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Obama Campaign Wants Gays and Lesbians To Hush Up

The 2012 Obama re-election campaign is seeking the votes, the money, and the volunteer efforts of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans… but there’s one little hiccup in the plan: Barack Obama isn’t ready to recognize their equal rights as complete human beings.

The Boston Globe writes that, “the campaign’s internal conversations on the issue focus instead on how to energize gay and lesbian voters in spite of Obama’s lack of clarity on the issue.”

“Lack of clarity” is a generous term for what President Obama is doing to gays and lesbians. Obama is allowing discrimination to go on, and is refusing to speak out against it. Instead, Obama is allowing his previous statements of opposition to marriage equality for lesbians and gays to stand.

Obama won’t even speak on the issue of marriage equality, but his aides expect GLBT voters to believe that he secretly supports their right to marriage equality, and is merely biding his time before he actually does anything about it because he’s afraid of what people will say. What we know of Obama makes it difficult to trust his aides in this suggestion. In the 2008 presidential election, we were told by Obama’s aides that many of the odious policies he embraced on the campaign trail were temporary feints, and Obama would reverse course and do the right thing once he was elected. Obama didn’t change after the election. He went ahead and really did those nasty things he said he’d do if he was elected.

What’s more, Obama added on some new rotten policies after he became President. The campaign promises Barack Obama kept were the ones he made to conservatives. The campaign promises he broke were the ones he made to liberals. The idea that Barack Obama is going to turn around and become a different kind of President if he’s re-elected is not credible.

The time for Barack Obama to support marriage equality is now, not after the 2012 election. Obama keeps on trying to placate gays and lesbians, who are upset that he’s helping to deny them their legal equality, by saying that his ideas are “evolving”. So evolve, already, Obama, or get off the pot! You either support marriage equality or you don’t – and right now, Barack Obama does not support marriage equality.

Barack Obama expects gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender Americans to believe that he’s their friend, in secret. Obama just doesn’t want to be seen in public with them, and he won’t stick out his neck to help them. Obama wants gays and lesbians to hush up, and sends his aides out to make promises that they’ll be rewarded, if they just disappear.

What kind of friend is that?

6 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Wants Gays and Lesbians To Hush Up”

  1. Ron Tenin says:

    In the long run the LGBT community should lie low.

  2. Ron Tenin says:

    Posted too soon. The point is in a 2nd Obama term the LGBT will get favorable treatment…but we have to get to a 2nd term. Let’s help POTUS win, let him run to the middle for the general election..its all posturing. Watch Romney no longer be “severley” conservative. It’s a battle over the middle …le’ts play smart and win…the spoils of victory can come later.

    1. t ball says:

      I think it’s foolish to count on that. Vote for Obama if you wish, but don’t do so out of any expectation for a sudden flowering of an LGBT-friendly agenda.

  3. Dove says:

    second verse, same as the first. We played the support-your-secret-santa game in 2008. Obama was supposed to lead the old guard into the light with his professorial manner, or at least wean the right off of communist conspiracy theories with his moderate center-rightism. But we see his compromises have earned little to no respect from the right, nor has he had the passion to motivate non-voters with game-changing policies. Hint, when your opponents accuse you of supporting policies that favor 99% of constituents, you might want to go ahead and agree with the 99% rather than doubling down on drone strikes and civil rights violations.

  4. Ralph says:

    Well, there’s a challenge. Energizing gays and lesbians despite a “lack of clarity” on civil rights is going to be about as easy as getting African Americans all fired up in support of Jim Crow. Twenty-second century history books will note with irony that the first African American president of the United States did not support civil rights.

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