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Senate Judiciary Committee Stonewalls Civil Liberty Board Nominations for 3 Months Now. Why?

On December 20, 2011 — three years late — President Barack Obama finally obeyed the law that requires him to nominate members for all five positions on the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB). For three long years the PCLOB has been absolutely empty, inactive and defunct.

This means that nobody has been using full subpoena authority to interview members of the U.S. Government and to collect complete information on the search and surveillance activities carried out by our government. This means that nobody has been coordinating programs to ensure constitutional compliance by agents of our government. This means that nobody has been issuing the legally-required twice-yearly reports to Congress and the public revealing violations of Americans’ constitutional rights. Instead, actions in violation of Americans’ constitutional rights have gone unchecked. Constitutional oversight activities have been absent under the administration of President Obama. Up until December of 2011, that was Barack Obama’s fault because he had refused to place nominations to fill the PCLOB.

Since December, the fault lies with Patrick Leahy, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee that reviews and processes executive nominations so the full Senate can vote on them. But since December 2011, not a single hearing for any of the nominees has been held. Not a single hearing has been scheduled.

Tell Senator Leahy it’s time for him to stop stonewalling civil liberties. It’s time to bring up the nominations for consideration and confirmation.

Leahy’s DC Office Phone: 202-224-4242
Leahy’s VT Office Phone: 800-642-3193

Enough! Call Patrick Leahy today. Tell him to get off his duff and do the job he was elected to do.

One thought on “Senate Judiciary Committee Stonewalls Civil Liberty Board Nominations for 3 Months Now. Why?”

  1. Dove says:

    I’d guess they don’t want to confirm these nominations until they are sure the members are not interested in meeting. Apparently the violations are so gross their revelation would cause a revolt of national-security-establishment endangering proportions.

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