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Obama Tries To Keep Trials Secret From American People

Over the last several weeks, the Obama Administration has been busy sending out representatives to spread the word through big corporate news sources that, although the people accused of participating in the terrorist crimes of September 11, 2001 are going to be put through a system of military trials with standards of justice that are lower than what the American justice system had in place at the time of the crime in question, there’s no cause for concern that the trials are eroding the constitutional right to a fair trial in the USA. Obama’s representatives have argued that the military trials are perfectly fair, and they’ve said that the American people will have the chance to confirm that fairness for themselves, because the trials will be completely open for the public to view.

The Obama Administration’s promises, however, are belied by news of what the Obama Administration is actually seeking to do. Obama’s prosecution team is seeking to force witnesses to testify in secret, in hearings that the American people won’t be able to see.

What will be happening in these secret hearings? The Obama Administration says that the witnesses could talk about CIA interrogation methods that are classified for the sake of national security. Those interrogation methods are alleged, with considerable evidence, to have included systematic torture.

So, it looks like the Obama Administration is compromising America’s system of civil liberties in order to protect the secrecy of George W. Bush’s schemes of torture.

It looks that way, but we can’t really know if that’s what’s really going on. The testimony is going to be given in secret, which means that the American people will never know what is really going on in these separate hearings, and will not be able to judge for themselves that the military trials are truly fair. Will the witnesses be deprived of counsel during these hearings? Will the defense be given equal access? We won’t know, because the truth in these trials will be censored from us.

Already, before the military trials begin, we see that the promises that justice will be preserved are falling apart. The military trials are designed to evade justice.

4 thoughts on “Obama Tries To Keep Trials Secret From American People”

  1. Tom says:

    Here’s something else that’s hidden from us:
    Must-See Infographic: Americans Throw Away Enough Trash Per Year To Cover The State Of Texas Twice Over
    “Did you know that China accounts for one third of the world’s garbage output? Or that only 1 in 5 plastic bottles is recycled? Or that Americans throw away enough trash each year to cover the state of Texas twice over?”
    cool graphic!

    On topic, this country is so fascist now that nothing surprises me any longer – body cavity searches for arrest on spurious charges like overdue library books, TSA groping and misuse of x-ray equipment a regular feature of air travel, and all the draconian laws that have been passed without our consent over the past 10 years.
    This constant use of “national security” to trump Americans’ right to know, constant police brutality, and erosion of our rights (not to mention the shredding of the Constitution) all signal that we’ve become IN FACT a third world banana republic, complete with funny money propping it all up. As i’ve been asking: what are we supposed to do about it? Occupy is ramping up again, but now that the police can abuse you for protesting, there may be a “chilling” effect to further action (we’ll have to see). It’s looking more and more like the government is gearing up for large scale citizen revolt by supplying MILITARY weapons to police all over the country, suspicious FEMA camps cropping up all over, just waiting to be filled (with whom and for what?), and the worsening of conditions each day (inflation driven by spiking gas prices, climate change and measureable negative weather effects just the tip of the melting iceberg) – forcing more people into poverty, homelessness (oh yeah, foreclosures are back up again now that the banksters have gotten Congress to pass ridiculous laws allowing all manner of fraud) and misery.

    The sinking ship of state is beginning to smell bad, look worse and take a LOT of people, businesses (how about that phony JOBS act?) and (now, with Obamacare, what was once known as) health care with it in destroying the standard of living in the U.S.

    It should be an “interesting” year (and hasn’t disappointed so far).

  2. Dove says:

    Slight correction, This un-due process is being applied to a wide assortment of folks who are accused of many crimes, some as early as October 2000, and probably none of them (per the link) actual participants in the crimes of Sept 2001.

  3. Tom says:

    What about the banksters and their mortgage fraud? What about Big Oil, Big Ag, and Big Pharma (among many other corporations) and their constant pollution (crimes against humanity: What about the Bush administration (for the 9-11 false flag operation) and the Obama administration for all the unconstitutional laws AGAINST the citizenry? It goes on and on – the guilty are running the show and we’re all going to pay for it.

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