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Is Summer Beginning Already?

The average high temperature for March 14 in Green Bay, Wisconsin is 38 degrees. Yesterday in Green Bay, the high temperature was 75 degrees, breaking the previous record by 9 degrees. New York City has already seen temperatures above 80 degrees.

Has summer begun, before the official start of spring?

2 thoughts on “Is Summer Beginning Already?”

  1. Tom says:

    Well, my daffodils are blooming, as are crocuses and other early risers (uh, 2 months early?) and my roses are beginning to pop. i hope we don’t get a hard freeze (still entirely possible) between now and the usual date of last frost (sometime in late April, early May). Already, in other countries, their summer crops were planted early to take advantage of the warm weather and then a hard freeze hit and ruined some of their crops (the good news is it’s still early enough to plant new ones and still get a yield over the summer). In other places, i’ve read that heavier rain than usual has damaged or wiped out early planting. See, this is what happens when the weather goes chaotic (yeah, it always was, but the range of dates was, for at least a century, within what we used to consider “normal” dates) – now, it’s a crap shoot on any given day with temperatures spiking or dropping unusually and precipitation becoming more extreme in either direction.

  2. Green Man says:

    Yeah. I actually saw green leaves coming out on a tree yesterday, in Upstate New York. It’s difficult to know what we should expect

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