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What did $1.5 Billion in Lottery Investments Get You? What Could it Have Got You?

Thank you, Noreen Gillespie and Paul Wiseman. Finally, a newspaper article veers from the celebration of a lottery jackpot you didn’t receive to ask where that money might have gone instead:

So what exactly would happen if the country spent that $1.5 billion on something other than a distant dream?

For starters, it could cure the everyday worries of hundreds of thousands of American families hit by the Great Recession. It costs an average of $6,129 to feed the typical family for a year — meaning the cash spent on tickets could fill up the plates of 238,000 households.

As gas prices climb faster than stations can change the numbers on the signs, the money spent on tickets could fill the tanks of 685,000 households annually.

One thought on “What did $1.5 Billion in Lottery Investments Get You? What Could it Have Got You?”

  1. Jeff says:

    Does it make up for it that in this drawing alone, in exchange for the winnings given to the winners, people paid $1.5 billion in a voluntary tax, of which $375 million went to state and local governments and $225 million went toward stimulating local economies?

    Granted, it would be great if we could get people to donate $375 million to their local governments for reasons other than delusions of becoming millionaires, and it would be great if lottery games weren’t played so heavily by people with low income, but if we think of it as a voluntary public investment, it doesn’t seem quite as horrible in the long run. And for a dollar, millions of people can dream of what they would do with extra money if it fell into their hands.

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