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No Labels CoFounder Mark McKinnon: “We Don’t Have Any Special Interest Money.” Bullshit or No?

Since its founding in 2010, the 501c4 corporation called No Labels has refused to identify the names of its funders. Mock-interviewing No Labels co-founder Mark McKinnon on his comedy show this week, Stephen Colbert asked him about No Labels’ cash supply:

Stephen Colbert: Do you guys have money? Do you guys have cash? ‘Cause you’ve gotta have cash. You’ve gotta have deep pockets to play in this game.

Mark McKinnon: We don’t have a super PAC. We don’t have any special interest money.

“We don’t have any special interest money.” What’s your call on this: bullshit or no bullshit?

8 thoughts on “No Labels CoFounder Mark McKinnon: “We Don’t Have Any Special Interest Money.” Bullshit or No?”

  1. John Lumea says:

    Almost certainly bullshit.

    And McKinnon’s line that “we don’t have a super PAC” quickly is becoming beside the point.

    In my new essay, I highlight the following from an item that the respected election law scholar and blogger Rick Hasen wrote in early February:

    My big concern [until quite recently] was that we would see a lot of transfers of money from 501c4s to affiliated super PACs to shield the identity of donors to super PACs….[T]he reason these transfers are not taking place is that it appears the 501c4s are engaging in much more direct election-related activity than they have in the past. That is, we are seeing some 501c4s becoming pure election vehicles. The relation of 501c4s to super PACs is now like the past relation between 527s and PACs — these are now the vehicles of questionable legality to influence elections….[F]ixing the coordination rules for super PACs…seems to be fighting yesterday’s war already. The key is to stop 501c4s from becoming shadow super PACs. Yes, campaign finance reform community, it has become this bad: I want more super PACs, because the 501c4 alternative is worse!

  2. Nicole Nichols says:

    I’ve got my hip-boots on.

  3. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Wait a minute. What makes a special interest special?

    What’s the opposite of a special interest? An ordinary interest? A mundane interest? A boring interest?

    What does this term “special interest” mean? It sounds like nonsense PR babble to me.

    1. Bill says:

      “Special interests” are everybody else’s interests.

      “Ordinary interests” are my own.

  4. Nobody Asked Me...But, says:

    Applying barnyard vulgarities, as those used in the title to this article, may not earn Mr. Cook an “A” in English Composition, but he aptly “nose” what he is talking about. There is a horrible scatological odor in this room and it is becoming impossible to ignore or avoid it.

    As I have previously commented on this website, Buddy Roemer has latched on to Americans Elect to try to give life to his failed campaign, which shows that his signature issue of campaign finance reform is nothing more than a phony hypocritical trick by an old political liar. See this web page

    Mr. Roemer has stated that two people on the Board of AE are his supporters: Lawrence Lessig and Mark McKinnon. Mr Cook has already raised the conflict between Mr. Lessig’s campaign finance reform theme and his serving on the board of AE.

    Now we find that Mr. McKinnon is also feeding at the trough of the big money secret donors, while supporting the candidate who is decrying those donors as the evil of our political system.

    Roemer, Lessig, McKinnon, and AE are all wallowing in the slop.

  5. Ralph says:

    I’d say that Americans Elect IS the slop that Roemer, Lessig, McKinnon, and while we’re at it Anderson are wallowing in. Yep, it’s election year. Time for the billionaires to slop the piggies. Look, here comes an ethicist rooting around for a little power and attention. Seeeweeeee!

  6. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    No bullshit on a technicality. It seems that they define all of their money as being not special interest. Also, since they are a 501c4 they are sort of like but different from a Super PAC which complicates things.

  7. Dove says:

    From what we can see of their structure, the AE and NL donors and partners are specially interested in promoting and sharing the marketing database of AE member information.

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