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15000 Records Smashed By Unprecedented March Heat

All the corporate-funded talk that global warming has been replaced by global cooling seems to have suddenly evaporated this year. Data just released from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration gives one good clue about the reason: Last month was the hottest March ever recorded in the continental United States.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress may be inactive on the issue of climate change, but the climate itself has remained quite active in its warming shift. Last month, 15,000 new record high temperatures were set in the lower 48 states.

It’s not just in the USA that global warming is having an impact, of course. That’s why they call it global warming.

In Antarctica, for example, grass that typically grows in the United States is now growing, and spreading its range, in Antarctica. The Larsen B ice shelf on the side of the Antarctic Penninsula has lost 85 percent of its size since 1995, making it now not so much an ice sheet as an ice pillow case.

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