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Obama Approves Offshore Drilling With Untested Technology

Back in 2008, when Barack Obama reversed course and voted in favor of expanded offshore drilling, many environmentalists made excuses for him. They said that this decision was only made because there was an election on. They said that, after the election, Obama would surely pursue a policy to restrain oil drilling.

They were wrong.

The Obama Administration failed to create new regulations on offshore drilling, and so we saw the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig, and the biggest oil spill in American history. The American people were outraged, but President Obama refused to institute a moratorium on the expansion of offshore drilling. Instead, Barack Obama responded to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico by agreeing to expand deepwater offshore drilling even further, without any new safety regulations in place!

anti-obama bumper sticker

This week, the Obama White House has made the problem even worse. In the Arctic, the Obama Administration has approved a plan by Shell Oil to drill for oil in the Beaufort Sea, even though Shell Oil’s response plan for an oil spill in the Arctic waters relies upon untested technology.

On the very same day, the Obama Administration has opened up a large new area just off the coast of Virginia for exploration for offshore drilling. Imagine black sludge from these new oil wells brought on a high tide into the Chesapeake Bay.

If George W. Bush had made these decisions, environmentalists would be in an uproar. Will environmental organizations now let these dangerous favors to Big Oil slide, just because it’s Barack Obama who’s responsible?

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