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Republican Linda McMahon Partying With Tobacco Lobbyist Tonight

The invitation sent out by Connecticut Republican Linda McMahon, a candidate for U.S. Senate, directed supporters to give her $1,000 to attend a party tonight at a location only described as the “Townhouse of Rick Murphy”. What the invitation did not say, but what most political insiders in Washington D.C. would know, is who Rick Murphy is.

rb murphy tobacco lobbyistRick Murphy is RB Murphy, of RB Murphy and Associates, a Washington D.C. lobbying firm. Among the biggest clients for RB Murphy last year was Altria, a corporation formerly known as Philip Morris, a cigarette manufacturer.

Linda McMahon is gathering money tonight at the headquarters of a tobacco lobbyist. 220 E Street NE in Washington D.C. isn’t the just the personal townhouse of Rick Murphy. It’s HQ for RB Murphy and Associates.

Is that detail something that Linda McMahon will proudly share with Connecticut voters?

One thought on “Republican Linda McMahon Partying With Tobacco Lobbyist Tonight”

  1. Mr. James Donald Van Raden Sr. says:

    I am a tobbacco smoker. I inhale deep into my lungs. It protects my lungs from harmfull pollutants in the atmosphere. By coating the inner lungs with tar. Occaisonal coughing is good for me and others around me who dont smoke because it causes them to repale pollutants allready in their lungs. I live in Michigan in a city called Melvindale at a residence called coogan terrace for elderly and disabled people, i am still a student at higher levels of learning.I want to repeal the law tenant council, who was only comprised of maybe two or one person put in place so we couldnt smoke in our own resideces, most of us like to smoke but are forced to do it illegaly. I am willing to threaten and commit to a legal battle if necessary. Need and want your help. Please feel free to call or anything else you can and want to do to help. Thanks Jamesy, 313 457 5647

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