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Why Aren’t Paranormal Investigators Taken Seriously?

A man named Chuck, founder of the International Paranormal Project, published an article today in which he confronts the question of why paranormal investigators are not regarded as legitimate scientists. He writes, “i ask you this how can this be viewed as a legit science if we cant even get along with each other.There is no team no investigator any better then the team there bashing… Does it really matter who is the best or who does the best investigation? Once again i would say no.”

How would you respond to Chuck’s argument that the scientists who are the most cooperative are the most legitimate? If you don’t agree with his ideas, what alternative suggestion would you make to paranormal investigators?

3 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Paranormal Investigators Taken Seriously?”

  1. berick says:

    I think it’s pretty simple.

    Perform clear, repeatable, double-blind studies. If you don’t find paranormal results, you’ll still eventually develop a reputation for good science. If you do find paranormal results, you’ll be controversial for a while, but if those results are repeatable, you’ll be extremely famous (in a good way).

    Whether you cooperate with others is not significant.

  2. Bill says:

    As a scientist, I just love that these ‘paranormal investigators’ wear white lab coats. To, you know, keep from getting slimed.

  3. Alejandra says:

    They are not regarded as real scientists because scientists rely on facts and hard evidence. Also, scientists don’t believe in ghost stories.

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