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Senator Bob Corker Served His Lunch By Lobbyists

Tomorrow, what are you going to do for lunch? If you have any plans at all, I wager they’re not as grand as the lunch plans of Senator Bob Corker.

wincing senator from tennesseeSenator Corker is going to have his lunch served to him by lobbyists.

At 11:45 AM, Corker is scheduled to arrive at the offices of Hogan Lovells LLP, a registered lobbying firm that represents clients that include:

– The American Frozen Food Institute
– The American Gaming Association (gaming means casinos, not Dungeons and Dragons)
– The American Hospital Association
– Andarko Petroleum
– Anschutz Corporation
– Barclays Bank
– Berkshire Hathaway
– Credit Suisse Group
– DTE Energy
– Edison International
– The Gas Technology Group
– General Electric
– Intrepid Mining
– Keystone Inc.
– Mortgage Insurance Companies of America
– The National Chicken Council
– Nextgen Equipage Fund
– Occidental Petroleum
– Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America
– Vulcan Materials
– Webster Bank
– Xcel Energy

Hogan Lovells lobbyists Robert Glennon and Jeff Munk are listed as among the “hosts” of the lunch. Hosts at this party are not those people who plan the color of the table cloths. The hosts are those people who make especially large payments to Senator Bob Corker.

The purpose of the lunch isn’t really the food, you see. The purpose is to give lobbyists some “alone time” with Senator Bob Corker, during which they provide him with two things: 1) Advice on which legislation to support; and 2) money.

Other lobbyists who are hosting the cash bar at Hogan Lovells are Kate Fulton, a lobbyist who works exclusively for BlackRock Capital Management; and Jade West, a lobbyist employed by the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. Who knows who else might show up at this very special meal?

4 comments to Senator Bob Corker Served His Lunch By Lobbyists

  • NOBushObama

    I wonder what the compromise will be.

  • NOBushObama

    Maybe Obama sent them to him knowing he sponsors S. 2224 . It’s possible. Obama is known for distraction.

  • Stephen Kent Gray

    James Durkan (R) – Manufacturing Quality Control Manager
    Brenda Lenard (R) – Tea Party Activist & Graduate Student
    Zach Poskevich (R) – Software Developer & Army Veteran
    Larry Crim (D) – Psychologist & Businessman
    Beverly Marrero (D) – State Sen. & Real Estate Consultant
    Grover Mullins Jr. (D) – Mining Engineer, Ex-Prison Guard & ’08 Presidential Candidate

    These are the people running against him for Senate.

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