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Delegate Files Motion Against Americans Elect Policy to let just 1 Voter Nominate a President

At 12:19 pm today, exercising his full rights as a delegate, William Busa filed an official motion to reverse a decision made by the Americans Elect corporation. Mr. Busa sent me the motion by e-mail this afternoon and as a service I’m glad to share it with you:

I, William Busa, an Americans Elect Corporation delegate, write to oppose an Americans Elect Corporation committee or Board action posted on the Americans Elect corporate web site on 3/14/2012 (“An Online Presidential Nominating Process, Version 1.0“). In accordance with Rule 12.2 of the Pre-election Convention Rules of Americans Elect I hereby initiate the process for a vote to reverse the the above-cited action posted on 3/14.

As is discussed in detail in the AE Transparency Caucus analysis posted at, the protested process makes it technically possible for a candidate who receives as few as A SINGLE DELEGATE VOTE to win the Americans Elect Corporation nomination for President of the United States. Even if (as we suspect) the protested document’s language is in error, correction of this error would still enable, in principle, a candidate to win the nomination with as few as TWO total delegate votes. In contrast, approximately 200,000 delegate votes are required, according to the above-cited Rules, to merely reverse any Americans Elect Corporation board of directors or committee action or decision. Enabling a candidate to win the nomination with just 0.001% as many votes as are required in order for the delegates to reverse an Americans Elect Corporation board decision or action clearly reflects very badly on Americans Elect Corporation insiders’ own True Colors, and makes a mockery of the democratic process.

Under Rule 12.2, it is Americans Elect’s obligation to post this motion on its website and call a vote. Whether Americans Elect does so will be an indication of whether it intends to follow its own rules or skirt its rules when convenient. Watch Americans Elect and see what they do.

Seven hours in, Americans Elect has refused to post notice of the motion or to call a vote. This inaction, if sustained, will be in violation of Rule 12.2.

8 thoughts on “Delegate Files Motion Against Americans Elect Policy to let just 1 Voter Nominate a President”

  1. Joshua says:

    1. The Transparency Caucus analysis linked within the motion goes to a Facebook login page. Could it be reposted here? (Or displayed on a Facebook page that doesn’t require login to read?)

    2. Also, as discussed in another thread here today, it is unlikely that it would take 200,000 delegate votes to reverse a decision of the board of directors. 200,000 most likely represents half of the members, not half of the delegates, of which there are probably much fewer, although AE hasn’t revealed the true number.

    1. Bill says:

      Joshua, purely for the sake of argument AE Transparency has taken Americans Elect at its word (always dangerous, I know) that it has 400,000 delegates. I agree that the actual Top Secret number is undoubtedly much lower. But that doesn’t much change AE Transparency’s fundamental argument here, that it takes thousands of times more delegate votes to overturn a Board decision than it does for a candidate to win the Presidential nomination at Americans Elect Corporation.

  2. Jim Cook says:

    Joshua, thanks for pointing out that the page directs one to a Facebook page and therefore is not accessible to everyone. Bill, I’m going to take the liberty of reposting what you’ve got here. What follows is William Busa’s text:

    Parsing Americans Elect's New Rules (Part 1)

    Americans Elect Corporation today posted on its corporate web site a new official document: Online Presidential Nominating Process Version 1.0 ( Over the next few days we will take a look here at some of the aspects of these New Rules.

    Executive Summary #1: Only 2 votes required to win the nomination, but 200,000 votes required to overturn a Board of Directors decision.

    New Rule #1: Fewer delegate votes are required to select the corporation's presidential nominee than are required to overturn any decision of the corporation's self-appointed Board of Directors or committees.

    Can't believe it? Neither can we; but it's true. The New Rules specify that, during the online 'convention' "...if at any point during the convention a ticket receives more than 50 percent of the delegate selections, that ticket shall be the Americans Elect nominee and no further ballots will take place." In the extreme (and, admittedly, absurd) case, this means that the first delegate to cast a vote in the 'convention' determines the Americans Elect nominee, since at that "any point" the ticket receiving that first delegate's vote has received 100% of "the delegate selections." Oops. OK, so we're pretty sure that's not what they meant, even though that's what they said (even AE sugar-daddy Pete "Junk Bond" Ackerman couldn't possibly be so brazenly anti-democratic). What we suspect Pete meant (and what we suggest for Version 2.0 of this document) is more like 'If, at the end of any one of the three rounds of balloting during the convention, a ticket receives more than 50 percent of the delegate selections, that ticket shall be the Americans Elect nominee and no further ballots will take place.'

    There, we fixed it. Or did we? Even properly worded as we suggest, this New Rule still enables the corporation's nominee to win with fewer votes than are required for delegates to merely overturn an AECorp Board of Directors decision or a Committee ruling. Consider, for instance, a hypothetical (but not unrealistic) situation in which just 10,000 AECorp delegates vote in the first (or any subsequent) ballot at the convention. If one candidate receives 5,001 of those votes, he or she automatically becomes the corporation's nominee for President of the United States. WOO-HOO! He's goin' to Disneyland! Or if only 3 delegates participate in the first round of balloting, as few as 2 votes can win the Presidential nomination.

    In contrast, the corporation's rules ( ) for overturning a Board of Directors ruling are almost infinitely more stringent and draconian. Simply to initiate such a reversal vote, 10,000 AE delegates must first vote "Opposed." Then, in the subsequent reversal vote itself, "a majority of all registered Delegates" must vote in favor of reversal in order for the Board or committee decision to be reversed. Note that that's a majority of all REGISTERED delegates, not merely a majority of those delegates who vote on the reversal action. Let's be generous and assume that AECorp has 200,001 registered delegates (we know that AECorp has about 400,000 'members', and that not all members qualify or register as delegates; the actual number of registered AE delegates is treated as a Top Secret by the corporation). In that case, 100,000 delegates must vote for reversal in order for it to succeed.

    In short: in one realistic scenario, 100,000 votes are required to overturn an AECorp Board of Directors decision, but only 5,001 votes are required to win the AECorp nomination for President of the United States. And in the most extreme (but still possible) scenario, only 2 votes are required to win the AECorp nomination for President, but 200,000 votes (half of all members) are required to overturn a Board decision.

    What's wrong with this picture?

  3. Reuben says:

    Breaking News: New Pre-Convention rules allow 1000 support clicks for qualified candidates; 5000 for non-qualified.

    Thats a major decline.

  4. Steven says:

    So it’s went from 1000×10 states to 1000? You knew that had to be coming (see the turtles post)

    I had high hopes for AE…best case scenario now is that this is just a trial run for a real run in 2016 … (yeah right!)

  5. Steven says:

    Uh, Reuben…can you back up that statement? I’m not able to confirm it.

    FWIW, here’s where the top six candidates are, based on total support clicks and how close they are to getting 1000 in 10 states.

    Candidate / Clicks / Clicks in 10th State
    Paul: 5119 / 157
    Huntsman: 2147 / 72
    Roemer: 1569 / 52
    Sanders: 1513 / 51
    Obama: 1292 / 39
    Bloomberg: 825 / 27

    1. Jim says:


      I’ve been looking on Americans Elect’s home page and facebook page and can’t confirm the change Reuben describes either.

      Americans Elect was supposed to have a full report on its meeting of the Board of Directors, and hasn’t had that forthcoming. Maybe when they do, we’ll find out that they’ve been up to something like this

      1. Bill says:

        That board meeting was on the 5th, and 11 days later apparently they still haven’t figured out how to spin whatever they decided. Should be amusing, once they finally decloak their decision.

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