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Where Is Your Hole In The West?

“Far, far away in the West, where things were blue and faint, Bilbo knew there lay his own country of safe and comfortable things, and his little hobbit-hole.”

Modern life has brought us many accoutrements to obscure the shape of the paths we take. Where is your Hobbit hole in the West? Where is your Smaug?

2 comments to Where Is Your Hole In The West?

  • t ball

    My ‘Smaug’ is in DFW. We are already having ozone levels that are nearing orange alert that we usually don’t get until summer.

    • Interesting point, t ball. Climate change is moving us away from our hobbit holes, whether we want to go or not. Maybe it’s more like Saruman and his uruk-hai coming to town with their tar paper shacks.

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