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A Cup In A Bag

I’m calling out the Intercontinental hotel. I’m calling out Courtesy Products.

The Intercontinental hotel has placed in my room a disposable paper cup for me to use for coffee. It’s wrapped in a plastic bag that I have to rip open and throw away in order to use. I can’t for the life of me figure out why a paper cup needs to be sealed in a plastic bag.

hotel intercontinental and courtesy productsIt isn’t for reasonable protection from deadly microbes. The microbes in my hotel room flood right into the cup when I open up the plastic bag with my bare hands and fill it with water.

It isn’t to comply with government regulations. Plenty of hotels have reusable coffee mugs, or have disposable paper cups that are not wrapped in plastic.

Courtesy Products, the company that manufactures the cup is headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri. The paper cup and its bag aren’t manufactured in Missouri, though. They’re both made in China, and then shipped all the way across the Pacific Ocean to be used in the United States. That’s wasteful, and it’s supporting an abusive, autocratic government in China, and it’s taking jobs away from American workers.

I would pay the extra price of a reusable cup made in America. It would be less than a dollar or two per night, even if every person who came into the hotel threw a mug onto the floor and smashed it every night.

Intercontinental hotels and Courtesy Products seem trapped in a system where profit is squeezed out of every smallest corner of operations. That may seem like smart business, but to see these cheap and cheapening practices makes me feel trapped by association. That’s dumb business.

One thought on “A Cup In A Bag”

  1. NomNomNom says:

    I would take your concerns more seriously if you would say how far you traveled and why you were staying in a hotel and allow some scrutiny of your own eco-moral purity. Chances are your business could have been conducted by phone.
    You know, if you just carry your own cup and leave that one on the counter, they won’t throw it away…that’s why it’s in the bag, to make sure it stays clean over an extended period of time.

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