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Promoting More Offshore Oil Rigs Isn’t What We Elected Obama To Do

For the last six months, the United States has been suffering an unprecedented heat wave. The effects of that heat wave have been somewhat masked by the fact that it’s been winter, but the consequences are beginning to become apparent:

– Agricultural disruption
– Widespread drought
– Conditions ripe for massive wildfires

It’s never been more clear that climate change is real. We’re experiencing meteorological conditions that have never been seen before in the entire history of the United States – and it’s not isolated weather. This year’s bizarre weather is taking place in the context of year after year after year of warmer than average temperatures, and years of increasingly violent environmental disasters.

So, what is Barack Obama doing about it? He’s expanding drilling for oil. At a campaign appearance yesterday in New Mexico, Obama bragged, “We’re drilling all over the place!” It’s a consistent campaign theme for Obama, who pounded his chest for oil in a video message over the weekend, declaring, “We’ve quadrupled the number of operating oil rigs to a record high. That’s a fact, and we’ve opened millions of acres on land and offshore to develop more of our domestic resources!”

green environment obama posterSince when is this additional oil drilling a good thing? Has Barack Obama completely forgotten the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling disaster? We’ve already seen that Drill Baby Drill hasn’t helped bring gasoline prices down. It’s just a big handout to the oil industry, and it’s making global warming worse.

Back in 2008, Barack Obama promised us comprehensive climate legislation. He never delivered on that promise, though, and in this year’s State of the Union Address, Obama announced that he won’t even try to deal with global warming.

Given the current conditions, and what we know about the climate trends to come, this environmental neglect from Obama is unacceptable. In dealing with climate change, as with other environmental issues Barack Obama has been a huge disappointment. Environmental activists cannot let Barack Obama take their support for granted. The climate issue, after all, is bigger than any one person. It’s about the ecological integrity of the only planet we’ve got.

One thought on “Promoting More Offshore Oil Rigs Isn’t What We Elected Obama To Do”

  1. Tom says:

    Oh man – we didn’t elect him to coddle the Republicans and “bargain” by caving in to all their demands or add another ridiculous war to our borrowing and money printing demands while granting himself, a Constitutional scholar, the ability to assassinate or disappear American citizens anywhere in the world on his say-so!

    Are you effing kidding me? We elected Hope and Change and got sold down the river.

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