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Why are some people getting so Upset about Discrimination Against Black People?

Why are some people getting so upset?

I mean, isn’t this a color-blind society? Isn’t all that discrimination business a 20th Century thing, all over and done with? Aren’t black people in America just whining while they take all the good jobs away from equally qualified whites?


Devah Pager the Mark of a Criminal Record Figure 6

These are the results of Devah Pager’s audits — tests — in which pairs of auditors are sent out into the job market with fake resumes, backgrounds, references, and even strategies for presentation of self. The pairs of testers are made to be equally qualified in all ways. Only two characteristics differ: skin color and a line on the resume indicating a criminal record.

Figure 6 shows that in these audits, white applicants reporting a criminal record get a better response than black applicants without a criminal record — and remember, they’re made to be equally qualified for the job. People are getting upset about discrimination on the basis of race in America because it clearly still exists.

Pager’s research wasn’t done in the 1930s. It’s contemporary research carried out in our times. This is our problem.

1 comment to Why are some people getting so Upset about Discrimination Against Black People?

  • Tom

    It also exists both ways. It’s one of our human flaws – we tend to be biased toward our groups (eg. Jews with Jews, blacks with blacks). There are biases is Asia too about their particular groups (like Koreans, Thais, Laotians, Chinese, Japanese all have biases toward each other) and Europe is no model culture either (wrt bias). There’s gender bias, race, nationality, age discrimination, even stupid things like height and weight come into play. Face it – we’re a bunch of HATERS.
    Humanity is a failed experiment.

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