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Luxury Handbag Challenge

This is the inaugural installment of the Irregular Times extreme luxury shopping challenge.

One of the purses you see below is sold by Hermes, and costs $8,650.00. The other purse is sold by Target, and costs $19.99.

hermes and merona

Without searching elsewhere online, can you identify which of these handbags is the extreme luxury handbag from Hermes? Can you explain what makes it worth $8,630.00 more than the handbag from Target?

13 comments to Luxury Handbag Challenge

  • NoBushObama

    A is the expensive one.

  • How do you know? Why do you think that’s the expensive one?

    • NoBushObama

      My initial thought was because it has dbl loop straps and it looks like leather. (yuck for me – vegan) The dbl loop straps will hold better than the metal clamps touching ea. other. I like the other one better though. It looks more sophisticated. It would be more of a business purse.

  • NomNomNom

    I don’t “know” which purse is the Hermes one, I don’t even own a purse, but I think it is B. That ugly horizontal band is all over this year. Personally, I like A better, but I bet it’s the Target one. As to why someone would pay that much money for a purse, well for the same reason people buy anything more expensive than they need: to display wealth.

  • NoBushObama

    BTW, I never even heard of “hermes”. I like Susan Nichole’s purses. She’s vegan and well, they are little pricey too.

  • NoBushObama

    So which one is Hermes? I just went to their site and didnt see any matching purses. I’m still sticking with A. More stitching , the strap and leather look – Nomnomnom, I cant believe you think B is ugly? It does have the rubber adjustment component on it which is a giveaway too but I think it looks more classier than A.

    • NomNomNom

      B is just wussy looking. I really hate that band to keep it shut. Plus the fittings are too shiny and flimsy looking. But its proportions are better than A. and the sewing in A isn’t so great, there is some pucker at the seams and the zipper is displayed rather than concealed. I’m sticking with B for the Hermes. A isn’t very classy, it is sort of retro 70s, but it would look a lot better with my army boots, lol. And unlike probably both those purses, they were made in USA. :)

      • NoBushObama

        ” look a lot better with my army boots, lol. And unlike probably both those purses, they were made in USA.”

        Cheers for that comment!

  • t ball

    $8650? Does it cure cancer? Make Rush Limbaugh go mute?

  • flipped54

    It’s B…..I need dental work and it will cost me @$1800 with insurance coverage. That’s alot of money and I will have to wait until I can save some money to get it done. I guess I will have to wait with buying a Hermes for my girl friend too!!!! NOT!!! Not even on my list…..superficiality is not a priority for her or me.

  • Handbags Deals

    $8,630.00 – I do not believe, it so expensive for many people

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