kordo says:

    LOL, oh my, now I see! You’ll forgive me, Mr. Cook. I thought all the effort you’d gone to checking up on AE was out of concern for billionaires buying up our Democracy. I’m clearly not cynical enough! You don’t give a rat’s ass about Rothschild & Co buying all the politicians they can get their hooks into; you want to make sure you have a ticket on the bus!
    That explains the interest in the specific methods by which AE will install it’s puppet, and not the fact that they are, well, trying to install a puppet. I apologize for taking up your valuable time. I’m sure that all the invisible oligarchs running AE will get a bout of conscience just any old day now, and install the 2nd Coming of Nelson Mandela (lemme guess: Tax Cuts for Freedom, but Less Pussy-Policing?)
    I wish you the best in your quest. Be careful going thru Shelob’s Cave on the way to Mordor….

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Riiiiight. We’re secretly cahooting with Americans Elect. You’re hilarious!

  6. dd gold says:

    AE for Transparency, if you want transparancy tell us WHO YOU ARE please AE is transparence. AE has on who is on the board, Who is paying you? In any event, you are a tool for the Status Quo, right? 40% of ppl in this country have been duped by the status quo and if not this election, the 2 party system is on it’s way out.

    BTW, no one has shared or tweeted your bias, so better quit while you are ahead.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      No conspiracy. I’ve written back and forth with the chief force behind AE Transparency and he hasn’t asked me to be confidential with his name. He’s Bill Busa. I’m not part of AE Trans. myself.

  7. Mr Biggles says:

    Just another reason why Gary Johnson is the only hope we have in this country. VOTE LIB(ERTARIAN)!

    1. Jim Cook says:

      No single politician is this country’s only hope.

    2. Horatio says:

      Gary Johnson’s policies would favor big corporate interests at the expense of working Americans, not in the same way as Buddy Roemer’s policies, but just as inevitably. He wants to wreck the laws that protect us from the big powers.

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