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Occupy Reawakens In Worcester, Massachusetts

Yet another instance of a revitalized Occupation Movement in the United States comes from the city of Worcester, Massachusetts. This coming Sunday, April 15, Occupy Worchester will hold an Occupy City Hall protest, at City Hall starting at 10:00 in the morning. A General Assembly meeting will be held that afternoon at 3:00, and the day will be capped off with a protest at 7:00 PM, demonstrating against the special tax privileges given to corporations and extremely wealthy Americans.

The group is also organizing protests and other activities for around Earth Day toward the end of this month.

One thought on “Occupy Reawakens In Worcester, Massachusetts”

  1. Tom says:

    While over in Vermont:
    “Lawmakers in Vermont are looking to regulate food labels so customers can know which products are made from genetically modified crops, but agricultural giant Monsantos say they will sue if the state follows through.” (read it!)

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