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Sea Level Rise Of About 50 Feet Predicted

Rather wet news comes from the journal Geography this week. An analysis of rock core data led by Kenneth G. Miller of Rutgers University indicates that the level of Earth’s oceans will rise by between 40 and 70 feet over the next couple of generations – even if the plan to slow global warming recommended by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is followed. If that plan is not followed, and global warming continues to run out of control, sea level rise will be even higher.

national mall after global warming sea level riseWith a sea level rise of just 5 feet, the southern end of Florida will disappear, and much of North Carolina will be lost beneath the waves. The predicted 40 to 70 feet of sea level rise will reach far beyond what is now the coast, going up major rivers to engulf major cities. Consider Washington D.C., most of which is less than 30 feet above sea level.

Thanks to global warming, this is what the National Mall will look like in the future, with barnacles covering the first 20 or 30 feet of the Washington Monument. All of Washington D.C. will be under water, having become a gigantic reflecting pool, with no cherry trees by its side in the springtime.

Remember that this is a best-case scenario. We have already waited too long to prevent this catastrophe. Will we now continue to delay efforts to prevent additional damage to our country?

Global warming is real. The changes have already begun. It’s time to take action.

Our way of life needs to change, and here’s a good start: Put your car keys in a little box. On that little box, put a lock. On the top of that little box, stick yourself a note: “Our planet needs a better form of transportation than this. Walk. Bike. Take a bus or a train.”

4 thoughts on “Sea Level Rise Of About 50 Feet Predicted”

  1. Mike S says:

    Oh, come on. Relax. God would never let that happen to his chosen people.

    1. Green Man says:

      I think I’m seeing a tongue in your cheek.

      But okay, let’s go with that frame, for a second. Let’s look back at the Old Testament and consider what Jehovah was said to have allowed his “chosen people” to go through. If that divine being was in my neighborhood looking for people to become “chosen”, I’d hide in my basement.

  2. Tom says:

    We’re such an ignorant species that we’re killing ourselves off DESPITE our supposedly superior brains (ie. we “know” how the environment works but won’t abide by our findings – science trumped by greed and laziness). Population out of control – nature will eliminate us (or reduce us to a mere fraction of our current numbers) by adjusting the climate to all the chemical pollution we insist on and it’ll be extremely hard to grow enough food for everyone, cause disease carrying critters and microbes to increase, stress out the trees, and acidify the oceans while we do a job on the pollinators and other species we rely on to keep the food chain intact. We are so unprepared for the coming calamity that it’s a sick joke to think we’re in any way “superior” to worms, yeast, lizards or monkeys.

    1. t ball says:

      Tom, I’d change that first sentence to read “willfully ignorant”. It’s hard not to become depressed anytime I think about the climate and how we are, aggressively, digging our own graves.

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