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Last Year’s Sunflowers, Before the Sun

In a side yard of an aging house off Route 1 in Rockland Maine the sunflowers of last year are still standing.  There's no color in the scene, there's no sun in the sky, and the flowers are no longer flowers, but mostly empty dead heads.  Even here there is a bit of potential if we will only wait.

3 comments to Last Year’s Sunflowers, Before the Sun

  • Tom

    Are you using the seeds for consumption or letting them go to seed intentionally to continue growing in the same spot?

    • They’re not my sunflowers; I just came upon them on a visit to Rockland. I’m a seed saver by habit, but early this winter the mice found their way into my stash and took away every one.

  • Tom

    i found something you might want to check out:

    Graham Hancock: Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca

    Let me know what you think after viewing, if you so choose.

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