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Don’t Believe It? How to See Eddie Izzard for Free in Washington DC March 24

What would you pay to see comedian Eddie Izzard?

What if I told you you didn’t have to pay a thing?

Don’t believe it? Well, your disbelief is kind of the entire point.

Jesse Galef of the Secular Student Alliance let us know about the deal today:

Eddie Izzard will be flying to Washington DC on March 24th to speak at the upcoming Reason Rally, a national gathering promoting secular values and political equality for the nonreligious. He joins other prominent nonreligious figures involved in the event, including scientist and author Richard Dawkins, television star Adam Savage of “Mythbusters”, and musician Greg Graffin of Bad Religion.

Izzard, who won two Emmy Awards for his one-man show Dress to Kill, has been vocal about his lack of belief in a god. Talking about how his views would affect a political career in Europe, he told The Sunday Times in 2009 that his atheism was “good, because you have to be with faith to get elected in America, but without faith to get elected in Europe.”

Izzard’s extended remarks on the subject:

His new stand-up show, Stripped, which starts a UK tour this autumn, began life, as many of Izzard’s shows do, with heavenly characters: God, Jesus and Noah often appear in his live performances, bumbling their way through trying to convert dinosaurs and working out how to persuade ducks to enter the Ark. He approached the show “hedging around an agnosticky kind of place. A lot of people stick with agnosticism just in case He turns up and says, ‘I was here the whole time.’ So you say, ‘Oops, and I said I didn’t believe in You!’ And He says, ‘Yep, you’ve got to go to hell for ever.’ And you say, ‘Where is hell?’ And He says, ‘Well, it’s just south of Croydon.’

“I was warming the material up in New York, where one night, literally on stage, I realised I didn’t believe in God at all,” he says, almost conversationally…. Post-conversion, much of Stripped is an elegant argument for the nonexistence of God. Izzard delves into history – via, he freely admits on stage, the good offices of Wikipedia – and tries to tell the whole story of everything without a God. “It’s not as bleak as that,” he counters. “I’m a spiritual atheist. I’m saying, don’t believe in God, believe in humans – is there a practical difference? I have faith and belief in people, and if there’s anything spiritual above that, it’s goodwill.

The Reason Rally — Saturday, March 24 at the Washington Monument in DC.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Believe It? How to See Eddie Izzard for Free in Washington DC March 24”

  1. Bill says:

    I’m an Executive Transvestite!

  2. Tom says:

    See, i don’t believe in a supreme deity, but i especially don’t believe in humanity – what bunch of fucking idiots! Not only do we repeat the same stupid behaviors over and over again throughout history (oh, the usual: war as “solution” to anything political & the whole class difference bullshit, but there are lots of others – like whatever science has discovered, we slowly change our entire way of thinking to accomodate, but that too turns out to be only part of the picture while the “damage” from this “current” worldview ruins lives until the new paradigm takes hold).

    We’ve now ruined the entire biosphere with our pollution and overpopulation, causing species to go extinct, global warming, etc. Great job humanity!

  3. Linda says:

    Humanity in itself is not the problem of the woes in the world. Just think if GREED never existed in the heart of men. A world where brotherly love was what each had for another and for our Earth. What a lovely world this would be.

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