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Obama Approves Offshore Drilling With Untested Technology

Back in 2008, when Barack Obama reversed course and voted in favor of expanded offshore drilling, many environmentalists made excuses for him. They said that this decision was only made because there was an election on. They said that, after the election, Obama would surely pursue a policy to restrain oil drilling.

They were wrong.

The Obama Administration failed to create new regulations on offshore drilling, and so we saw the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig, and the biggest oil spill in American history. The American people were outraged, but President Obama refused to institute a moratorium on the expansion of offshore drilling. Instead, Barack Obama responded to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico by agreeing to expand deepwater offshore drilling even further, without any new safety regulations in place!

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This week, the Obama White House has made the problem even worse. In the Arctic, the Obama Administration has approved a plan by Shell Oil to drill for oil in the Beaufort Sea, even though Shell Oil’s response plan for an oil spill in the Arctic waters relies upon untested technology.

On the very same day, the Obama Administration has opened up a large new area just off the coast of Virginia for exploration for offshore drilling. Imagine black sludge from these new oil wells brought on a high tide into the Chesapeake Bay.

If George W. Bush had made these decisions, environmentalists would be in an uproar. Will environmental organizations now let these dangerous favors to Big Oil slide, just because it’s Barack Obama who’s responsible?

6 thoughts on “Obama Approves Offshore Drilling With Untested Technology”

  1. Caye says:

    Start a petition please!! I’ll rally for this D:

  2. Tom says:

    Can’t we even ONCE learn from our past mistakes?

    Okay, how about this happening RIGHT NOW:

    This can’t keep happening – our entire planet is threatened with the effects of this crap! The gulf was never cleaned up and neither was the old spill by the Exxon Valdez which just limped out of service this past week. The gas leak in the ocean is ridiculously dangerous and it doesn’t take a rocket scientologist to see what damage that’s going to have on marine life, already stressed to extinction.

  3. Tom says:

    Here you go:

    (concludes with):
    “According to the energy industry, we are at a fork in the road and can either chose a path leading to greater energy independence or to ever more perilous energy insecurity. But there is another way to characterize that “choice”: on one path, the United States will increasingly come to resemble a Third World petro-state, with compliant government leaders, an increasingly money-ridden and corrupt political system, and negligible environmental and health safeguards; on the other, which would also involve far greater investment in the development of renewable alternative energies, it would remain a First World nation with strong health and environmental regulations and robust democratic institutions.

    How we characterize our energy predicament in the coming decades and what path we ultimately select will in large measure determine the fate of this nation.”

  4. Tom says:

    In case there’s anyone out there that imagines that oil spills way out in the gulf or the world-wide radiation mess, like w a a a y over in Japan, don’t have any effect on us all the way over here in the U.S.:
    Cesium up to 100 times levels before disaster found in plankton far off nuke plant

    You know what plankton are, right? The very bottom of the food chain. From there it rides up all the species that eat each other, eventually being served for dinner.
    “Oh, that’s not happening . . . . . is it?”
    (from the article)
    “Even though radiation levels detected from the plankton samples were still low, there is a possibility that large amounts of cesium will accumulate in fish through the food chain in a phenomenon called biological concentration. We need to continue our survey,” he said. “Each species of marine creatures that feed on animal plankton need to be monitored over the long term.”

  5. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    You don’t specify what variants of environmentalism.

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