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Research: Lucky People Feel More Lucky!

This morning, I fired up the Twitter engine to find this gem:

“Research findings correlate an attitude of gratitude with higher wages, stronger immune system, more friends, fewer addictions, better sleep”

The perky tweeter means, I think to help us greet the new day with the suggestion that if we all would just do the work of cultivating a feeling of gratefulness, all our wages would go up, we would get sick less often, people would like us more, we would shake the monkeys off our backs, and sleep well at night.

Who knew that’s all that required to be successful in life?

There is an alternative explanation, though: It might be that people who get better sleep than average, aren’t addicts, have many friends, are healthy, and are rich have more to feel grateful for. I think they’re planning on having a couple of grad students run the numbers on this unlikely interpretation, just to eliminate the possibility.

power of positive thinking

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