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National Occupation of Washington D.C. Keeps Occupied

This weekend saw the kickoff of what was promised as a National Occupation of Washington D.C. For a national occupation protest, though, it’s remarkable how little information about the protest activities is coming out – from the mainstream journalists, and from the group itself.

nowdcHere’s what we know: Yesterday, the National Occupation led a protest march to the Environmental Protection Agency, demonstrating against retaliation by EPA administrators against whistleblowers at the agency. Today, there will be workshops at a Quaker meeting house on topics such as “Election Theft 101”, “BioDemocracy”, “Tools for Harmonizing Grassroots Power” and “From Tahrir Square to Liberty Square”. Tomorrow, there are more workshops: “Narrative Praxis: History & Critique”, “The Move to Amend strategy for winning real democracy in the U.S.A.”, “How Occupy and Labor can organize and win by giving up on love and strategically working on specific campaigns together,” and so on.

The day after that: More workshops.

After that? No details.

I’m not seeing much occupation in this “National Occupation of Washington D.C.”. I’m seeing a bunch of people getting together behind closed doors and talking about taking back the system… kind of a Bohemian Grove for real bohemians.

I don’t know if this counts as “narrative praxis”, but let me suggest to the organizers of the National Occupation of Washington D.C. that if they’re doing nothing but holding workshops from now on, there won’t be anything to build a narrative around. If there is more activity, such as actual protests, then the National Occupation of Washington D.C. needs to start by making that information available.

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