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While Obama Promotes Oil Pipelines Jill Stein Stands With Occupy Protesters

Who are you going to vote for in the 2012 presidential election? Mitt Romney is out of the question, of course, with the way that he’s embraced crazy right wing ideology. Americans Elect candidates, and their willingness to kowtow before Wall Street insiders, are out of the running too.

Who’s left? There’s more than just Barack Obama, and it’s a good thing, too.

Barack Obama has been spending the last week promoting the big oil pipelines and Drill Baby Drill policy that the fossil fuel industry has been begging for. Obama’s energy policy has become frighteningly similar to the policy promoted by Sarah Palin in 2008. On Wednesday, for example, Barack Obama bragged about all the special favors he’s doing for the oil industry, even as global warming brings the United States an unprecedented heat wave.

“We are going to continue producing oil and gas at a record pace. That’s got to be part of what we do. We need energy to grow. That’s why we’re producing more oil right now, here in America, than at any time in the last eight years — any time in the last eight years. We’re opening up more land for oil exploration. We’ve got more oil rigs operating. There are more pipelines out there that are being approved. I’ll be visiting one of those rigs and one of those pipelines this week,” Obama said.

green party presidential candidate 2012While Barack Obama is visiting oil rigs and fossil fuel pipelines, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has been standing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City.

Unlike Obama, Dr. Stein is unwilling to cave in to oil industry demands. Instead, she promotes an economic recovery plan that is centered around the creation of a more efficient and environmentally sustainable energy infrastructure. In her People’s State Of The Union Address, Stein explained, “The benefits we get from the environment dwarf those that come to us from human economic activity – even when measured strictly in dollar terms. What we usually call ‘the environment’ is really another word for Mother Nature’s economy. A business model that destroys our forests, our fisheries, our topsoil, our water supplies, our health, and our climate – is a business model that will inevitably collapse upon itself. And an economy that is addicted to ever-increasing supplies of oil is not only doomed, it is a national security disaster just waiting to happen.”

2 thoughts on “While Obama Promotes Oil Pipelines Jill Stein Stands With Occupy Protesters”

  1. Tom says:

    Big Oil and the TBTF banks won’t let her win (and if by some chance she did, i’d expect a JFK style fate for her). The oligarchs aren’t going to give up this gravy train.

  2. NoBushObama says:

    Ah! You have websites subliminally dedicated for Obama, Ron Paul, Romney and now, I’d realized this is a Jill Stein site. I remember reading your mags. when I’d lived in Florida a few years back (Bush regime) and I can recall enjoying the “discovered” information. What is it with some liberals not liking Jill Stein? Are they afraid she is another Nader?

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