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Jason Buck Campaigns For A Tiny, Tiny Vision Of Life

In the “Issues” section of the congressional campaign web site of Utah Republican Jason Buck, there’s an entire subsection devoted to “Life, Family, and Marriage”.

That should cover an awful lot of material, right? I mean, as anyone who has ever been married knows, marriage covers a whole lot of territory. The legislative area dealing with family issues is even larger, including everything from health care and real estate to education and transportation.

a man of very few wordsBut life, well, life takes the cake. When congressional candidate Jason Buck tells us that he’s going to tell us where he stands on the issues of life, my golly, we ought to be ready to read through a lot of material, right? I mean, the only topic that isn’t included in life is, well, death. So, I suppose that the military would be ruled out of the discussion, but otherwise, Mr. Buck could take this opportunity to let loose and tell us what he really thinks about things.

It turns out that, with Jason Buck, the opportunity to discuss the important issues of life is an opportunity that’s wasted. All that Mr. Buck could muster in his discussion of issues related to life, family, and marriage was the following short statement:

“I am pro-life, pro-family and support preserving marriage as the union between one man and one woman. I will serve Utah families in Congress as a champion for issues important to the very existence of our culture and society.”

Well. Hm. Mr. Buck isn’t exactly a man of words, is he?

I’m left wondering, after reading Jason Buck’s brief wisdom on the issues of life, just what he would include in the category of “issues important to the very existence of our culture and society”. Would that cover…

– The timely availability of Glee reruns on Netflix?
– Protection from giant asteroids from outer space?
– The diversification of political action committees beyond just PACs and Super PACs, into a wide range of new campaign finance possibilities, including Super Duper PACs, Fabulous PACs, Very Special PACs, Modestly OK PACs, and Disreputable PACs?
– A ban on “cheez products”?

What else would you like to see Jason Buck address, within the category of life?

4 thoughts on “Jason Buck Campaigns For A Tiny, Tiny Vision Of Life”

  1. Jim says:

    How about the contents of the Museum Store? It’s too expensive and mostly wood veneer.

  2. Bill says:

    I love the term “pro-life” because it raises so many profound questions. First, it implies the existence of folk who are “anti-life” but, aside from Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, Joe Stalin, and any given 4-star general, are there really any anti-life people? Second, I’ve met so many people who claim to be both “pro-life” and “pro-death penalty,” and hardly any of them are vegans and eschew antibiotics and disinfectants. I mean, where do you draw the line?

    For most pro-lifers, they draw the line at birth.

  3. frank says:

    He’s taken too many hits to the head. He has declared bankruptcy twice….but I guess to him that is the American way. Please elect him.

  4. arch angel says:

    NO BUCKING WAY!! How about living a life of lies? It is not just bankruptcy twice, the FBI is investigating bankruptcy fraud for the Super Bowl rings and other assets he denied having. He never ” bought into the Blaze, they gave him 1% which he also failed to give his bk creditors. He claims he is employed full time by the Blaze, their public reports all says they pay him no money. When he announced running for office in a three day span he claimed three totally different careers-sound suspicious? Google Jason Buck securities fraud and you will find him involved in not one but theee seperate Ponzie schemes in Arizona, California and Utah. Numerous fake LLC’s he and Foxy Roxy created to hide the money.The reality is he has spent most of the last decade-yes 10 years on church welfare. Jason is not a bright man to say the least. He plays his “hey brother here is my recommend” to the limits. What rationall person would thinks this qualifies him to lead us in Washington? I hope we dont get exposed by this con for being to stupid to look up his history. Another wealthy athalete that made 40-50 times average wages for nearly a decade and the only time he is not on church welfare is when he is stealing from members in Ponzi schemes. He truly needs help, I pray he will get it by someone with journalistic integrity exposing this crook. Oh yeah, the Utah case Ponzi scheme included a 94 year old LDS woman that went to BYU loosing her life savings of over $400K, which incidentally is when Bucky Boy bought the mansion on the golf course he never made payments on the last 3 years.

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