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Occupy Protests Spring Back on April 7 2012

Indicator #1 that the “dead” Occupy movement isn’t dead: 133 arrests in the last month alone.

Indicator #2: just use your eyes.

Occupy springs back on April 7 2012.  In Philadelphia, tents take Independence Hall for the first time this year.  In Chicago, Occupy stages its largest protest march since the fall.

Follow the hashtag #TakeTheSpring to learn more.

1 comment to Occupy Protests Spring Back on April 7 2012

  • Tom

    Here’s some light reading for those on the front line (ammunition):

    Not only a multi-national corporation interconnected with Wall Street, Congress and “our” watchdog agencies, like the FDA, which are often headed by Monsanto executives, but it’s got “friends” in the Supreme Court who say that Monsanto has the rights of any person (but none of the responsibility)! We’ve got a long uphill fight, so better start brushin’ up.

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