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Rocky Anderson Zombie Campaign Stumbles On After Americans Elect Suicide

There’s nothing more creepy than a political campaign that doesn’t know that it’s dead. That’s what’s happened to the Rocky Anderson for President campaign, though.

For a few short months, the Rocky Anderson campaign showed remarkable vigor, fueled by assertions of uncompromising ethics. Rocky Anderson promised that he wasn’t going to be like the Democrats and Republicans. He said that he was going to stand firm against corporate attempts to manipulate the democratic process.

“The Republicans and the Democrats are completely in bed with the same folks, these corporate interests who are in control of our government,” Rocky Anderson said.

Last week, though, Rocky Anderson hopped right into bed alongside the Republicans, the Democrats and those corporate interests. Rocky Anderson submitted himself for approval to Americans Elect, a pro-corporate political party that was set up with money taken from Wall Street hedge funds. The Anderson campaign justified its embrace of the power of corporate interests by pointing out that Americans Elect could provide Anderson with ballot access. That ballot access was bought using secret donations from undisclosed big money donors – members of the One Percent – who paid the salaries of professional petitioners who put Americans Elect on the ballot despite the new political party’s lack of grassroots support.

undead presidential campaign

Over the weekend, Rocky Anderson and his supporters grew rather petulant at the idea that anyone would dare to criticize Anderson. Don’t we all know who Rocky Anderson is, and what a wonderful person he is? they asked. Our role is to stop complaining and not second guess great leaders like Rocky Anderson they said.

Rocky Anderson’s small remaining band of supporters, holed up in Salt Lake City, is now spending most of its time defending the corporate mechanisms of Americans Elect. That’s a far cry from where the Rocky Anderson 2012 campaign began.

Rocky Anderson himself issued a response to the report by Irregular Times about his embrace of the Americans Elect Party. Anderson asserted that, “By me participating in the AE process to spread the word about the Justice Party and about my candidacy in no way compromises my long-time stand (including my advocacy over the years, not just campaign rhetoric) against the corrupting influence of money in our government.”

This statement revealed a remarkable chasm between political reality and the perspective from within the Rocky Anderson for President campaign. When Rocky Anderson decided to try to use the ballot access of Americans Elect to his advantage, he was choosing to become part of a system that is dedicated to the corrupting influence of money in our government.

When Rocky Anderson entered into a partnership with the pro-corporate Americans Elect, he committed political suicide.

The thing is, Rocky Anderson doesn’t understand that. His statement makes it clear that Mr. Anderson still thinks that his credibility is undamaged. He thinks that, even though he has endorsed a system rife with corruption, he remains pure, a paragon of political virtue.

Rocky Anderson is now a member of the political undead. He’s crossed over to the shadowy terrain of corporate politics, but he still thinks that he’s the same as he ever was. Rocky Anderson is like a zombie, shuffling and moaning, and trying to go through the motions, as if his campaign still has life in it, while everyone on the outside can see that it’s all over now.

Give up the ghost, Mr. Anderson. You blew it.

57 thoughts on “Rocky Anderson Zombie Campaign Stumbles On After Americans Elect Suicide”

  1. Charles Manning (manning120) says:

    Anderson says he accepts donations of $100 or less per donee. How does attempting to use Americans Elect to get on the ballot violate this pledge? How does it negate his intention to reverse Citizens United and otherwise reform campaign laws? Is he required to not function in accordance with existing laws if he thinks they should be repealed? If Americans Elect required candidates to promise not to change existing campaign laws, I could see your point.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Rocky Anderson doesn’t just talk about direct donations to his campaign. He’s promised to stand firm against corporate influence over politics, and slammed Democrats and Republicans for being “in bed with” efforts to expand corporate control over the government.

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Rocky Anderson is now accepting substantial organizational assistance from a political party that has been designed to increase, not decrease, corporate control over the democratic process in our country.

      Americans Elect’s appointed leaders have given themselves the power to kick ANY candidate off the ballot, for no other reason than that candidate’s refusal to conform to the appointed leaders’ political agenda. By submitting his candidacy to the Americans Elect system, Rocky Anderson has placed his campaign at the mercy of an organization aligned with Wall Street and corporate lobbyists.

      1. Charles Manning (manning120) says:

        Your position seems to be that Americans Elect will donate in excess of $100 to Anderson’s campaign if he causes, or allows, Americans Elect to put him on ballots around the country. The donation would be in-kind, not cash. By the same logic, Anderson should reject attempts of any of the $100 donees to work on his campaign because they thereby would contribute more than $100, thus violating the $100 per supporter rule. That makes no sense.

        A day or two ago, the News Hour ran an interview with Christine Todd Whitman and David Boren in which they definitively stated that the aim of Americans Elect is to place a presidential slate on the ballot nationwide consisting of one Democrat and one Republican. Somehow, this had never been made apparent to me before. Obviously that would eliminate Anderson as a possible candidate under Americans Elect. What do you think about that?

        In my opinion, if someone puts Anderson’s candidacy on the ballot, as long as it isn’t done in violation of current laws, that’s gravy for the campaign, and not a violation of Anderson’s principles, nor his $100 per supporter rule. If there’s a quid pro quo involving Anderson backing off of his announced objectives once in office, sure, I’m done with him, too. But I can’t believe he would contemplate such duplicity.

  2. Bill says:

    The really sad thing, to my mind, is that Anderson stands zero chance of winning the AE nomination. If he won every delegate’s vote he still wouldn’t win the nomination. Rocky Anderson is not what “Junk” Ackerman had in mind when he bought and paid for Americans Elect Corportion. He would not allow Rocky to walk away with the AECorp nomination.

    It kind-of makes you question Anderson’s judgement. Magical thinking isn’t really what one looks for in a President.

  3. Marshall says:

    Shouldn’t we be looking at the man’s complete record in judging him? The utilizing of Americans Elect seems like a no-brainer. Are there any instances of this man ‘selling out’ in his history? Does his record mean anything?

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      It was indeed a “no brainer” for Rocky Anderson to join the pro-corporate Americans Elect Party.

      Brains… uhhh…. brains…

      Seriously. Did Rocky Anderson really think that no one would notice his embrace of corporate money in politics?

  4. Michael McGEE says:


    The Sectarian attitude of this supposed Stein “Fan”, J Clifford, is precisely the reason that the Greens have been marginalized in American politics.

    I’m not sure if we can take the author of the article, J Clifford, very seriously, since no later than last month he wrote another article saying he was considering voting for a Corporate War Criminal – Obama – for the coming 2012 Presidential elections.

    And before that, the same J Clifford was writing sectarian articles saying that everyone must work inside the Democratic Party. Talk about consistancy !

    And J Clifford is giving political lessons to Rocky Anderson (!) who transformed Salt Lake City during his 2 terms as Mayor, and was recognized as probably the Greenest Mayor of any major city in America.

    Have a look at Rocky Anderson’s Wikipedia page. His whole, very long political life, he has consistently defended Human Rights, from Salt Lake City, to Nicaragua, to the torture chambers of Abou Ghraib and Guantanamo.

    The Latino and Gay communities have also recognized his steadfast commitment to equal rights for everyone.

    And all this in one of the “Redest” States of the Union. Rocky Anderson knows how to bring people together!

    Compare Rocky Anderson’s record of positive change for thousands of everyday Americans with the infantile political sectarianism of J Clifford, and the choice is crystal clear.

    Members of the Justice Party and the Greens should work together and not be divided by sectarian shills like J Clifford.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      You know, Mr. McGee, I am not running for President. Rocky Anderson is.

      I didn’t promise to run a presidential campaign opposing the influence of corporate money in politics. Rocky Anderson did.

      I didn’t join an anti-democratic organization established using Wall Street hedge fund money. Rocky Anderson did.

      I didn’t apply for the approval of a political party that promotes pro-corporate policies to the detriment of the 99 Percent. Rocky Anderson did.

      I would never promote myself as anything close to an ideal person. Rocky Anderson promotes himself in this way day after day.

      Why aren’t you asking Rocky Anderson the tough questions, Mr. McGee? He’s the one who sold his supporters out.

      As for the specific points against me in your screed, the readers here know who I am and what I stand for. That’s enough for me.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      Campaign manager for Rocky Anderson … it’s your job to do this McGee. Sad you didn’t have the cojones to identify your position.

      J. Clifford hasn’t been an advocate of Obama or the Democrats for YEARS. You left that out.

    3. Ralph says:

      CALLING SOMEONE A JOKE AND SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS IS NOT DIGNIFIED. You’re the manager of a presidential campaign–whether or not you “forgot” to mention that.

      As manager of Rocky Anderson’s presidential campaign, it was your job to plan for the outcome of your candidate’s move to declare himself with Americans Elect. You clearly botched that job, and now your campaign is flailing around making a pretty hideous spectacle of yourselves. Your responses:
      1. Ad hominem attacks: Rocky Anderson’s critics are JOKES!
      2. Making excuses: Americans Elect isn’t really THAT bad.
      3. Appealing to the cult of personality: Rocky Anderson is one hundred percent incorruptible, so there’s NOTHING to worry about.
      4. Demeaning the value of criticism in the context of democracy: Stop GROUSING!
      5. Demanding unquestioning loyalty: You SHOULD get behind Rocky Anderson.
      6. Lies of omission: Campaign staffers failing to identify themselves as such when they speak out politically.

      Is this a communication strategy? To me, it looks more like a bunch of upset people desperately saying anything that comes to mind. It reveals something about the small group of loyal insiders Rocky Anderson has surrounded himself with: They worship Anderson to the point that they will never see anything wrong in his actions, and they are quick to adopt a bunker mentality and go negative when they see a threat to that view of their hero.

      You’re looking really, really bad.

  5. NOBushObama says:

    Really? It has come down to this? While there are more issues pertaining to Obama’s administration carrying out even more horrific policies than Bush, we have this Independent leaning liberal magazine throwing anyone under the bus that doesn’t look both ways. Ask Rocky yourself why he’d accepted his AE nomination. I get your point of sucking up to the banks with big money but unfortunately, we are so far buried under the pile of money, NO one will be able to run on pennies. Majority of Liberals and Independents obviously don’t mind because they are going to elect Obama and/or Romney. But meanwhile, we will just tear each other apart over the frustration, we can’t win because we are controlled by money. It’s going to take a Supreme Court Justice to stop the money in the tracks. Do we have any on the bench that we could trust? NO! Is Obama , the so-called Liberal President going to nominate a Justice that will do that? NO! Do I think Rocky would nominate one? Yes! It is unfortunate, money gets the candidate in the office. I’m willing to gamble on that note.

    Respectfully yours,

    Anissa Catlett

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Anissa, I’m not understanding your argument. Are you saying that Rocky Anderson needs to embrace the system of corporate corruption so that he can promote himself, but that he’s got the integrity to stop making those compromises as soon as he gets into the White House?

      [Significant Pause]

      Does that argument sound familiar to you? Think back to 2008…

      I respect the enthusiasm that the few remaining Rocky Anderson supporters have, but I think it’s time for them to honestly re-examine whether Rocky Anderson has demonstrated a trustworthy personality with his decision to join the Americans Elect political party.

  6. NOBushObama says:

    I’m saying this – If you want to fund my campaign go for it but this is where I stand and btw, it’s against Wall Street’s practices. Like a strip club fundraising for the local church that need donations to help feed the poor, take the money but hold your beliefs close to you.

  7. Michael McGEE says:


    It is rather comic to see J Clifford Cook, of all people, playing “Holier than thou” on this thread while giving 2-term Mayor and long time Human Rights activist, Rocky Anderson, lessons of political chastity.

    Especially when we learn that J Clifford Cook makes a living out of pimping for Corporate Democrats!!!

    How much money did you make this month, J Clifford, promoting Obama, Hillary, Biden and other Corporate War Criminals?

    Did the Corporate Democrats send you to sabotage Jill Stein’s campaign and make her look bad with your cheesy horrible looking “stickers” in her image? My young niece thought you were drawing the Wicked Witch of the West. Has Jill actually seen these “stickers”? If I were her, I’d have my legal counsel send you a “cease and desist” letter.

    Apparently, you’ve now decided to nominate me as Rocky Anderson’s new campaign manager. LOL!!! Well, J Clifford, this is quite an honor, but have you discussed this with Rocky’s present campaign manager ? Or is this just another example of confusing your infantile political “analysis” with the real world ?

    Well, I’ve wasted enough time today with infantile attention seekers and Corporate Democrat infiltrators. Must get back to work…

    Do let me know if Rocky hires me… LOL

    1. Jim Cook says:

      You sound really angry at J. Clifford, Michael. You should see someone about your anger issues. Meanwhile, you are listed in multiple locations as part of the Rocky Anderson campaign leadership:

      Dec 7 2011: “As an aside, the Rocky campaign manager, Michael McGee contacted me yesterday to be part of their central committee.”

      Feb 20 2012: “I just got off the phone with Michael McGee, the Rocky campaign manager.”

      Dec 14 2011: “Michael McGee, who is the campaign manager of the Rocky Anderson for president campaign…”

      Dec 13 2011: Justice Party Steering Committee… Michael McGee

      December 3 2011: Yours in solidarity, Michael McGEE, Member of the Justice Party Steering Committee

      You’re not an impartial discussant.

    2. J. Clifford says:

      Oi, talk about infantile attention seekers. Michael, we’ve moved past Rocky Anderson. Maybe it’s time you do the same.

      Oh, and today, I made 5 bajillion dollars pimping corporate Democrats. That’s just today, Mr. McGee. In a typical month, I earn 29,000 bags of unmarked million dollar bills, left in secret hideouts known only to my secret cabal of corporate pimps.

      I’ve left a coded map to these locations, written in invisible ink, next to where you keep your tinfoil hat on the nightstand.

  8. Michael McGEE says:


    I’m a little confused J Clifford. How many clones do you have ?

    One clone calls itself “J Clifford Cook”, another calls itself “Jim Cook” and a third calls itself simply “J Clifford”…

    Very convenient when you get into arguments online… LOL

    Which do you prefer ? Or does it depend on your mood swings ?

    Does this make you TRIPOLAR ?

    Apparently the quality of investigative journalism isn’t what it used to be. I didn’t even know that the Justice Party had a “Central Committee”. Neither does anyone else in the Party. Sounds very 1920’s, Bolschevik style to me. LOL

    5 short phrases, and already 3 important errors… You probably need to invest in some better quality sources.

    Oh, by the way, J Clifford… Could you make me a special deal on an “OBAMA – BIDEN 2012” yard sign ? It doesn’t need to be very high quality, but it must be biodegradable, since we will use it to throw tomatos at…

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Honey bear, we are different people, living in different places, with different families, living different existences. Pay attention to our writing elsewhere on this website and the differences should be clear. Don’t pay attention and you might end up confused.

      You’re dancing.

      Jim Cook
      AKA James Cook (an alias!)
      52 Conway Road
      Camden, ME 04843
      Never registered as a Democrat
      Never registered as a Republican
      Drop by with a geiger counter to verify I am not a robot constructed of plutonium. 😉

  9. Michael McGEE says:


    Tweedledum and Tweedledee
    Agreed to have a battle;
    For Tweedledum said Tweedledee
    Had spoiled his nice new rattle.
    Just then flew down a monstrous crow,
    As black as a tar-barrel;
    Which frightened both the heroes so,
    They quite forgot their quarrel.

    Tweedledum and Tweedledee (comics)

    “The two Tweeds always conduct their criminal activity in partnership with one another. They prefer to mastermind criminal schemes and let their henchmen carry out any necessary physical activity. The Tweeds will often use their extraordinary resemblance to trick their opponents into thinking there is only one of them. Tweedledum and Tweedledee first encountered Batman and Robin when they began a crime spree in Gotham City. Batman and Robin have fought against the Tweeds and have overcome them on subsequent occasions.”

  10. Paul Konkoly says:

    I’m Paul Konkoly, the Justice Party USA Midwest Regional Point Person.

    There actually is something that is more creepy than a political campaign that doesn’t know that it’s dead, its the thought of a zombie bed fellowing.

    As a volunteer for Justice Party USA (JP-USA) I can assure you that we are all alive and moving along on the development of a viable alternative party through which all the walking dead (i.e., the current political officers) will be replaced. Their days of devouring fresh political flesh are numbered.

    A couple of weeks ago Rocky, the candidate of the JP-USA made the decision to declare his candidacy within the Americans Elect (AE) web based presidential nomination system (see I like AE’s proclamations such as: “ No special interest. No agendas. Country before party. “; “…nominate a presidential ticket that answers directly to voters—not the political system “; and “…will put their country before their party, and American interests before special interests “. Seems like a good place for Rocky to couch, not bed, as JP Clifford said, “alongside the Republicans, the Democrats and those corporate interests”.

    With a title like JP-USA Midwest Regional Point Person, a Chicago resident who is not holed up in Salt Lake City, perhaps I might be viewed as a volunteer leader. If it means anything coming from me – criticize away. No petulant notions from me. Of course, I would prefer a whole lot more critics criticizing the real spoilers who have zombie like qualities – the current office holders.

    Its not just Mr. Anderson who “ makes it clear that Mr. Anderson still thinks that his credibility is undamaged”. I, along with other volunteers across the country, think likewise.

    Rocky is politically alive and well. He has not joined the diabolical “political undead”.

    I felt betrayed by the Chief Executive Zombie, that is why I joined JP-USA. I know what betrayal smells and feels like. If I thought Rocky was bedding with spoilers I would immediately resign my volunteer position. As you can see by this post – I’m still active and seeking out the political undeads in our political system.

    After people are done burning themselves out on Black Ops (way too much fun), maybe they might like to take a break and vote their support for Rocky at AE ( ) and then volunteer for the JP-USA at .

    As inaccurate as it is, I like the picture of Rocky as a zombie and the whole zombie theme of this post. Never thought of the current spoilers in office as devourers of fresh political flesh.

    1. Jim Cook says:


      I admire your enthusiasm, but just going by what Americans Elect says about itself is insufficient. Do some research into the nature of “special interests” at Americans Elect and you’ll find that the 501c4 corporation is not what it says it is.

      1. Cody Childs says:

        AE has billed itself as an open nominating process for a non-Republican, non-Democratic candidate for President. Therefore, it is now required to actually live up to that claim, otherwise it will doom itself to failure. The AE candidate will still be a 3rd-party candidate, and the AE can’t afford to make a scandal like snubbing a popularly chosen nominee for political gains right when they unveil their candidate, especially in the wake of the Occupy movement. If they wanted an absolutely sure-fire way to lose an election, that would definitely be it.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Well, Cody, that sort of exclusion by a corporate board is exactly what the Americans Elect Rules and Bylaws describe.

        2. Cody Childs says:

          You’re right, but that point is actually not very relevant. Writing clauses into their rules to maintain control of the process is one thing, but it’s a wholly different matter to actually invoke those laws to snub a popularly nominated candidate. After all, if they were to do so then they would show themselves as just another special-interest group pushing a corporate candidate. How does that make them any different than the Republicans or Democrats? In only one way: they wouldn’t have nearly as much money.

          This entire article boils down to cheap guilt-by-association charges and the assertion that there is collusion between people who aren’t even directly associated with one another.

        3. Dove says:

          Losing the election is irrelevant if your goal is to collect marketing & demographic data and get donors to add to the redistribution of elder Ackerman’s wealth to his friends and family.

    2. J. Clifford says:

      Paul, we voters need to think more critically than this.

      It’s not enough for Americans Elect to put out the feel-good statements that you’ve quoted: ” No special interest. No agendas. Country before party. “; “…nominate a presidential ticket that answers directly to voters—not the political system “; and “…will put their country before their party, and American interests before special interests”

      Each one of these statements is contradicted by the structure and actions of the Americans Elect political party. It’s been funded by Wall Street hedge fund managers. It’s staffed by political insiders from the corporate world. It refuses to be transparent about the sources of its money, and the top leaders, who are appointed rather than elected, have taken away the power of Americans Elect rank and file members to have an independent voice in the selection of the party’s own presidential candidate.

      It’s a crooked organization, and it only further damages the credibility of the one-candidate Justice Party to defend the Americans Elect pro-corporate agenda.

  11. Ellen Schafroth says:

    I am Ellen Schafroth, one of the point persons for Minnesota.

    I have backed off my volunteering ever since I learned that Rocky had signed on to AE. Many of my questions have been met with “SIGN UP” it will be OK in the end. No.

    I have to say Michael, your reactions mirror Rocky’s campaign. Instead of welcoming criticism and questions with the opportunity to answer them with clear and precise answers, this campaign has gone on a whiney defensive without addressing the issues raised even to those who were willing to give time and money. It is indeed filled with “feel good” repeated rethoric You are one of the main reasons I have not signed up for AE and why I am so disappointed with the way this campaign had been run. Rocky blew it for all the reasons that Mr. Rallf put so well along with not managing the “tone” of his managers.. This campain has become unprofessional and uncivil and it will , I believe, be the ultimate undoing of the Justice Party. Sad.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      It is very sad. I agree, Ellen. Rocky Anderson had a lot of potential to campaign differently, but he’s lost trust now that he’s abandoned that path. Instead of openness and discussion, the Rocky Anderson campaign has given me a combination of threats and condescension. This crisis of leadership makes Mr. Anderson and his team look unprepared for responsibility.

  12. Ben Shaw says:

    If Rocky Anderson was “going over to the dark side”, one would think that he would start speaking differently than before he declared his parallel approach, campaigning on both AE. and pushing ballot access for the Justice party. He would be paying homage to ‘”free markets” and saying the Obama/Bush administrations had not trashed the Bill of Rights. Not one word of his campaign messaging has changed. So if he has sold out, his new supposed masters at America Elects got a poor bargain. Read this speech to see where he stands.
    Thanks, Ben Shaw, acting State Chairperson for the Justice Party of Texas.

  13. Joshua Budden says:

    Looking at just Americans Elect candidates is Rocky the best? J. Clifford, you were very pro Rocky prior to this decision. If going AE is his worst mistake then no AE candidate has anything on him. If an AE candidate will be on the ballot, help make it Rocky. If a progressive like Rocky wins, and they use their bylaws to negate our choice, they will be exposed and we will not hear from AE again.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Joshua, why would we look just at Americans Elect? Americans Elect is a corrupt, corporate political party set up with Wall Street hedge fund money!

      Is this how far the Rocky Anderson for President campaign has fallen, so that it is now asking people not to consider anything but Americans Elect? Thanks, but no.

      I was enthusiastic about Rocky Anderson, before he broke his promises to voters and joined with the corporate cabal of Americans Elect. Since Rocky Anderson violated the trust of his supporters, gosh no, I’m not so enthusiastic about his candidacy.

      Rocky Anderson calls himself a progressive. I don’t see how any true progressive can join Americans Elect.

      I now put Rocky Anderson in the category of poser, not progressive.

      1. Joshua Budden says:

        I’m not telling anyone to look only at Americans Elect. AE has nothing to do with you voting in primaries or the general election. I’m telling you they are going to put someone on the ballot. Make it the best person available. Maybe even destroy AE by making the vote winner someone they will likely refuse to put on the ballot.

  14. Michael McGEE says:


    J Clifford Cook makes a living out of PIMPING for Corporate Democrats like Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton and other unsavory War Criminals. The same people that nominated the Wall Street BANKSTERS into Federal positions and helped them to steal the American Tax Payer blind, are now being promoted by J. Clifford Cook of “Irregular Times” for MONEY!

    Would you like a yard sign “Obama : Change We Can Believe In”?
    J. Clifford can sell it to you for only $16.95.

    Or how about a pro-Corporate bumper sticker, “Obama 2012, Clinton 2016”?
    J. Clifford is your man, for only $4.65 !

    If you’re into Corporate Insider SEX, J. Clifford has just the thing for you :
    “I LOVE OBAMA” Underware for you private parts and those wild sex parties on Capitol Hill ! Only $9.99 from J. Clifford Cook.

    When it come to promoting Wall Street insiders and Corporate Democrats, J. Clifford Cook is the one stop solution for all your political needs.

    Like J. Clifford says : “Barack Obama for President in 2012! Show your support for the ‘Obama-Biden Four More Years’ movement with one of our posters, campaign yard signs, or magnets. Also check out our ‘Barack Obama for President lens’ for more resources of information and action related to the Obama ’12 campaign.”
    (See : )

    J. Clifford Cook is probably not the most credible person on the planet to give lessons of “progressivism” and supposedly “anti-corporate” morality.

    Rocky Anderson, unlike J. Clifford Cook, will not SELL OUT to Corporate interests and he actually does things to change the world in a positive way. Is J. Clifford jealous of the fact that Rocky Anderson transformed Salt Lake City into one of the GREENEST CITIES IN THE WORLD during his 2 terms as Mayor?

    Check out Rocky Anderson’s stellar 30 year record of defending Human Rights :
    (See : )

    Compare that with the record of WAR CRIMINALS that J. Clifford promotes, like Barack Obama, Commander in Chief of the US soldiers occupying Afghanistan, who in just three weeks, urinated on the corpses of killed Afghans, burned copies of the Koran and murdered more than 15 defenceless citizens.

    And then go to :
    to contribute to the campaign of a true progressive candidate.

    And last but not least, JOIN THE JUSTICE PARTY at :

    Don’t let CORPORATE PIMPS like J. Clifford Cook divide the Progressive Movement !!!

    Let him know what YOU think of his unethical “professional” activities recycling WAR CRIMINALS FOR CASH !

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Mr. McGee, I’m not running for President. Rocky Anderson is.

      If you think you’re making the Rocky Anderson for President campaign look better with comments like this, you’re mistaken.

      Rocky Anderson’s campaign at the pro-corporate Americans Elect political party is wilting, as he’s got just a tiny fraction of the support required to get on the ballot there.

      Jill Stein, on the other hand, has been quite successful in gaining ballot access in the most populous states in the union – without accepting corporate assistance as Rocky Anderson has.

      1. Joshua Budden says:

        “If you think you’re making the Rocky Anderson for President campaign look better with comments like this, you’re mistaken.”

        I agree.

        I do like Jill Stein. I actually had to stop and ask myself before the whole AE issue even why Rocky instead of Stein. They are very similar in beliefs. I also wondered why Rocky didn’t attempt to get on the Green ballot.

        I liked Justice over Green, largely because of marketability. Many people see the Green Party as a single issue party. Green Party has been around and has been marginalized. Justice, being new I believe can generate more excitement. I live in Nebraska, and have effectively gotten a lot of people to support Rocky and the Justice Party. The second I mention Green Party, my audience is lost. Green does have a foundation though, which has given Stein a good head start on ballot access.

        I like Rocky over Stein, because of the amazing things he did in SLC. Meeting the Kyoto protocols ahead of schedule, among his other achievements. He has a record as an effective politician when pushing a progressive agenda.

        I think Rocky’s campaign made a mistake in thinking there was a huge difference between accepting corporate money and accepting corporate promotion. The problem is not that it will corrupt him, but that this endorses that corporate platform. I’m a glass half full sort, and think that AE would crap themselves if Rocky actually got won on AE. It would ruin their agenda to let him have the nomination and ruin them period to not give it to him. Make this an assault on AE. Anyone can do this and still support Jill Stein in the general election.

      2. Michael McGEE says:

        Either J. Clifford Cook is playing stupid, or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Green Party already had ballot access in “the most populous states in the union” before Jill Stein even started her campaign.

        Investigative journalism isn’t what it used to be…

        1. Lothario says:

          Need Salt Lake City BRAINS!… Uhhhh… Rocky Anderson brilliant master of universe… Uhhh… Must build shrine to Utah Master Rocky Man… So dead… Uhhh…

        2. Michael McGEE says:


          Don’t worry Lothario. Ask J. Clifford to sell you an “Obama : Change We Can Believe In” yard sign for only $16.95.

          That will make you feel better !

    2. Zombie Campaign Manager says:

      So let’s see, my campaign has no pulse, no blood pressure, and it’s room temperature. So what does that mean?…BRAAAAAAIINS!

  15. Chris Stegman says:

    I am a JP organizer in WA state and RA supporter. I was a Green Party organizer from 2000-2008 and quit when the state party Coordinating Council dissolved itself in October 08 by one vote. I figured they were thru here in WA (and they are). My primary reason for supporting RA/JPUSA is that I want to see the development of a progressive political party that can challenge the two party duopoly both of which are corrupt to the core at the top because of Wall Street money and insider influences.

    I’ve been researching AE intensively since I first heard that RA had become a ‘declared’ candidate. First of all, J Clifford is entirely incorrect in labeling AE a “pro corporate political party:” Here is the Wikopedia description of AE (trust them?).
    “Americans Elect is a non-partisan non-profit organization in the United States hosting the first national online presidential primary in U.S. history. Under the guidelines set forth in an appeal granted by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruling against the Federal Election Commission (FEC), to remain outside FEC regulations of political committees, Americans Elect cannot accept funds from candidates or candidate committees, nor donate funds to them, nor can the organization advocate for or against any issue.[5] The organization’s sole purpose is to obtain signatures to get on the ballot throughout the United States and to build the technology to process an online nomination.
    Americans Elect plans to use an internet-based nominating process to field a ticket for the 2012 U.S. presidential election.[6] Americans Elect describes its approach as nonpartisan. Their stated mission is to give the American people more power and more say in selecting presidential candidates, and providing more competition for the two major parties in November 2012.[7] They are an outgrowth of an earlier movement, Unity08.[8][9] The appeals court ruled that their predecessor organization, Unity08, is not a traditional political party.[9]”
    So let’s get off that repetetive and incorrect rant, ok J?
    Second: I’ve gone to Irregular Times and it’s nothing more than a brazen pro-Obama site. So let’s stop the denial, ok J (and friends)?
    Please read the whole description of AE on Wikopedia for the FACTS, not the pablum, ok J & friends?
    AE has raised $22 million to date, most of the funds are going to paid and volunteer efforts to get the AE candidate(s) for P and VP on the ballot in all 50 states (before the candidates are even selected. Is there an underlying hidden agenda (conspiracy)? I don’t know, but we’ll find out very soon!
    Right now (go there yourself). You will see that Rocky is in 2nd place amongst declared candidates with just under 1300 supporters, Buddy Roehmer is in first place with just under 2800 supporters (and he was a populist R Governor of Louisiana!).
    Ok, not big numbers right?
    Now look at the undeclared ‘draft’ candidates. You’ll see that Ron Paul is in the lead with just over 7000 supporters; next is Jon Huntsman with around 2550; then it’s BERNIE SANDERS with almost 1900. So has Bernie’s supporters sold out too???
    Then realize that only ‘declared’ candidates will qualify for the nomination (if they meet the qualifications that AE has put in place). Which are “top tier” (Roehmer, Paul, Huntsman and Sanders all in this category due to holding higher offices) needs 1000 votes in at least 10 states. Bottom tier (RA is in this category because he was not mayor in one of the top 100 cities by population) candidates need 5000 votes in at least 10 states to qualify.
    So, from what I’ve gathered the most recent estimates of voters who have registered as AE ‘delegates’ was around 360,000 (not bad for starters) as of recent count (Feb 12). There have been 2.5 million who have signed the AE petitions to date—AE is on the ballot in 20 states, 15 more in process, and 15 remaining will be successfully completed by the June AE convention candidate selection process.
    That means that Rocky needs probably at least 1/5 of the delegate votes (or 74,000 which is 1/5 of 360,000). Doable? Only if all the progressive supporters of AE candidates for RA. Here’s the partial list of AE ‘draft’ progressive candidates, including Dems, in order of supporters listed (Sanders, Kucinich, Colbert, Stewart, Warren, Kucinich, Nader, Dean, Feingold, Cuomo, Stein, Reich, Franken, Brown, Ventura, Chomsky, Maddow, Grayson, Spitzer, Barr, Moore, Newson, Huffington, Damon, Cleaver, Winfrey, Hightower, Harris, Sharpton, Sheehan, Redford, Moyers, Vidal, Williamson and on it goes (there are at least 300 declared or draft candidates listed. Do you really think those I just listed have all caved in to what you incorrectly describe as a “corrupt corporate political party set up with Wall Street hedge fund money!”
    I hope you will respond to this. We’ll see if your mind is really open.

    1. Ralph says:

      The Wikipedia article Stegman cites is very interesting.

      Here are the very first words of this article: “The neutrality of this article is disputed. Please see the discussion on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved.”

      Let’s take a little look at the “talk” page. What do we see? Hmmmm…
      “Americans elect is a political party. It is registered as a political party.”
      “Interestingly, the name Peter Ackerman is never mentioned in this article, however it appears to be an effort both initiated and funded by him.”
      “Funding section is inaccurate and incomplete.”
      “I’m rather concerned about the use of a lawsuit to back up some of the claims of the article.”

      Stegman, the first thing the Wikipedia article you cite does is flag these comments. Trust them? Then if you do, you need to take these comments seriously.

      1. Chris Stegman says:

        I will look into the dispute, for sure.
        From what I understand AE has had to declare itself a ‘political party’ in only one (southern) state because the laws of that state require it to be labeled as such. But it is NOT a political party! by any reasonable modern definition. No matter who started it, it does not define itself as a political party and is actually listed as a non-profit.
        Re financial interests behind AE. From what I’ve gathered they have raised somewhere around $24 million from 5000 donors for an average donation of somewhere around $4800. Hell, Obama charges more than that for dinner with him at numerous fund raisers. Do you think there are any hedge fund managers who have contributed to obama’s campaign. It’s well known that Wall St interests were solidly behind Obama in 2008.
        You say that Bernie Sanders would not touch AE but his supporters who drafted him might disagree. Please send me Bernie’s explicit disavowell of AE if you can find anything. I’d be very interested in that and it could sway my opinion. However, I know that Bernie is not interested in running as an AE candidate if elected because he’s content to be where he is in the Senate and doesn’t want to be seen as challenging or threatening Obama or the Dems since he works within their caucus. I admire Bernie, either way.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Actually, Chris, Americans Elect is officially registered as a political party in most states, not just “one southern state.” Go visit the Secretary of States’ websites for Arizona, California, Florida and Maine (to name just four) where you can find political party registrations for Americans Elect. Look at additional states’ election websites for more information indicating that Americans Elect is very much a political party. It just doesn’t want you to think that it is.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      “So has Bernie’s supporters sold out too???”

      That’s a slip in language, Chris. Bernie Sanders hasn’t, wouldn’t, and won’t touch Americans Elect with a 10-foot-pole. He’s aware of what Americans Elect is.

  16. Chris Stegman says:

    oh and one other tidbit. They intend to limit financial contributions to $10,000 per donor as soon as they are get thru the initial phase of their ongoing development. Does Obama limit his contributions to that? I don’t think so. So whose campaign is more corrupt? Obama’s, flush with Wall St. Cash (as well as millions of donors) or AE with $24 mil? Ackerman kicked in 1.5 mil of that from what I read. of course, that started the ball rolling and he obviously has millionaire friends who have contributed. So what’s the difference between AE and the Obama campaign in this regards???

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Actually, Chris, what you write is incorrect. Americans Elect has already taken millions of dollars per donor from a small handful of donors. What Americans Elect has said is that eventually they will pay those donors back. There is no evidence that they have done so.

      Meanwhile, Barack Obama is legally required to limit financial contributions to less than $10,000 per donor to his campaign. In this regard Americans Elect is a step backward from traditional campaigns, not a step forward.

      As for 501c4 corporations that can contribute money to promote a candidate or a cause, neither Obama nor Americans Elect has committed to any restrictions in the nature of the donors or amount of donation per donor. As a matter of fact, Americans Elect is just such a 501c4 corporation.

  17. Chris Stegman says:

    Here’s a quote from an article critical of Peter Ackerman’s, head of AE (owing mucho money to the IRS from apparent tax shelter scheme). It’s a little dated: July 29, 2011
    Quote: Ackerman’s donations of $1.55 million to Americans Elect are the only contributions disclosed publicly before the group changed its status to a nonprofit that is not required to disclose its funding. Ackerman initially formed Americans Elect as a 527 organization in 2010 along with Kahlil Byrd, who has done communications work for Massachusetts’ Democratic governor and a Republican Senate candidate.

    The group “in no way speaks with one voice,” said David King, a member of Americans Elect’s advisory board and a lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. “I do not for one second think it’s a stalking horse for one particular candidate or for one particular set of interests,” he said.

    Any criticisms of Ackerman will likely be eclipsed by what voters think of the eventual Americans Elect candidate, said Dan Schnur, director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California. Either way, Americans Elect has a rough road.

    “The two major parties are not good at a lot of things, but they are particularly talented at maintaining their duopoly over the election process,” Schnur said. “Anything’s possible, but it seems like an effort like this is more likely to succeed once there’s a particular compelling issue or policy challenge to push it forward, and it’s not clear right now what that’s going to be.”

  18. Chris Stegman says:

    here’s something I copied by Jim Cook written earlier this year about Bernie? What has changed besides Jim Cooks attitude towards AE?

    Recognizing Bernie Sanders, Americans Elect Prioritizes Democratic Process over Desired Result

    Jim Cook 1/4/2012
    [14] comments

    Despite its early promotion of Buddy Roemer as a presidential candidate, Roemer never took off as a popular option within the Americans Elect “tracking” system, a social media widget in which people indicate their interest on the “Candidates Page”. Yesterday morning, populist independent Senator Bernie Sanders blew by Buddy Roemer to become one of the four most tracked politicians on the Americans Elect system.

    Americans Elect, which aims to run the nation’s first-ever online privatized presidential nomination in just three months, could have reacted to this development in two ways. First, it could have ignored Sanders’ accelerating performance because Sanders has an ideology that doesn’t fit the Americans Elect “vital center” rhetoric. Second, it could acknowledge Sanders performance, could recognize Sanders the way it had recognized Roemer before, and could and stop promoting Buddy Roemer now that he’s out of in the Top 4. Bernie Sanders’ image has replaced Buddy Roemer’s in a fairly prominent spot.

    Americans Elect has chosen the latter approach. A year ago, I asked “Which element of the Americans Elect plan – democratic process or centrist result – has a higher priority?” This week’s action suggests that Americans Elect may be willing to respect democratic choices, even those its leaders don’t agree with. This is a positive move for an organization that has raised many doubts.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Nothing’s changed. It’s a subtle distinction.

      That was indeed a positive step by Americans Elect, to recognize Bernie Sanders and allow him to be placed accurately. I wasn’t previously convinced that Americans Elect would even recognize Sanders and allow him to go on, considering how little he matches the Americans Elect corporate leaders’ policy preferences.

      It would be different to say that Americans Elect’s process is wholly a good one that is fair and democratic and inclusive and non-abusive and not rigged. After having looked at what Americans Elect, I don’t think these latter claims ring true.

      1. Ralph says:

        Since Jim wrote that piece, Americans Elect has rearranged theirr “Candidates” page so that Buddy Roemer (a candidate many insiders favored from the beginning) now appears at the top of it. They did this by creating a distinction between “draft” candidates and “declared” candidates that did not exist at the beginning of this process. Candidates with more support like Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders have been buried behind another tab. That wasn’t true when Jim wrote the piece you cite here.

        1. Stephen Kent Gray says:

          Actually, Buddy Roemer is in 2nd place overall with 2839.

          Ron Paul 7069
          Buddy Roemer 2839
          Jon Huntsman 2593
          Bernie Sanders 1853
          Barack Obama 1489
          Rocky Anderson 1322
          Mike Bloomberg 999
          Laurence Kotlikooff 851
          Michaelene Risley 812
          Gary Johnson 805

  19. Paul Konkoly says:

    This turned into a very informative post about AE. Thanks for all the replies.

    Naturally, I would like to see everyone give their support to Rocky on AE ( ) and then volunteer with JPUSA at ,

    See you around the party.
    Paul Konkoly
    Justice Party Midwest Region Coordinator

  20. Chris Stegman says:

    here is a recent interview by Judy Woodruff on PBS of AE CTO Josh Levine, explaining his take on AE and what they are about. The debate goes on.

    Note the AE is NOT a political party, it is listed as a non profit. There are 6600 donors thus far, 400,000 voter ‘delegates, over 2.5 million have signed AE ballot access petitions.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Doesn’t matter how many times you say otherwise. Americans Elect is indeed officially registered as a political party in multiple states, Chris. Example 1 | Example 2.

      Do you have the names and donation amounts of those supposed donors, Chris? If you don’t, how do you know who they are, how many there are, and where the money came from? The answer is that unless you’re consulting a secret source, you don’t know any of that, because Americans Elect won’t tell you.

      Finally, there are not 400,000 delegates to Americans Elect. There are 400,000 people who have signed up for accounts at one time or another at Americans Elect. The two are not the same. Consult the Americans Elect rules and bylaws to verify this.

  21. Chris Stegman says:

    here’s another link, interview by Judy Woodruff with Cheif Operating officer, Elliott Ackerman (son on AE founder, Peter Ackerman).

    AE is anything but over. It’s just started. We may not get a real choice outside the D & R parties but it will be great exposure for people like Rocky, Bernie, etc.

  22. Anonymous says:

    You all are terrible. He is still accepting only a max of $100 donations and has the strongest stance and record against corporate influence of any of the candidates.

    But no, you choose to ignore all that and loudly declare that this one thing makes him evil and completely unworthy of your backing. You’re disgusting.

    1. Ralph says:

      Yeah, except that he was going to accept $40,000,000.00 from secret donors for ballot access, which is more than $100.00. So not really.

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