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Americans Elect Says One Thing, Does Another Episode #472: The Lobbyist Hokey Pokey

Americans Elect used to say it didn’t have any ideology and just wanted to help Americans resurrect democracy as they saw fit. Then Americans Elect squelched turnout in its first two delegate votes and its Political Director revealed Americans Elect actually has a goal for a candidate of a particular ideology after all.

Americans Elect used to say that it was organizing its own presidential bid because, as everyone knows, the presidential nomination race is all wrapped up after Iowa and New Hampshire have their say. Then the Republican nomination refused to be all wrapped up and remained vibrantly contentious in state after state, month after month.

With these explanations for its existence wiped out, what’s the latest in Americans Elect’s ever-changing raisons d’etre? Lobbyists. In its latest promotional video called the DC Hokey Pokey, Americans Elect features a bunch of insider lobbyists dancing around with Beltway Washington DC players and asks, “Ever get the feeling that people who work in Washington are a little too close to each other, and a little too far from the rest of us?”

Americans Elect says it will fix the problem of insider lobbyists and Washington DC power players.  But that's who Americans Elect *is*.

“People who work in Washington” versus “the rest of us?” Do you know where Americans Elect’s headquarters is? I do — I dropped by in an announced visit a year and a month ago to obtain IRS documents (as is every American’s legal right for a non-profit organization), but they were so uneager to talk to me that they deployed a security guard to keep me from entering their headquarters building. That building is 1775 Pennsylvania Avenue, snug inside the Washington DC beltway, one block away from the White House.

And if lobbyists messing with American politics are the problem, how is installing a lobbyist for the largest coal extracting corporation in the world as chair of the Americans Elect Rules Committee a solution? How is a leadership made up of the same old Washington insiders “Real Change”?

Time to come up with another new reason for your existence, Americans Elect. Readers, what do you think Americans Elect’s next reason will be? And when will we finally discover what Americans Elect’s real reason is?

3 thoughts on “Americans Elect Says One Thing, Does Another Episode #472: The Lobbyist Hokey Pokey”

  1. Holoopa says:

    The next reason Americans Elect will identify for its existence will be, um… transparency! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  2. Joe Firestone says:

    It will be about the importance of “fiscal responsibility” and bringing entitlements under control. Its function be will be to keep the Rs and the Ds striving to win the “austerian” center. They’ll see themselves as a successful effort to keep the major parties from going off the track.

  3. Bill says:

    I particularly like that when Sansonetti isn’t lobbying for Indian tribes, he’s stealing from them them. Now that’s non-partisan. He’s an equal opportunity thief.

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