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More Americans Wish Politicians Would Stop Using Religion As A Political Tool.

Yesterday, the Pew Research Center released results of a survey indicating that more Americans want politicians to stop talking about their religious beliefs so much. All the talk about God, the Bible, Jesus, prayer seems to be making Americans feel rather weary, rather than excited.

According to the survey, a larger number of Americans disagree (49%) than agree (41%) with the contention that secular liberals exert too much influence within the Democratic Party. Among Republicans, however, this myth remains prevalent. 60 percent of Republicans participating in the survey still believe that secular liberals have too much power in the Democratic Party.

religion in politics 2012Where does this belief come from? The Democratic Party leadership has done its best to ignore organizations like the Secular Coalition for America. During the 2008 Democratic presidential convention, atheist Democrats and other non-religious Democrats were explicitly forbidden from attending certain meetings, while religious Democrats were given full access. At that convention, Democratic leaders declared that theirs was a political party led by God. As President and head of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama has expanded the “faith-based” system of federal government patronage of churches, and refused to enact reforms to protect the legal rights of non-religious Americans.

Secular liberals are treated as pariahs by the Democratic Party. There is no functioning political party that represents the interests of secular Americans over the interests of religious Americans. The closest thing that secular Americans have to a welcoming home is the Green Party, which does not seek to promote secular values over religious values, but merely attempts to keep the government out of Americans’ private lives, whether they choose to be religious or not.

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  1. Robert Hagedorn says:

    Google Second Scandal.

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