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A Sickly Shade Of Green

At first glance, the congressional campaign of Carol Brouillet in California’s 18th congressional district seems like a breath of fresh air. She’s talking about all the things that strong liberals care about: Peace, environmental responsibility, constitutional liberty. She likes the Occupy Movement… She seems pretty liberal, or as she puts it, a “loud green libertarian”.

Wait. Libertarian? Oh dear. My Wacky-O-Meter just went off… and now it’s ringing very loudly.

green party conspiracy theoristCarol Brouillet is the founder of the 9-11 Truth Alliance. She has been active in the 9-11 Truther conspiracy theory networks for years. Indeed, as much as she might talk about other issues on her campaign web page, she has spent most of her time as an activist pursuing half-baked ideas about how jet fuel couldn’t have burned down the Twin Towers, so the attacks of September 11 must have been an inside job.

In 2005, for example, instead of organizing against George W. Bush’s attacks on Social Security, or his anti-environmental policy, or his reductions of civil liberties in the USA, Brouillet spent her time accusing Bush of masterminding the 2011 terrorist attacks. Here’s how Brouillet’s campaign characterizes her activism that year: “In 2005, she organized an Art Contest with the theme- 9-11 Truth for Peace and Justice. She produced a film version of Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush, which has been featured on Free Speech TV. In 2006 she ran for Congress, and helped organize events which drew national attention to the existence of the 9/11 Truth Movement. In 2007 she worked for Impeachment, Peace, and 9/11 Truth and began hosting a weekly radio show- Questioning War- Organizing Resistance on We The People Radio Network . She organized a 9/11 Truth Rally/March in San Francisco & a 9/11 Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland on the 7th anniversary of the attacks.”

Brouillet describes her style of politics as “hyperactivism”. Oh dear.

On Irregular Times, we’ve spent a good deal of time encouraging Democratic voters to support progressive primary challengers to right wing Democratic politicians. The Democratic Party is not the only political party that needs to do some house cleaning, though. The infiltration of libertarians and conspiracy theorists is a serious problem in the Green Party. In the 18th district, a responsible Green Party activist should be primarying Carol Brouillet, rather than allowing her to become the most visible representative of the Green Party identity in the area.

4 thoughts on “A Sickly Shade Of Green”

  1. Bill says:

    “Hyperactivism” I don’t care who you are, that-there’s funny.

  2. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Actually, the Green Party is an environmentalist party first and foremost.

    In, America parties have factions and tend to be big tents of sorts with varying ideological wings. Even among what would look like ideologically pure parties like the Big Three (Constitution Party, Green Party, and Libertarian Party), there is factionalism and big tent-ness to them.

  3. Jules says:

    Did Oswald kill Kennedy?

    Were Representative Cynthia McKinney and Senator Paul Wellstone, who tried to independently investigate 9/11, nuts?

    What problems do we have with libertarians?

    What is wrong with being an activist who is hyper?

    Do her stances on the 9/11, counter-terrorism, and the War on Terror spoil the rest of her platform?

  4. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    District 18:
    Anna Eshoo (D)* – (Campaign Site)
    William Parks (D) – Attorney & Engineer
    David Chapman (R) – Software Engineer
    Carol Brouillet (Green) – 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist, Ex-Public Relations Executive & ’06/’08 Nominee

    The primary will determine the Democrat candidate. Anna Eshoo is the incumbent being challenged by William Parks.

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