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Strip Search The Supreme Court!

In a disgusting “conservative” majority decision today, the Supreme Court declared that prison guards have the right to take people who have not committed any crime, and repeatedly strip search them, subjecting their genitals to closeup visual and physical inspections. So, as of today, police officers can simply accuse any American of a crime, and then have that person arrested subjected, naked, to repeated gawking and groping by prison guards.

That’s what happened to Albert Florence. Mr. Florence was sent to prison and strip searched twice, though he was not accused of any violent crime. In fact, Mr. Florence wasn’t really accused of a crime at all. He was accused of not paying a traffic fine. In New Jersey, where Mr. Florence lives and was arrested, failure to pay a traffic fine is not a crime. What’s more, Albert Florence had actually paid the traffic fine that he was accused of not paying.

strip search the supreme courtNonetheless, when Albert Florence’s suit in response to the strip searches finally reached the Supreme Court, he was told that the strip searches against him were absolutely reasonable and justified. In fact, Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court judge who wrote today’s perverted majority opinion, said that the burden of proof rests with the people who are stripped searched. Prison guards don’t have to prove that they have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity that motivated a strip search, Kennedy wrote. Instead, people who are strip searched must gather “substantial evidence” that the strip searches were not necessary.

Justice Kennedy says that it’s a good idea for people falsely accused of non-criminal, nonviolent offenses to be repeatedly strip searched, because those people might just happen to be, as a matter of coincidence, violent criminal masterminds.

Well, I say that there is just as much likelihood that a Supreme Court Justice is a secret violent criminal mastermind. So, in keeping with the new legal precedent set by today’s decision in Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders of County of Burlington, I suggest that all lawyers and judges entering the U.S. Supreme Court to argue or hear a case be strip searched, to see if they are carrying weapons or illegal drugs. They should have their heads shaved in case of lice, too.

Strip them all naked, and search them every day before they go to work. If they don’t like it, let the Supreme Court Justices file a lawsuit. Maybe, some day, after years of struggle, their case might make it to the Supreme Court.

Good luck to them, then.

One thought on “Strip Search The Supreme Court!”

  1. t ball says:

    It’s a good thing there aren’t too many of those liberal “activist” judges on the court. (sarcasm, if it’s not obvious)

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