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King Obama Rules Government Shall Keep Info on Innocent Americans for 5 years

The Washington Post reports that Barack Obama has approved a plan for the U.S. Government to collect information about Americans who are not terrorists and who have no connection to terrorism, then keep it for 10 times longer than under George W. Bush.  This is all without a warrant specifying a reasonable suspicion.  Which is the requirement of the Constitution and all.  Which is the supreme law of the land and all.

Democrats who bridled at the autocratic l’etat-c’est-moi behavior of the Petulant Prince George ought to stop referring to our dear leader as “President Obama.”  The term that better fits his behavior is King Barack the First.

One thought on “King Obama Rules Government Shall Keep Info on Innocent Americans for 5 years”

  1. mamaw304 says:

    I’ m so sick of al the Politics my answer isNO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO STAY IN OFFICE MORE THAN FOUR YEARS if you can’t do anything for the people of America you are just wasting our time.If you live in a state you should be able to pay your taxes to them not the IRS. My saying isif they’re not dirty when they go in give them a few months they’ll be really NASTY when they come out or die out!

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