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Barnes & Noble Publishes On Illegal Rainforest Paper

Today was a day of nasty news from the book publishing industry. Apple and publishers like MacMillan and Penguin Group are accused of setting up a racket that pumped up the price of ebooks.

hairy rhinoThat’s nasty, but its nothing compared with what Barnes & Noble has been caught doing. A Greenpeace investigation has found that the giant bookstore chain has been publishing books using paper made from trees illegally harvested on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, where there are many endangered animals, including tigers, orangutans and a species of rhinoceros of which only about 300 remain.

Of all the companies exposed in the investigation, Barnes and Noble is the only company that has refused to stop using the illegal rainforest paper. Join the protest: Boycott Barnes & Noble until the book seller cuts its ties with illegal rainforest products.

2 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble Publishes On Illegal Rainforest Paper”

  1. Tom says:

    That’s what corporations do! See, it’s all about continuous profit, cutting corners, cheap labor, go where there’s no pollution laws or environmental safeguards like there are here – get away with murder, in this case ecocide, so the company can make more money. Why, why – we’ve got SHAREHOLDERS who demand that their stocks go up! They aren’t concerned with HOW it’s done.

    1. Green Man says:

      If we can spread the word, though, we can teach Barnes and Noble, and other corporations, that when they engage in illegal and abusive behavior, their profits will go down. If people stop buying so many books at Barnes and Noble because they’re helping to wreck the Indonesian jungles, then stock will drop and shareholders will get testy in the right direction.

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