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Bizarro Americans Elect Candidate “Match”: Condoleezza Rice?????

Before today, I’ve spent some time discussing the bizarre factual inaccuracies riddling the profiles of politicians generated by Americans Elect. A few examples:

  • In the Americans Elect ratings system, Barack Obama is listed as standing in support of tax hikes only and not spending cuts, even though the Obama administration has incorporated both tax hits and spending cuts into its budgets. It lists Barack Obama as supporting renewables only but not drilling for oil, when actually he’s been a vocal proponent of expanded oil drilling. And in a truly blinkered assessment, Barack Obama is listed as a proponent of the idea that “The US should always listen to other countries before pursuing its own interests,” when this past year Obama rolled out a war in Libya without sanction by the United Nations internationally.
  • Is Buddy Roemer’s top priority Education? That’s what Americans Elect’s profile said, even though the issue was listed dead last in Buddy Roemer’s campaign materials where it was listed; in most of the issue lists on Buddy Roemer’s campaign site, education is not listed at all.
  • Ron Paul’s opposition to the Patriot Act is interpreted in Americans Elect’s ratings as support for two contradictory stances only weakly related to the Patriot Act: “To make this country great, we should return to the examples and values of our forefathers,” and “To make this country great, we should keep building and adapting for the future.”
  • Here today, over there tomorrow: Over time, Americans Elect has released succeeding sets of numerical ratings for candidates that are inconsistent with one another and are internally inconsistent as well, featuring transcription, arithmetical and substantive goofs.

This morning, I got further confirmation of the bizarro inaccuracy of the Americans Elect ratings when I logged on to my delegate account and clicked through to obtain my “Top Matches,” the presidential candidates that Americans Elect says best line up with my ideals.

Read what I’ve been writing at Irregular Times for years and years and ask yourself: is my ideal presidential candidate match really Condoleezza Rice?

Americans Elect says so:

Americans Elect Top Matches for Jim Cook: Bizarro!  Condoleezza Rice????

The rest of that bunch:

1. A Republican mayor who had peaceful protesters at one of his speeches charged with Felony Conspiracy because, as one of his employees explained, they had clearly conspired to interrupt him by chanting something.

2. A trio of relatively conservative Democrats. See here and here for ratings that Irregular Times has created for those members of Congress. Those are the values of Irregular Times writers. They’re my values. This trio of Democrats does not reflect my values.

If Condoleeza Rice, Jerry Sanders, Chris Coons, Dan Lipinski and Jim Cooper are my Americans Elect dream team, it must be a nightmare.

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