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Four Senate Democrats Defend Subsidies For Big Oil

Yesterday, S. 2204, an effort to bring the Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act up for a final vote, was defeated in the U.S. Senate. The legislation, which would have cut government spending by ending tax subsidies for big oil corporations, was largely opposed by Republicans. However, not all Republicans voted against the bill, and not every Senator who voted to kill the legislation was a Republican.

The following four Democratic U.S. Senators voted against allowing the Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act:

Mark Begich
Mary Landrieu
Ben Nelson
Jim Webb

The next time the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee calls you up asking for money, ask them what they’re doing about these Democratic Senators who are sitting in Big Oil’s pocket. Ask the DSCC how much of your donation will go to help re-elect these fossil fuel fans. The DSCC keeps on talking about how the solution to America’s problems is to get majority control in Congress, but the Democrats already have control over the Senate, and Democrats like Begich, Landrieu, Nelson and Webb go against what the majority of Democratic voters want anyway.

Getting a Democratic majority in the Senate isn’t the goal we should focus on. Getting a liberal majority is. When Democratic Senators vote against liberal values, liberal voters need to hold them accountable.

3 thoughts on “Four Senate Democrats Defend Subsidies For Big Oil”

  1. Joe Firestone (LetsGetitDone) says:

    Of the four, Jim Webb and Ben Nelson are retiring, so they’re not going to be concerned about pressure. The other two are from oil states, so pressuring them is unilkely to have any effect. The way to get at this is 1) to get rid of the filibuster and 2) elect more anti-corporate Ds from other States. That may work. pressuring these people won’t.

  2. Tom says:

    How can we get anti-corporate Ds from anywhere Joe? They get vetted through the party machine from the local through the state (esp. here in PA) to the governors to state legislators and finally the President himself are all influenced by corporate dollars? The system is corrupted. When was the last time a guy from the machine shop, a nurse, or a dentist or a retired civics instructor run for president? We’re all weeded out by the “process” of corporate politics: pick a team, get your backing and sell your spiel – is what we got now. Which corporate whore are you voting for this year?

  3. Tom says:

    Civilization Is At Risk Absent ‘Urgent And Large-Scale Action’ Warns Planetary Summit

    “Research now demonstrates that the continued functioning of the Earth system as it has supported the well-being of human civilization in recent centuries is at risk. Without urgent action, we could face threats to water, food, biodiversity and other critical resources: these threats risk intensifying economic, ecological and social crises, creating the potential for a humanitarian emergency on a global scale….

    The defining challenge of our age is to safeguard Earth’s natural processes to ensure the well-being of civilization while eradicating poverty, reducing conflict over resources, and supporting human and ecosystem health….

    As consumption accelerates everywhere and world population rises, it is no longer sufficient to work towards a distant ideal of sustainable development. Global sustainability must become a foundation of society. It can and must be part of the bedrock of nation states and the fabric of societies.”

    Do you really think politicians even give a shit or think they’re going to act in the best interests of the population? After decades of ignoring all the scientific warnings of problems to come, well, here we! Now it’s CRUCIAL or we cross the line of no return.

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