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Ram Bomjon, Buddha Boy Gone Wild!

Ram Bomjon thinks pretty highly of himself, and his followers think even more highly of him. They say that he’s another Buddha, “such an incarnation as only occurs once in thousands of years.” The Nepalese 20-something was known as the Buddha Boy a few years ago when, as a teenager, he sat down at the base of a pipal tree, in imitation of Siddhartha Gautama, and tried to meditate for a really, really long time.

Ram Bomjon’s devotees said that he had not taken food or water, or even moved, for months. Police and scientists pointed out that Bomjon’s friends had not allowed anyone to get any closer than 15 feet to inspect the meditating boy, and that every night, Ram Bomjon was concealed behind a blind and all outsiders were made to leave the area. Nepalese police were about to force a strict investigation to see whether Ram Bomjon was committing fraud, when suddenly, Bomjon declared that his spiritual journey must lead him to wander the forest for a while.

palden dorje gets violent

Ram Bomjon later set up camp elsewhere, and has established a successful Buddhist center of worship, where he is the “blessed Guru”, the center of devotion, teaching wisdom and peace… and doing a few other things, it turns out.

It’s claimed that prolonged meditation leads a person to become calm, controlled, and less prone to angry outbursts. The devotional literature dedicated to Ram Bomjon states that Bomjon was born with a peaceful temperament, and that even during childhood, “Guru refused to fight, and was always calm”. If Bomjon was a peaceful boy, all that meditation seems to have changed him.

According to the Himalayan Times, Ram Bomjon’s followers held two women captive for two months, until they were rescued by police in late March. Ram Bomjon did nothing to help the women, one of whom was suffering from at least one broken bone during her captivity. There are allegations that one of the women was sexually assaulted while she was a prisoner.

The women were kept as prisoners because Ram Bomjon’s supporters accused them of practicing witchcraft in order to magically disrupt Ram Bomjon’s serene meditation. While the women were kept prisoner, Ram Bomjon’s supporters physically attacked five journalists who were attempting to film one of Bomjon’s speeches.

When Ram Bomjon’s family discovered that Bomjon’s camp was kidnapping and violently attacking people, his mother, Mayadevi, expressed her profound disappointment and sent two of Bomjon’s brothers off to talk some sense into him.

It didn’t work. Upon hearing their pleas to bring his violent operation back into control, Ram Bomjon himself attacked his brothers, and ordered them to be held as hostages. Upon hearing of this, Ram Bomjon’s mother and sisters made the journey to Bomjon’s religious center to beg for the brothers’ release. Ram’s response was to strike one of his sisters on the head.

Ram Bomjon has preached that “But the world is submerged in its own selfish aim and nobody could keep the search of soul and the super soul in their heart. Today the world is in search of non violence and guidance in the form of kindness.” Perhaps, instead of preaching from his stage of glory as a guru, Ram Bomjon would benefit by rejoining the world, seeking to embody the non-violence and kindness he asks of others, rather than seeking fame for himself.

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  1. Jason Thomas says:

    I have been saying this for many years now. This Buddha Boy is lost. Let us all ask Buddha Boy: Why have you put yourself on a pedestal? Do not say, others have for that is a rather irresponsible thing of escapism. Can you give enlightenment to any of your family, friends, devotees? Or, do you have only superficial ‘peaceful’ words, pretentious ideals and clever prayers to deceive the world?

    His followers think he is Divine? lol. Then tell me, why he could not save his own father from physical death or awaken him to enlightenment? He is violently beating up his own sister! he beats up on a girl!!! So, what use is he to mankind?

    His arrogance comes from thinking he got something special. Because of his spiritual blindness, I bet he never thought someone like me who is awakened could see through his illusions before he even sat down under a tree.

    His display of ‘psychic’ powers are the outcome of a mind that is blind. he has no idea such things are shadows in the light of spirituality. How sad he is so lost.

    1. Anonymous says:

      you must be joking. Look around at the world we currently live in….and tell me again how hitting his sister on the head constitutes beating up a girl…this type of argumentative responce is sooooo representative of the mindset which has put us in this mess…….

      1. Jason Thomas says:

        you are kidding yourself. And, I can prove it to you in a very simple way. Lets see what you think if i came and hit your sister. (try again to out think me. you are wasting your time.) amazing you didn’t address none of the other things i said in that comment. no reply?

        1. tjh says:

          Your claim to being enlightened is highly suspect.he can meditate for 96 hours without any intake of fluid and food proven by discovery channel ,can you do the same ? Who ever said that someone who is enlightened have the power to stop death ?do you claim to be able to perform such miracle since you are awakened and he’s not. You sir are a troll and i hope you’ll find a more benificial hobby .

          1. Zsuzsi Takacs says:

            (sorry for the spam)
            Ad “96 hours without food:
            the whole seriousness of the “scientific background” is exaggerated, and in reality there had not been allowed for Discovery team to film Bomjon even three days and nights, not mentioning 5 days! You are just jangling with words here and there, but there is not a single evidence that it is actually true. If it was, Discovery and BBC would stand behind your claims, but they don’t … Actually we can learn from a small book written by Daniel Haber, why it is not a serious proof: Daniel Haber: Journey into the forest (Seeking the Enigmatic “Little Buddha” of Nepal)
            Daniel Haber, Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi, 2007
            Discovery Channel had been here to set up cameras, but it didn’t work out and they may return again later. However when we contacted the Discovery liaison person in Kathmandu, Carolyn Syangbo, she said that Discovery had hoped to film three continuous days but were only given permission to film at night from 50 meters away and their infra cameras were not good enough. She said, “After their first visit the Discovery team were very interested, but after the second visit they thought it was all a bit fishy.”

          2. Abc says:

            Although he was enlightened but why he always do so many bad things….make people confuse ??

        2. Jason Thomas says:

          Dear TJH: let’s see. first of all I do not meditate, pray or do any form of chanting. To awaken spiritually does not require such man-made things. So, sitting on my butt for a thousand hours would have no meaning for me. you wouldn’t know if meditation awakens anyone because you yourself are not awakened. You can never get around this FACT. Placing someone on a pedestal because they ‘think’ he is Divine points out the fact they think he is beyond human. There are plenty of people all over the world who go without food and water and clearly will tell you its not, spiritual. No need to take my word. When he ‘magically’ awakens you, please let me know. You will be waiting many lifetimes, looking in the wrong direction.

        3. Chili Chill says:

          Stillness is peace. It is not extremely hard to sit for 4 days with no food or water. Thats what Native American vision qusts are. There are stories of people spending a week wrapped in a carpet with no food or water … Not to move, while sitting for 4 days is hard indeed. Discovery chanel showd him moving…

      2. Noona says:

        Non-violence and Peace What part of that constitutes striking someone. He looked Angry as he first emerged putting scarves they called it a blessing. If you study faces you can see the destain in his face. And for him to allow women to be tied to a tree to allow women to be RAPED of I forgot there is no law. I want to go to Nepal but hell no !!!!!!!

        1. Anupama Prayagi says:

          I would like to bring to the attention of anyone interested in Ram Bomjon these most recent links:

  2. Andy says:

    Jason, and the author of this article, your words would be worthy if they came from a stable, enlightened, nonviolent person. When you reach that point of knowing, please teach us the path of the True Dharma.
    I am convinced that MS Dharma Sangha is acting with complete wisdom and taking the surest and fastest path to benefit beings. He does not mete out Dharmic punishment in private, but in front of those who would witness. He has no secrets and nothing to hide, and nothing to gain in world fame for punishing others, so he does not desire wealth or fame, he doesn’t even play some charade that others would love him. He is simply doing as the moment requires, and what do we understand of that, in this day and age that we have drifted so far from natural instinct that we do not know how to lovingly discipline our children, but rather that we pent up some strange hidden anger and release it cruelly on our companions and family when we are unable to hold it any longer? This is true violence, and how are the children of our modern society for having been abused or ignored?
    The sister if she is, her name was different, said that she was hit once on the head, but the newspapers also use words like thrash and beat up. Jason, you went to the forest with the wish to be beaten up by Dharma Sangha having practiced martial arts with this in mind, and having watched kung fu movies and grooming yourself for the part of the bad guy. Dharma Sangha, only wishing to fulfill wishes, complied. Maybe you should tell your whole story, starting with your own parents and your past, not just in parts, so that we may benefit from the whole story.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      Andy, first of all you don’t know me at all. what are you talking about I went to the forest? lmao. I live in America and never been out of America! idiot. are you on drugs or what? You are justifying another human beings violence?!!! How pathetically sad. Tell me, what would you think if I were to thrash, beat up or whatever you want to call it to you? But, because of your greedy desires to be holy, you aim to kiss the ass of Buddha Boy whom you think is divine, you are willing to make a fool of yourself. How sad you can’t think at all.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Jason I hope you one day find peace in you troubled heart and release from all the hate you harbour deep inside. Find Jesus find Buddah find something……

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          I will wait for you to them first. when you awaken, then please come back and teach me. I will be waiting a very, very long time.

      2. Heli says:

        Why do people use words such as idiot, stupid, arsehole,etc? I find the article really discouraging but above all biased. It is difficult for me to believe what it says because of the way it is written (I write from the Netherlands). And especially in the end the wwirter uses a cheap device that any friend seeking to hurt me because he has been hurted would use. The kind of look what you preach while your act different kind of argument. How can I know for sure it is real? I wasnt there to see the incident. and is the Buddha Boy responsible for what others in his community do? Did he know that the girsl were being kept captive so that we can reproach him that he didnt do anything? I think this is a cheap article, not at all reliable. And I am not defending the Buddha Boy.

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          is the Buddha Boy responsible for what others in his community do? You are not very bright and yet you have an aversion towards someone calling another a fool or an idiot or whatever. first of all, if i am the head of any business, institute, organization or sangha, surely, I am responsible. whatever happens under Ram, surely, it is his responsibility. When something ‘good’ happens, then, you all want him to be responsible for that. again, not knowing how to use your head holistically. So, please learn something other than trying to be full of positive thinking. that is just an escape not a solution.

      3. Mike K. says:

        You are truly Not enlightened or “awakened”. You can tell by your choice of words. Simply replying on this website already proves you don’t have what it takes to be enlightened. You rely on “man-made” objects to get your point across. You live in America, (so do I), so you’re already smothered by materialism and technology. Your one- sided argument about how you’re so much more enlightened that Buddah Boy makes you a joke. I don’t claim to be enlightened or awakened, however you do. Which makes you less of a man than anyone. You said in an earlier post ” Try again to out think me, you’re wasting your time. That proves you’re only in it to compete via minds. Being enlightened or awakened means you don’t care about the thoughts of others and trying to change them. By you saying that, you only put yourself on the same pedestal as Buddah Boy that you claim he doesn’t deserve. Your use of “lmao” and “how sad” shows your immaturity and that, my friend, is sad. I don’t claim to be enlightened or awakened, but i do know one thing, You’re an ass. The fact that you CLAIM to teach spiritual realization everyday, yet you insult people on this forums as if they’re below you. Yet, you try so hard to point out how Buddah Boy is “abusive”. Let me ask you this. if you’re meditating, and a fly keep coming around buzzing in your ear to the point of disruption, and you take a swing at the fly and knock it down, how is that any different? True enlightenment should be about the well-being of ALL LIVING THINGS. So many holes in your claims. It was fun while it lasted Jason Thomas.

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          Your whole statement is one big contradiction. so, please try again. you see, according to your own words you proclaim you are not awakened/enlightened. that means you have absolute no means to know how or what an enlightened being is like at all. (your own admission!) If i said i was not enlightened, surely, that would be a lie. so, which has meaning, to say one is or one is not? you are full of ‘suppositions’ which reveals you only grasping and yelping about that which you do not comprehend. If you are lost in the dark, telling you pretty words has little to no meaning. I simply tell you that you are lost and blind and let you take it for whatever or however you please. I love to respond quickly unlike you and the Buddha boy who need ‘time’ to ‘think.’ haha. so, please, try again, amateur.

      4. Julia says:

        Nothing will be solved with cruel words. And a person who speaks so violently and abusively is not awakened to goodness.

    2. Jason Thomas says:

      Andy: I teach spiritual realization everyday. surely, your Buddha boy didn’t think there were no one in the world spiritually awakened? You think i don’t see through him? he stuck in the psychical realm with the otherworldly beings. You don’t think he is the only one who can see them, communicate with them? Only thing is, I was intelligent enough to go around such psychical things and enter the divine essence. Your Buddha boy has failed. He is trapped and lost in the psychical plane. When will he spiritually awaken? Please, let him come to America and see if he can challenge my spiritual wisdom.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Your system is flawed because you praise your own spirituality, wisdom, and understanding. You can not acheive enlightenment on your own for it is given and even then it is only emparted to us by the devine spirit and it only gives what it will to those whom it will and it cannot be mingled in with anything other than love. When you use the type of language you choose to use it only takes away from what you are trying to convey.

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          Oh, I am sorry to disappoint your ideals of what you know. How do you know how an enlightened being is suppose to act? Again, another fool who proclaims to know that which cannot be known. How sad.

          1. egoless says:

            @ Jason Thomas

            ahahah this banter mixed of ego battles and spiritual philosophies has me entertained.. I realize no one has posted on this in a while… But I just thought to add, in quoting our infamous J. Thomas: “Again, another fool who proclaims to know that which cannot be known”

            I think that says it all..
            Hypocrisy best shown by his own ignorance.

      2. Heli says:

        What? How can you talk like that?

    3. Anonymous says:

      This Jason is from America and does think he is Enlightened and does feel that if you cannot keep your father alive it bolsters his argument. And he does think all of this is so Sad. Just to give you a heads up. What is new about Jason is that he has been saying this for years. Sambhodi Dharma Sangha’s father died last year so that part is new. The other Jason that you know of is not from America. The one interesting thing about this, these are irregular times.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Much in the same way Jesus wouldn’t keep even himself from death though raise the dead he could and also couldn’t force his teachings on anyone. Thou shalt not put the Lord our God to the test and to do what you all are implying would in fact be doing just that. Oh well even now I see the hopelessness in your answers and comments and so I will not continue, you may believe as you wish……

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          the moment you place someone on a pedestal you automatically place others on a footstool. this is illusion and there is no intelligence in it at all. are not all human beings equal? I would love for your ‘master’ to come to America and work at any job with humans. lets see how long his peace and humanity last.

    4. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

      This is a misunderstanding of a devotee, who remembers a case of a Jason from Australia, who visited Dharma Sangha – Bomjon a few times during the last years. I personally met this young boy. He was convinced that Bomjon wished him to stay in the forest. Noone has the right to judge, if it was true or not, only they two. As a consequence, Jason, I only heard it later, went inside the inner circle of meditation, where noone was allowed. Bomjon took him out and they ended up in physical fight, which was described to me by an eye witness. Bomjon, who was fasting six years then, won. Then Jason was given treatment for his wounds and food, and locked in a house until the police arrived to take him. He escaped, but was caught further in the jungle by police and deported from Nepal. A similar scenario, I was only told, happened some year ago. Jason contacted some devotees (again I only heard) to send a message to Bomjon that he is thanking for the blessing lesson.
      There is no need to hide the truth about Jason. Because, together with me and Maata, he has been blessed, not harmed. Just think about, dear readers, why none of us three, who experienced “violence in the jungle” filed any police report? There must be some reason that we all seem to be satisfied and grateful, don’t you think?
      On the other hand I am sad for some devotees who cannot understand that such controversial incidents around Bomjon are not something to deny and hide, but to tell the full truth about them. And what is even more sad, the emotional reaction of some devotees when the truth is told. So I apologize for their fiery reaction, if it is somehow possible. We all have much to learn from each-other. Both views from this discussion are justified, as one cannot see what an eagle sees without the eyes of an eagle.. Only rudeness and enmity is never justified.

      1. Chili says:

        Marichi! This is different times indeed. Ram is a good kid but there is too much confusion and he is not ready for the world and he so called devotees are ignorant simple folk usually. No direction is confusion. Write me an email, Marichi, please.

        1. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

          OK Chili I will write you, though let me also publish my reaction here. Things are many times not the way they seem to be at first (neither second or third) sight. The thing is we cannot judge events which are outside of the five senses and mind, by the same five senses and mind. And it is well-known that Buddha and yogis of all times were meditating to get beyond the five senses and beyond the intellectual mind. Why do people deny something which they do not know? Or, to be more accurate, forgot? Because actually once all of us get here, after death. But it is better to get back to our soul already before, obviously. This is nothing new for ages in Buddhism or Hinduism. Buddhaboy only appeared at the edge of our time, this is the difference. So his ways of teaching are also urgent and (literarily) power-ful, in accordance with the level of dullness and attachments of humans in this age…

      2. Marīci says:

        Now, I was writing this story in 2012, when I still had only the version told to me by Bomjon’s attendants in 2011 (when I was still a member of this cult, so they shared with me). I met this J. only before the attack, not after. Obviously, we all believed automatically everything what came out from the Bomjon-kitchen, and so this version, to me described by Tom Tarnowski of Poland (called Dorje) was the “official version” rolling around the Sangha. In later months in 2012 I actually learned the truth about J., and I was shocked… It is amazing how we, devotees, were ready to accept just any lie, justifying Bomjon’s cruel violence! I am very ashamed of myself for this!

        The story has practically nothing in common with the truth, and Andy, the Sad lady, had been also fed with the false version. It is not her mistake in this case, she was abroad when it happened, and she is jus too trusting in formal authorities and her guru.

        J. went to Halkhoriya but was asked not to sleep there that night, and seen off by Molam Lama to the Ratanpuri ashram, some 10 km walk in the jungle. But as with everyone paying an air ticket just to be near Bomjon, he was also feeling unsatisfied with such a discrimination (many other devotees stayed around Bomjon that time), and naively thought that his intentions to become Bomjon’s disciple are pure enough to convince him if he comes to him personally, avoiding the body-guards. So he made the exhausting and dangerous trip walking back to Halkhoria alone, and it was already dark when he arrived, so he sneaked to the “private jungle” of Bomjon, heading towards his meditation tree. But in contrary what he expected, Bomjon wasn’t there, but in a house. I do not have endorsement t write down all details, but what happened was that Bomjon had attacked the boy without warning, pulling him out from that place by his hair, while permanently hitting him and dragging him, and cursing aloud in Tamang language, until he dragged him to the public settlement and beated him there. He was banging his head to the concrete terrace… All residents were watching it, no one stopped him, just one lady, Usha didi, started to cry, and asked Bomjon to stop, so he did. Then, as usually, like awakening from his trance of violence, he told his followers to put J. to a room in his concrete houses, lock him up and give him food. He but refused the food, and even after al this he managed to climb out of he window and escape, I think in the early morning. At the highway he met police and told them what happened, but did not want to make a report, just to go quickly home, to his country.

        The important difference between the story spread by Bomjon’s followers and the true one is that J. did not even once use his martial art experiences, as he was totally devoted to Bomjon and when the beating started, he let him beat himself, thinking (as most of us, in the beginning) that this is some kind of very hard “initiation”… Of course soon it was evident that it was not.

        I just wanted to straighten this story, as so many lies had been spread, blaming this poor boy of attacking Bomjon, and he was just one of the devotees who wished to become his disciple… He never attacked Bomjon I was informed by the first-hand witness.

    5. Dhyana says:

      Stop giving him excuses. You will harm him more by spoiling that ignorant child.
      You have found a hole within a hole, but you wrongly believed that it’s gone now.

  3. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    According to Wikipedia:

    Ram Bahadur Bomjon – a 19-year old Nepalese ascetic whom many have hailed as a new Buddha. According to his brother Gangajit, a “very clear and white” light “different from sunlight” emanated from his head. On November 8, 2005 Dorje arose and said to the public, “Tell the people not to call me a Buddha. I don’t have the Buddha’s energy. I am at the level of rinpoche.” Despite his protestations of not having attained enlightenment, many continue to insist he is a buddha.

    Like in the article:

    Relations with Buddha Boy family goes sour

    Shortly after his followers freed two women (one Slovak and another Nepali) after keeping them in captivity. The Buddha Boy is said to have turned violent and beat up his brother one night and his young sister that morning.

    His sister said: “He beat me up when we reached there to free our brothers,” said Asali. “Guru (Bamjan) hit me on my head but said nothing.”

    His mother said after the incidences: “His activities have let me down.”

    (Complete article is in the Himalayan Times.)


    According to the Guinness Book of Records the longest time a human has survived without water is 18 days.[16] Bomjon, on the other hand, does not appear to break his meditation to eat or drink.

    Skeptics point out that claims of surviving after several months fasting are unsubstantiated [17] as he was sometimes unobserved between dusk and dawn; they also claim that, besides the lack of proof, such a feat would be physically impossible. Bomjon was observed remaining at the tree at least during the daytime, though no one was allowed to approach him too closely. Under such circumstances, he could have eaten at night when no one could have witnessed his doing so.

    Some supporters believe that claims of inedia are less relevant than Bomjon’s undisputed ability to remain nearly motionless in the same position day after day, with no regard for extremes of weather including cold winter and monsoon rains. For example, American writer George Saunders visited Bomjon and observed him through a single night, and was impressed by Bomjon’s perfectly still stature, even during an evening climate which seemed unbearably cold to the much better clothed journalist.[18]

    In December 2005, a nine-member government committee led by Gunjaman Lama watched Bomjon carefully for 48 hours and observed his not taking any food or water during that time. A video recording was also made of this test from a distance of 3 meters.[19][dead link] The Nepali government planned a more careful scientific study, but the study was never carried out.

    In 2006, Discovery Channel showed a 45-minute documentary titled The Boy With Divine Powers. One of the aims was to establish whether Ram was indeed abstaining from all sustenance, water included, by filming him continuously for four days and nights. On their first attempt, in January 2006, the film crew was required to stay outside a guarded barbed-wire fence, and their camera’s infrared capabilities did not pick up evidence of a body at the base of the tree where Bomjon sat during their non-stop recording. On a second attempt a few weeks later, however, the film crew was able to film Ram continuously for 96 hours, day and night, during which time he did not change his position and did not drink any fluids or eat any food. As Discovery Channel’s commentator concluded: “After 96 hours of filming, Ram has defied modern science by continuing his meditation and remaining alive.” According to scientists on the documentary, an average person would be expected to die from kidney failure after four days without drinking any fluids (although cases of inedia lasting for a whole week have been observed and the recorded Guinness World Record of inedia is eighteen days). The boy showed no signs of classical physical deterioration caused by dehydration. A close inspection by the film crew of the area around the tree where Ram was sitting revealed no hidden food supply or water pipes.[citation needed]

    In 2008, Min Bahadur Shakya of the Nagarjuna Institute of Exact Methods in Kathmandu, stated that Buddhist priests have yet to investigate Ram.[20]

    This is all the information I have so far!

    Oh, and his full name is Ram Bahadur Bomjon! Repeat, Ram BAHADUR Bomjon.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hejaz stated that he must be left alone in order to attain the level of Buddah but you know how ppl are!!!!!!!

  4. Helen says:

    Dear Jason, Your words and behavior do not coincide with someone who is enlightened. Those of us who are on a spiritual path has the responsible to help others on their way and make this world a better place for all to live in. Please, I urge you, please, to better yourself spiritually before you say anything. The world needs help now, filled with suffering. If you are not helping, please at least get out of the way. We already know from first hand accounts that stories about kidnapping, etc, are all false. Please do not perpetuate falsehood any further.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      Really? Of course, you who are brainwashed would say such a thing. You have no authority over me. I do what is willed of me. Are you my master? why would i listen to a person who is blind? Of course you are blind. How do I know? Because you are following a boy who is lost. duhhh! I do not depend on the media. I can discern on my own. If you do not want me to warn you then YOU get out of my way of warning others. UNDERSTAND?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Man Jason you sure sound evil…..

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          I hope so. mainly because if you are the good, with all your ignorance, then truth is useless. You have a mind? amazing you do not use it, fully. If I asked you what is evil, of course that you don’t know either. so, you have no understanding of yourself. no clue of what is good or evil. and yet, you think you do.

    2. Jason Thomas says:

      You don’t think I am helping others? I see the darkness of one leading others into their blind destruction and so i say, ‘be careful. things are not what they seem.”
      You are on a spiritual path? A path carved in this life cannot reach the eternal life. So, from the start you are doomed. But, I am not awake to tell you that. This is my guidance to you: Stay Dumb, Stay Lost.
      do you not see the clarity of my helpfulness? You are lost and profess you are lost and I say, you are going the wrong way and yet, I am doing it wrong? LMAO. (stay being ‘right’ lost one.)

      1. A Friend says:

        Perceptions deriving from a disturbing mind will give rise to disturbing speech and disturbing actions. Like a shadow that follows its caster, so will the impact of karma follow its doer. If one cherishes the Ego strongly, then the Ego shall imprison one strongly. Make peace with oneself, it’ll help stop with all the empty criticism. In the end one leaves this world alone. It is better to safeguard our own mind from disturbance, than to chase after it.

        1. Anonymous says:

          A friend: Are you sure? When there is wholeness and freedom from ego, there is no karma or any other ‘religious’ theory that can bind you. So, to think I function from ‘mind’ is your own assumption. In me, there is no self and no mind. To function out of direct perception is clarity. Do not expect me to fall into the stereotype ideals of how you think I ‘should’ act. My actions are whole. there is no thinking. if one does not live like this, I doubt they could understand what I mean.

      2. Helen says:

        Dear Jason, Are you hearing what you are saying? Is this what you have set out for yourself to be? Did you forget your real purpose in this life? Who says I follow him? I have not believed anything or anybody since I was 5 or 6 years old. And yes, I am on my path. There is a certainty if you are too. It is a direct knowledge or gnosis. There is a state with no dimension of time or space, and you are but light. And physicists would tell you that if you at the standpoint of light, you are not limited by the speed of light. You are limitless, and you are everywhere. There is such extreme bliss and well-being and love, and direct knowledge of everything that ego-clashing with another spiritual teacher seems so utterly waste of time. Drop your importance. Drop everything you thought you knew. Re-sync with your true purpose of life.

        1. Jason says:

          I highly recommend you step away. You have no idea what you are dealing with at all. You told me you do not and have not believed in someone since your childhood before. (can recall conversing with you before.) You say there is a state of timeless, spaceless whatever. how do you know? That is but an idea if you do not ‘see’ for oneself. above all, its not a state. In spirituality, there is no mental ‘state’ to attain, acquire or become. Do not think I am someone you can preach too. That is your own delusion. You are dealing with something I doubt you understand. Get out of the way and stay in your illusion.

    3. Res says:

      Dear Helen, please aware of the conscience that Slovak woman and other lady is not false, we are suffering as local people. Who do you mean to first hand? He has no power of forgiveness or tolerance. He is only collecting tithes from innocents and illiterate people and foreigners who are always busy in searching of Eastern culture philosophy as they do not have their own. Ram Bomjon is cult .Enlighten is very different word and it is not from or for others. It is within you. Do not Go after other man.Show your enlighten to other. But never ever go after others.

  5. Helen says:

    Dear Jason, I am but the wind. But deep inside did you ask the wind to bring you knowledge. Or does your ego want to fight the wind? Whatever you do with what I say makes no difference to me. I carry the wind that the universe blows. I hold no authority and own no knowledge. I only say what I have experienced myself, since I belief in nothing and will repeat nothing that I have not verified myself. From my experience, there was a great Light that is extreme love and joy. I was also this Light. There was also direct knowledge, knowledge without words or reason. There was also a distinct awakened feeling, as if I had been in deep slumber all my life. That is our true nature. I am not special. This is achievable for all.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      If what you say is true, then again, i highly suggest you walk away. But, I always must doubt anyone proclaiming any spiritual ‘experience’. All the religions of the world profess their experiences are genuine as well. When you say you experienced this Light, that means nothing to me. (are you sure, I have not?) If you think I am not spiritually awakened, you have no understanding whatsoever. Do not expect me to act according to the ideals of your expectations. I have transcended this life and I will express the inexpressible, accordingly . again, Helen, this is my compassion to you ~ step aside.

      1. Anonymous says:

        The reason you question everyone’s spirituality is because you have none of your own or at least you have no belief in what you were indeed given. Many times the reason we cannot accept this is because we refuse to let go of our own understanding and therefore cannot allow universal knowledge and understanding to flow through. Let go and release or YOU step out of the way of the enlightened and jeep yourself from becoming an obstacle!

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          you have no insights whatsoever. ones awakening comes from the divine. all obstacles are turned into stepping stones. Why can’t there be just one human being that can think clearly? watch how I see into you. You are trying to cleverly get me to give you insights because you have none of your own. stay dumb!

  6. Name says:

    Any act of violence invariably creates violence.

  7. NomNomNom says:

    Are you people all nuts (excepting Tom)? Like we don’t have enough christian crackpots in our country, you want to import this crap? Buddhism isn’t any less a codified, patriarchal, made up religion run by a bunch of misogynists than any other organized religion. Let the Nepalese police deal with Bomjon.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      NomNomNom… We must cancel out the farce of this Bomjan instead of waiting for others. it may then be to late. must act now. I have been challenging the world religions all this life. including the new age crap as well. Bomjan is just another ‘movement’ that is cropping up. many will be lost this his nonsense. surely, you can see the need to challenge such a thing and not depend on his government to act. When someone creates an illusion of hope for the desperate, the lost, the confused, they have a tendency of becoming very dangerous for the whole of humanity.

      1. Mike K. says:

        Yeah, challenging the World’s religions all this life. Yea man, I can see it now. you laying in your crib at 8 months with complete and utter awareness for all religions in the world. Just laying there debunking thousand of years of teachings and readings. God DAMMIT! YOUR A FUCKING JOKE!

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          See how dangerous you are little Mike? Why do i frighten you so much? you have high hopes and dreams that someone like buddha boy was going to fulfill? then, i came along and revealed the illusion of it all? if what i say has no meaning and merely a joke, do you notice this self-proclaimed guru of guru’s still only has parlor tricks for fools like you? someone says to you look, I have a diamond. then, i come along and say, dear friend do not fall for it. It is not a real, genuine diamond no matter how it sparkles and dazzles you. understand!?

        2. Jason Thomas says:

          By the way it is a common theme for Teachers to challenge one another on all levels. just in case you were not aware of this. you see, a true spiritual teacher can give direct spiritual insights in a dialogue. he doesn’t have to buy ‘time’ to think of what to say. it comes to him through direct intuition devoid of the mere limitations of thought. in case you didn’t know.

    2. Helen says:

      NomNomNom, I know what you are saying. When I was 5 or 6 years old, my mind could not accept the catholic teaching of a seemingly violent and erratic God. And so I started an anecdotal form of meditation in the bath tub every night, which had led to my so-called enlightenment in my teenage years. The irony is that, it took an atheist to reach what the religious people call God. I am saying this because I want people to know that it is possible to reach the Truth and observe Truth directly by scientific method alone, without any form of belief (although a strong determination is required). However, you may say that subjective search for the truth, such as the use of meditation is hardly objective scientific method. However, quantum physics is telling us that nothing is objective anyways, as the ‘observer’ is a necessary element in quantum mechanics.

      Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. — Niels Bohr (Nobel prize winning physicist)

      Yes, we have probably all gone nuts … starting with the physicists. Fact is that, physical science is just starting to catch up with the so-called science of the mind through meditation.

      So what brought me to comment about Ram Bomjon? At a purely scientific standpoint, I have to speak to the record that I have been able to verify what some of what Ram Bomjon said is true, based on my own spiritual experiences. Some of his experiences are beyond my own, and so I can’t attest to those. But I see no contradictions at least. Note that I am not a spiritual teacher or anything like that, and do not stand to gain in any way.

      My viewpoint is that, we need to start looking at these spiritual or mystical experiences using all the scientific tools we have. Some universities are starting to do that though.

      This whole ‘Ram Bomjon gone wild’ incident reminds me of the time when Galileo was pronouncing that the earth goes around the sun instead of the other way around. It was just nuts, because it was obvious to ordinary people at the time that the sun goes around the earth. They could see it everyday. The establishment at the time, which was the Catholic church, immediately went on a smear campaign pronouncing witchcraft, and trumped up all kinds of charges against Galileo. And casual observers were also eager to cast a stone. There were some scientists who stuck their necks out though, and said that Galileo’s calculations seem right, although not all of the calculations were understandable to them. However, there were also scientists who were jealous of Galileo and were passionate about destroying Galileo’s credibility.

      And so the question to each of you intelligent reader here is: Are you willing to join the party and cast a stone, knowing that there are probably political and other intrigues at play with news like that, or just wait and let the truth come out eventually?

      1. Jason Thomas says:

        Helen says “I have been able to verify what some of what Ram Bomjon said is true, based on my own spiritual experiences.” are you trying to assert your authority and give ram Bomjon credibility? Is that not hearsay? do you want others to accept what you say on your word or discover truth within themselves? My awakening didn’t depend on anyone. so, that cancels out the whole business of anyone needing another to spiritually awaken. If I can awaken and as you proclaim you can awaken, then why would anyone need to bow down, worship and proclaim another human being as divine? To sit and wait has no meaning. the urgency of something if one see the danger is delusional.

        1. Helen says:

          ‘To bow down and worship’ is a useful method for those with big egos, and want to practice curbing it. One thing I found out is that to love all beings equally and unconditionally is a prerequisite to enlightenment. We are all divine inside. Therefore I bow to the divinity of all beings on earth.

      2. NomNomNom says:

        I don’t need Bomjon, you, or anyone else to act as my intermediary with anyone let alone any supernatural beings. The very idea of organized religion that demands I use some clerical caste as my intermediary is contemptible. I don’t give a rats ass about Bomjon or any other “religious leader”; I don’t care about your religious experiences either, I only care about my own which are personal and will stay that way.
        If the Nepalese authorities think Bomjon has committed a crime, then they can deal with him. I have absolute zero interest in learning anything about Bomjon or any other similar person.

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          exactly. as human beings, none of us need anyone whatsoever to awaken. another may point, discuss, dialogue and so on with another but why create all this authority of one over another? I have for many years, every single day, challenge the world religions as meaningless. Now, another human being is creating another imprisonment of authority just the same as the organized religions of the world. Each human being has the power to awaken within themselves. This truth i proclaim.

  8. Jason Thomas says:

    Really, Helen? sorry, but I must doubt that. besides, it is meaningless to bow down and worship anyone if you say you see the divine in them. hello, it would be meaningless. If you SEE, then there would be no need. that is because you are still trapped in the illusion of separation. being whole, it makes no sense to divide and bow to another. that is the working of one who is divided, broken and not clear. the lack of clarity brings about all that because of ones conditioning and traditions. Surely, one who is free is not interested in such ploys of imprisonment. for what purpose? One who is free is not concerned with an ego or no ego. You are still trapped in concepts, ideals and falsehoods, not spiritual SEEING.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      all such false humility is the outcome of one who is divided within. Being divided, is that not violent in nature? Is that not being in duality? ones perception is distorted in the idea of this and that. If one has an ego, to curb it, discipline it, surrender to it, is that not inner conflict? for goodness sake, is there anyone who can challenge my spiritual prowess? No wonder a kid with psychic abilities can come and deceive you all thinking its spiritual. you don’t even know what is psychical and what is spiritual!!! how sad.

  9. Helen says:

    Ego is a useful thing, just like the physical body is a useful thing to have on earth. It automatically protects our physical body and social position, and automatically bucks horns with others who seem to challenge them. Note that social position often means physical survival in the old days, therefore very crucial. We are all clothed with the ego, on top of our physical body. Why I think the ego needs curbing is that it can consume so much energy, as well as one’s precious time on earth. If one’s emphasis is to defend one’s ego, or to enrich the physical body, there leaves little energy and time to search for the Truth.

    The ego also perpetuates a false separation of our Self with others. However, simply saying or knowing that one needs no ego does not make it go away. Just as simply knowing that we are spirit does not mean that our physical body does not require food all of a sudden. It is a gradual process of discovery.

    I remember seeing the symbol of the Templar Knights of having two knights riding on one horse. I came to the understanding that one thing it symbolizes is that one needs to become two before one is truly One. One needs to cultivate a consciousness of being mindful of one’s every deed and emotion, so as to strip off the unnecessary stuff such as the useless ego pursuits, before one could get to the divine within.

    As for bowing, I myself has a habit of internally bowing to all the trees that line the road when I drive to work. That allows me to receive freely and to give freely to the divinity within all beings, including trees, and to the greater Divine energy. I have not met Ram Bomjon personally. If I would meet him, I would bow to him too (especially bowing is part of Nepalese culture). Just as I am internally bowing to all of you who are reading this now.

    Others may bow to Ram Bomjon for worship. My view is that a blade of grass is just as worthy of worship. But to start seeing the divinity of one person is a good start. Various religions throughout the ages have worked out different ways to benefit different type of seekers. Although there are corruptions to the exoteric aspects of pretty much all the religions, the essence of these religions has remained true, such as compassion and brotherly love. I myself have benefited a great deal from the esoteric teachings of various religions in my own quest for the Truth.

    I have absolutely no spiritual prowess myself. What I have is a holy grail, empty of unnecessary stuff, so that the divine light can flow through freely, knowing full well that the grail will be recycled one day. So what’s the point of counting how many drops I have and how many drops the other have. It is better to just enjoy the wine 🙂

  10. Jason Thomas says:

    How could someone proclaim the ego, which is a false thing, to be useful if one is awakened? One may use the false or the truth. Self-will or the will of God. Truth does not share its abode with the false. that which is false must come to an end to realize that which is truth, that which is real. By not awakening to the real, the false is glorified as being useful and having meaning. either one is spiritually awakened or one is not. this whole business of thinking there are various paths that lead to truth is just as absurd. No path, no religion, no form of anything formulated by the mind of man can lead one to the truth. it is truth that awakens within one and not you expanding into it, meditating to get to it and so on. Truth comes when you as ego is NOT.

    In truth, I am no second-rate philosopher. That which I AM, is fully realized and not intellectualized. through self-knowledge, I AM.

  11. 114911118 says:

    Kolossale Bullshit.

  12. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

    “According to the Himalayan Times, Ram Bomjon’s followers held two women captive for two months, until they were rescued by police in late March. Ram Bomjon did nothing to help the women, one of whom was suffering from at least one broken bone during her captivity. There are allegations that one of the women was sexually assaulted while she was a prisoner.”

    So … It was me, the “Slovak woman” all media is writing about. Irregular times only took as its main source the Nepali unreliable media. Leaving out reaction to the emotinal debate above, between angry followers with prejudice and angry deniers with prejudice, let me straighten the facts about my captivity in the jungle of “Bomjon” who is long ago renamed Dharma Sangha already.
    -First of all, I WAS NOT RESCUED BY THE POLICE, actually police did not even find me. I spent 3 months tied in the holy forest, and was RELEASED BY BOMJON (DHARMA SANGHA) HIMSELF, when it became unbearable for me. I was NOT KIDNAPPED, but I went to the forest together with my patron lama Tcheku on two motorbikes and agreed to stay there, even tied, though I could not imagine it will be so terrible. But not because of Bomjon, who acted all the time as a divine being, even when showing his physical harshness, but because of his un-enlightened devotees who misused my situation to exercise sadism and sexual desire.
    -Secondly, you write “Ram Bomjon did nothing to help the women, one of whom was suffering from at least one broken bone during her captivity” – this is not true. Did you speak with me or Maata? So how can you know? Just based on Nepali media with political and religious agenda, which is known as strongly unreliable even among Nepalis? Ram Bomjon helped Maata and me a lot, but you have no idea, dear writer, because these things belong to the invisible and inaudible world. Both me and Maata have been long-time devotees of Buddhaboy. In my case (I don’t know much about her) Bomjon was acting as a perfect guru who knows exactly when and what is needed for my development and purification from my very bad karma, of which I had been aware already before coming there. Another thing is, that everyone in his Sangha (community of devotees) knew that I was very attached to the enchanting jungle around him, and came there secretly to meditate regularly, because Bomjon has made a ban for me to come, as part of his teaching and test. I broke this ban a few times, coming inside the compound on pragmatic excuses, but the main reason was I could not disattach from this place, where I worked as a volunteer for 3 months in 2011.
    Bomjon let me captured and tied as a lesson. I am actually very grateful for him fro this and I am very sorry others cannot understand the inner grace which such a stay in the vicinity of a Buddha can bring. So I understand your rejective attitude, that is the right approach for everyone who can judge only according to his five senses and intellect. But I judge from deep overwhelming own experience, which is transforming my life to be a better person. Many followers cannot understand the real teaching either, so then discussions end up in emotions like we can see above. I always claimed that even if Bomjon decided to kill me, it would be a grace fro me to die by the hands of a Buddha. It was my own patheticism and wish to break through the wall of my sins, which caused that he heard the cry of my soul and just fulfilled my own wish.
    -“one of whom was suffering from at least one broken bone during her captivity. ” this I repeated in every media, still they refused to write the truth: I BROKE MY HAND OUTSIDE OF BOMJON’S COMPOUND, WHEN WALKING IN THE JUNGLE, ALONE. It was the same morning when I went to his compound later the day with lama Tcheku. Bomjon did not break my hand.
    – “one of the women was sexually assaulted while she was a prisoner” This is true. But this was done by his devotee. This was the most terrible part of my captivity, actually. At that point I thought I cannot bear this anymore, and very soon the order came from my Guru that he decided to release me…

    We should not have prejudice to either side, but deal with matters based on well-investigated truth and direct witnesses, before releasing such articles.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      If you are so psychologically sick, how could you know what ‘medicine’ you need, spiritually? You proclaim that he is a perfect guru. How can a mind that is distorted distinguish what a ‘Buddha’ is? Surely, it takes one to know one. Even now, after your so-called purification, why is it you are still not enlightened? Do you not see that you, with the help of this Dharma Sangha, are simply deceiving oneself? Is this not at the root of the problem? You may prostrate yourself before him, you may devote yourself to him, you may do anything to defend his evil violence towards you and others by calling it anything other than brutality, and yet, I ask a simple question: How come if he is so divine, he cannot spiritually awaken you?

      1. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

        Sorry Jason, but when did I write I am psychologically sick? I am not aware of this. Neither did I write I suffer from “distorted mind”.

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          So, when men batter and abuse women we can all claim we did it for her own ‘spiritual’ need?! you don’t think that is a distorted mind? Desperate people will justify anything to be loved to be found as worthy. How sad.

        2. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

          Jason, I am a long-time cult-buster. I had a successful website ridiculing all cults, till a rich fake guru made it closed by a court ruling. So do not worry, I am not freshly climbing out of the spiritual egg… I met many fake gurus. I even hid this past from the devotees coming to Nepal, as I was afraid they would be worried. But Bomjon is different. These things are happening deep in our soul. Like do you know what is happening with you in deep sleep? Can you grasp the events in deep sleep with your eyes, ears, mind? It similar.

        3. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

          “So, when men batter and abuse women we can all claim we did it for her own ‘spiritual’ need?! ”

          No the cannot. Noone claimed this, just you. all my devotee friends who know about this, condemn the behavior of that abuser. He will get his fruit in due time, but concerning me, I am forgiving. My anger revenge would not make my soul feel good.

          “you don’t think that is a distorted mind”

          Yes, if it would be like you write, it would be distorted. Just that I never claimed the things you “put in my mouth”… Just read my words more carefully maybe…

          “Desperate people will justify anything to be loved to be found as worthy. How sad.”

          For sure I was desperate. Maybe you are right. I justify Bomjon due to my own experience. But I do not justify the sex. abuse and violence from is devotees. Please see the difference.

      2. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

        ” How come if he is so divine, he cannot spiritually awaken you?”

        In Ancient Greece there was a culture of leading discussions as an art. There were rules, based on mathematical logic, which had to be kept to enjoy a constructive debate. Asking questions with assumptions which have been never claimed by the other side, is breaking of one of these basic rules of a noble discussion. Offending the other side with “psychological illness” etc., is another.
        Just calm down, there is no war, no one is attacking you. We are trying to clarify facts, not attacking and defending.

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          none of those things have any authority over me. especially, GREECE! greece? lol. spirituality is not a matter of philosophical dissertations. truth is beyond all such mental acrobatics. that is why i say, one must go beyond the mind and the psychical.

        2. Jason Thomas says:

          well, thanks for clarifying that I am not the Jason that went to Nepal. I have never been out of America. would love for Bomjon to come to to America and dialogue with me. Maybe then he will spiritually awaken.

  13. Jason Thomas says:

    As a spiritual being/teacher, there is nothing Bomjon can teach me. Otherworldly Beings come to me for counsel. So, what can ‘Buddha boy’ do for me? nothing. I have the power to see through his delusion. He is trapped in the illusion of the psychical realm. The same Beings he sees I could see them when I was child. they meant nothing to me then and especially now. he is lost in the psychical thinking he is spiritual. how sad.

    1. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

      He did not come for the perfect ones like you. He came for the desperate ones like me. Just that he does not have the need to belittle other big teachers like you are. But you do have.
      You know, while you focus on condemning him, he is actively helping hundreds of desperate souls. So I am very sorry, but his activity is more attractive for me than yours…
      But if you feel to be a big helper of many high beings, why not? Noone is trying to take this from you. This world needs big teachers. So thank you for your big heart.

      1. Jason Thomas says:

        Is not a desperate mind a dangerous thing? a distorted thing? That is why you avoid the issue. That guy cannot awaken anyone. he can only put you to sleep, nothing else. nothing different from any of the religions of the world. one illusion into another. is that not what you have done? examine your life and see for yourself. as human beings, we are forever moving from one imprisonment into another more decorative one thinking we have found freedom. is that not sad?

      2. Jason Thomas says:

        I have no desire to ‘attract’ you or anyone else. from the beginning, i simply point without the slightest desire of desperate people following me. he who follows is blind and he who lets others follow them is truly blind.

        1. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

          OK, that is nice of you. I was doing the same for years. But now I stopped.

      3. Jason Thomas says:

        HE HAS NOT HELPED ANYONE! what are you talking about? see how you are thinking. even as a kid, i was hard to deceive. he cannot give me a menu and call it food. that is fool’s gold who play that game. that is why you are concerned with ‘following’ someone. If you were awakened, why would you need to follow. back to square one! The deceivers of this world are becoming more and more clever. The thing is, I bet your buddha boy did not think I was in the world.

        1. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

          “HE HAS NOT HELPED ANYONE! “Do you know what is happening in my body when I drink my coffee? Do you know if I feel better, or I get a heartbeat, or if i feel pleasant warmth or stomach cramps? And this is just a cup of brown liquid… and you already have no idea how it works in different people. So how much less can you know about the inner processes inside other people’s souls?

        2. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

          “The deceivers of this world are becoming more and more clever.”

          Yes, the main deceiver of this world is the speculative mind which has no rest. Another deceiver is our pride, which closes all doors to receive a lesson. And our greed, which masks itself behind “need”.

          Deceivers are not the persons, but their ignorance.

        3. Zsuzsaana Takacs (Marichi) says:

          Sorry Jason, now I finish this discussion, as nothing useful is coming out of it for you or me. I wrote what I wanted to write, there is no more I can say about the topic. Thank you for the enjoyment of exchange of our opinions.

    2. tjh says:

      Such ego,such hatred ,claim of supernatural power,claims of being omnisense and yet you spend time trolling and i quote ” yet anothe fool who caims to know that which cannot be known. Goodbye and dont bother replying as i wont waste another second reading your wrathful comments

      1. Jason Thomas says:

        Wrathful? hatred? troll? what happened to your positivity? If you see someone standing on the tracks and a train is coming, to say, get out of the way is hatred? lmao. clearly, you are desperate and hopeless to be so lost.

  14. Jason Thomas says:

    again, you are missing the fact when you speak of ‘feeling’ better. Is love a feeling? a feeling is a mere sensation. a thing of the mind-body. spirituality is beyond the mind. What is vital is that you awaken beyond all such things as all that sentimental hogwash. (the menu is greater than food to a mind that is blind.) Accept nothing less than the truth as the truth. Is that not simple to understand so that no one can deceive you?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Jason you are soooooo wrong…..everyone meet Jason Thomas confused angry delusional and to his own credit spiritual and wise just try not to make him speak a word cause he’ll prove himself wrong on all accounts….

      1. Jason Thomas says:

        continue to stay dumb. I already know what you are trying to do. you just suck at it. I can see right through you.

      2. Jason Thomas says:

        yeah, you live in your mental/emotional world of feelings. truly, all the enlightened beings who ever came into this world wasted their time because you are a true disgrace as a human being. an animal has greater understanding of life that you.

  15. tea says:

    One of my loved ones, who happens to be a pomeranian, can’t be deceived and can actually see right through him (Ram Bomjon) long before I finally realized that Mr. Bomjon is not spiritually awakened. My loved one doesn’t care with Mr. Bomjon’s looks, or words, he sees what he sees, without prejudice. As simple as that.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      That is the problem. Ram Bomjon is lost. He can only lead others into darkness. he is like: mistaking a snake for a rope. He will bite and poison the world with his ignorance.

  16. Gavin Sealey says:

    What a fascinating discussion. Thank you Jason, Helen and Marichi in particular.

    Helen I like the way you express your thoughts and experiences using poetry, philosophy and humour. I smiled as you described bowing to the trees as you drive to work imagining that I would have an accident if I were to try that.

    Marichi, you tell an amazing story and it is a privilege to have a first hand account of a controversial incident. Despite your defence of Ram Bomjon the story, however, suggests that he is not in full control of himself or of his disciples. The use of violence/anger by a teacher or parent or anyone, even as a teaching tool is counter productive because it introduces a contradiction between the principles being though and the practice being demonstrated. Even if the student thanks the teacher for being struck the violence conveys a negative message to others.

    Jason, you are correct in saying that nobody should want to follow or be followed and that there is a distinction to be made between psychic abilities and spiritual enlightenment. I agree with most of what you say about Ram Bomjon but I think that while he may be lost now he has potential. There are some useful teaching on his website: It is entirely possible to learn from the teachings and practice others even if they make extraordinary claims that are unverifiable and irrelevant to the teachings themselves.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      He is lost. there is nothing to his teachings whatsoever. you are better off reading a comic book. Yes, he may awaken in this lifetime. but, it is best he disappear until he awakens. to teach from a state of confusion only adds more and more confusion to the world.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Samuel killed and shredded 500 fake prophets all in a night ultimately because they were decieving and counterproductive to his goal and we are judging him for become angry for what those around him are doing. They are lucky to be alive!

      1. Jason Thomas says:

        So, you and a fake book say. If you are so into the bible, why don’t you just say so? because you already know the bible and you are equally lost. Ram does not have a goal. he is lost you idiot. any one who comes into this world preaching of peace is a very, very violent man.

  17. Roshan Lamichhane says:

    Wow…I followed most of the conversations that Jason from USA ( who has never been out of the USA), Helen, and Marichi had..I don’t know but I am chuckling as I am writing this..I have been in the USA for 6 years now, came here when I was 21…I heard about Bomjon 3 days ago, and I have been following all the documentaries, and news about him…I grew up around Hinduism..My mom is a devout Hindu who prays every morning for 2-3 hours but who believes that a Muslim kid should not eat in our house as this would defile her religion…I, myself, don’t really believe in God. Evolution and Big Bang Theory is more convincing to me., but that’s just me because I don’t want to offend anyone…
    Anyways, when I read about the physical assault and the sexual assault that Bomjon was involved in, I was surprised…Especially the news that he beat her own sister…Marichi ( if you are the real Slovak woman or someone who is just writing shit, I wouldn’t know) gave me the truth…She is atleast right about the media in Nepal, and how they easily twist and turn a story…but I as a reader dont have any proof of what had happened there…All these things just boggle me….and I am trying to understand who this guy is? …If he can create flames and sit on the flames….n not eat or drink for years…I would thing that’s crazy cuz I have never heard or seen anything like that before…And I don’t really know what is Nirvana..except that Kurt Cobain played and sang for the band…

    1. Zsuzsanna Takacs Marichi says:

      Dear Roshan,
      “Marichi ( if you are the real Slovak woman or someone who is just writing shit, I wouldn’t know) gave me the truth…” . I am a real person and have real experiences. But neither of the two sides – the fanatical and violent devotees nor the extreme critics and defamers – understand the truth about Buddhaboy (new name Dharma Sangha). And they do not understand what happened to me there. How can they judge and speak in my name? It is not leading to anywhere if you judge someone or something based on theories of people who have never met that person and never went to Halkhoriya. You can read my website and write me an email, if you wish to know more about the events, or you can go to Nepal and meet Dharma Sangha personally, as I did. But human brains are always creating stories which seem to them sensational and exciting, and usually there is a hidden agenda, like to prove their own truth. If you want to see more clearly who is this Buddhaboy and what are his real deeds, use your own senses of perception and do not rely on the fiction made by others (who never had been there) – of either of the two extreme standpoints! I, as one of the victims of the not-that-holy followers, am offering you and everyone my own story to see more clearly. Zsuzsanna Takacs – Marichi, Slovakia, Europe halkoria(at)

  18. Jason Thomas says:

    there are several people all over the world who do the same things. do they claim to be divine? do not be so easily deceived.

  19. Satinder says:

    J Clifford and co also think very highly of themselves, when the fact is that they are bunch of morons. If Jesus appeared today they would be passing similar comments.
    The feats performed by the Buddha boy are not unknown in India, and are unknown in the West -but that is probably because India was a highly civilized country when the rest were still romping around in animal skins.
    Give the guy a break!

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      I do not have to wait for Jesus to appear. I already speak of the stupidity of Jesus AND all the world religions long before the Buddha Boy came on the scene. He is just another lost human being who mistake the snake for the rope. Psychical powers does not mean squat. Because I have psychic powers and many of my ‘clients’ have psychic abilities, that does not mean anything. One must go to the end and reach spiritual awakening. when at once you awaken, psychical things are rather silly and childish. And, psychic phenomenon is one of the things i use to discern if someone is awakened. so, what i say is not a mere opinion. Because you are not awakened you have no means of knowing the difference. so, if its o.k. with you, there are those who truly look out for other people from tricksters who proclaim they come in peace.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      If you’re going to claim that there exist “feats performed by the Buddha boy,” then you should be able to provide proof that those feats occurred, Satinder.

      Is that request too snooty for you?

      1. Gavin Sealey says:

        The Discovery documentary on Buddha Boy at, showing him being continuously recorded sitting in meditation without food or water for 96 hours is evidence that Ram Bomjan is doing something that contradicts what is known by medical science. While Jason is correct that psychic or paranormal powers do not always correlate with an individual being spiritually awake the possibility that they exist may prompt some to question the generally unquestioned materialist paradigm.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          96 hours is 4 days. People have been known to go for 4 days without food or water. It happens all the time. People who are in comas can survive 10-14 days without water because they aren’t exerting themselves or moving their bodies around. If Bomjan wasn’t moving around and exerting himself, his result is unremarkable.

  20. Roshan Lamichhane says:

    I remember the documentary about Bamjan on the Discovery Channel. I remember a part of it, where the famous monk from India sits just in front of Bamjan, and looks at him for some time. Bamjan then starts sweating, and when the reporter asked the monk why did Bamjan perspire, he alludes to the question saying that it was a secret or something.
    I find that amazing as to why people don’t share the knowledge. It’s like if Sir Andrei Geim ( he got a Nobel prize in Physics in 2010) discovered graphene and kept it a secret from the whole world.
    Why would someone do that shit? Sir Geim let the whole world know and look, how many new things have been known and researched about graphene? Its like keeping people in the dark, or misguiding them. Let the knowledge spread and people will learn and would want to learn more. It’s like Magicians little dirty trick. I grew up believing that David Blaine had some real psychic power, and the mind freak guy could really freaking levitate. And when the truth is told….wow…u just pranked us..You might as well start a prank show that competes with Ashton Kutcher’s Prank’d.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Go back and see it again he says it’s a secret but not that they won’t tell it just not yet… Either way that on its own is pretty intense cause it was really cold out!

      1. Jason Thomas says:

        the moment anyone pretends they got a great ‘secret’ they are full of it. All ‘mental’ tricks are very simple. everything Ram does has been done countless times. He is so dumb to think he is something special by doing psychical feats. why? because as there are others who do the same feats and tell you its only a discipline of the mind/body.

  21. Shishir Pradhan says:

    No.1 He’s a narcissist and the ones following him are religiously inclined gullible people. Buddhism is all about peace. I think Buddha boy is more into Chinese Buddhist kung-fu movies. He should get his faith right first. No.2 Religion is a very strong yet delicate issue. You can kill a human being with just an order. His goons are retards. No.3 Those two females who were kidnapped. I guess that happens when two psycho fanatics run after a teenager who is heavily influenced by Shaolin monks. Buddha boy, his goons and his victims should opt for Scientology and watch MIB.

  22. L says:

    Please ask the Buddha boy this question:

    1. “How many years from now will a Buddha appear?”
    2. “In which land will the Buddha appear?”
    3. “At what age will the Buddha start his path for enlightenment?”
    4. “What is the purpose of being in this realm?”
    5. “If the Buddha Boy claims to be Maitreya Buddha, then ask him where and under what circumstances will Maitreya Buddha gain enlightenment?” Most importantly, ask him why Maitreya Buddha would want to gain enlightenment?
    6. “Who holds the key to enlightenment?”

    1. If he says within 10 years to 100 years from now, he is not the Buddha.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      They don’t challenge him at all. They just go there out of desperation, loneliness and despair. Not out of understanding. So, they go and end up worshiping him like a golden calf. His ‘devotees’ are so lost, they accept his ignorance of worshiping his so-called deities! Out of greed they will follow and do whatever he does and says. How sad.

      1. Anonymous says:

        You know what Jason after watching him I felt love and happiness….though after reading YOUR words I feel angry bitter and unhappy…….there’s your proof….

        1. Anonymous says:

          And Jason I do love you you are our brother we are all tied together this young man could not reach buddahhood without opposition so fullfil your destiny and become his opposition such that he may fullfil his…..

        2. Jim Cook says:

          If it feels good, it must be true?

        3. Jason Thomas says:

          the more you speak the more you reveal your ignorance. Is it intelligence for someone to make you ‘feel’ happy/love? Or, to ‘feel’ sorrow? You are one weak human being with no deep understanding of anything. Is happiness/love a feeling??? no it is not. It can only be found within oneself and it is devoid of a cause. Please go back to school and never come out. It seems, the human race is getting dumber and dumber every day!

  23. Jason Thomas says:

    Wow. Amazing what a google search of my name turns up.

    I’d like to point out before someone tries that I am not the Jason Thomas that is in here frothing at the mouth. Jason Thomas is an extremely common name. I’m not sure who this guy is, but he needs a xanax.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      someone who googles their common name ends up on this page is highly unlikely. try some other means of disguising yourself, coward.

  24. Sky says:

    I would like to say something, many of u claim to be awaken but instead of using the good way you guys are using force against each other so can i say if buddha boy is bad for hittin his sista on the head or is it the one who is speaking nonsense the bad one…i can clearly answer that this life in reality of good and bad are just a memories..everything in this world is an illusion,if so then what is reality….thats right there nothing but question cuz the question itself is empty…….i overheard u guyz talking about becoming awaken…actually everyone can become awaken if they can cut the ten fetters….if u who have been awaken u should know y u have been awaken….there are 4 stages of enlightenment and the first one are easily awaken if one cut atleast 3 fetter and enter the stream of life the second stage also achieve during the cuttin of the 3 fetter and call upon the lower realm to ressurect within ur heart due to the teaching of buddha the once returner….the non returner is when you cut 5 lower fetter and end the cycle of its own sufferingm and if one cut all ten fetter achieve enlightments…i really dunt want to explain the details cuz i know those who seek are the one who understand what i mean cuz eventually they will research what is the 10 fetters but anywayz imma jus give you the 10 fetter.

    Buddhism Site

    Lisa Erickson
    BellaOnline’s Buddhism Editor

    The 10 Fetters

    Guest Author – Jeanette Stingley

    The Ten Fetters

    Fetter usually refers to something that binds the body such as handcuffs or ropes. This is one way to think about the fetters of Buddhism. Fetters are things that bind us to the cycle of samsara (the cycle of endless suffering). Being aware of these fetters can help you overcome them and find enlightenment. Some teachers may refer to these also as the 10 Hindrances to Enlightenment.

    The ten fetters according to the Pali cannon are:

    1. Belief in permanent self
    2. Doubt of the teachings or Dharma of the Buddha
    3. Attachment to rites and rituals – Religious rites and rituals should not be taken as a guarantee to spiritual progress. In other words, just because you go through the actions of a purification ritual doesn’t mean it helped along your path.
    4. Sensual desire
    5. Ill will or hatred
    6. Craving for the world of archetypal forms
    7. Lust for immaterial existence
    8. Pride in self, conceit, arrogance
    9. Restlessness, distraction
    10. Ignorance
    It is said that if one can break the first three fetters achieves a state of Stream Entry. This person enters a stream, which is to carry him to Nirvana. A person who is able to break all 10 achieves enlightenment.

    The Pali canon traditionally describes cutting through the fetters in four stages:
    · one cuts the first three fetters to be a “stream enterer”;
    · one cuts the first three fetters and significantly weakens the next two fetters to be a “once returner”;
    · one cuts the first five fetters to be a “non-returner”;
    · one cuts all ten fetters to be an arahant.
    Cutting through the fetters can take a short time of days, months or a few years. It can also take decades possibly a few lifetimes to achieve this and reach the stage of Nirvana.

  25. Sky says:

    i hope these will help u guyz understand a bit of why many of us is still sleeping….because we hold on to pride,lust, temptation,hatred ,jealousy and many more and u urself knows what is it that u havent let go….i been through alot of tough times the moment i came into this earth but without strugglin there will be no hopes neither…in the bible jesus stated that narrow is the path and struggle is the way….thats right in order to gain we must many of u know that without a man there be no women,without positive there be no negative….both cannot be without each other..same as a man cannot live without a woman…i see it all but really what did i see was nothin but emptiness and within that emptiness is the hope of light or the will of god…if u do good the gate of hell is close for u….in order to walk in the path of god is to be righteous cuz only the righteous can be heard…the mind itself is dangerous from all the wisdom and knowledge been given by darkness…wen u seek u will find it is cause and effect, progress and result..the one who is silence can be call peace but the one who who crave for more knowledge is the one who calls the devil.. man gets kill by his own creation or kill another man with his own creation so tell me is it man who dangerous or the wisdom u gain to make it dangerous…but this year is definitely different…the future buddha reside in heaven giving endless spring of light to those who wish to seek…..that y this year is the critical time to be centering instead of action….iuno what u guys might think of me but it doesnt matter cuz i tolerate it with love and compassion..i have no desire to hate nor envy cuz what i been given is much more than these worldly pleasure and attachments……

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      Do you really think this year is intrinsically different from any other? Really? the thing is you are repeating the game of those since the ancient times who always think the world is ending soon. how clever and paranoid to try and play on others emotions of fear and superstition. all such trickery is the same as any other religion of the world. a ploy to control others to fall for your beliefs instead of listening to their own understanding. PEACE OUT.

  26. Sky says:

    the mind is empty…it rise with only the way…the world itself was rise by the mind from its merit its nourishes life in this world of nature…to be honest we are nothin more than beast than to be call human….the lower half of the body itself is an animal state…we are not fully human unless we understand these truth…buddha taught so many things but many fail to understand what he was doing….he know the ways to immortality…to be eternal u must solidfy your soul to be equal as the body that way when the body dies the soul is still solid with its own awareness same as the soul call gods and goddess…so many clues that we been given also from the word of jesus…in the end time he will make our red robe into white robes from flesh to soul…cuz only the soul have no suffering apart from the danger in reality…..iuno y i have told u all of this..its not that i want to…but its a must cuz we are in a world of delusion…we shouldnt judge noone by what they do becuz the fact of we are all equal and the only who have the right to judge is the god itself the heavenly father who created us…i am the son with my father image and walk with my mother kindness…i think yall should know by what that means….be one…with the oneness may u all have my blessings thank you for your time to listen to what i have to say…

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      Sky… By, repeating what others have said, does it mean you have understanding? And, why must one be concerned with what another said? the ancient as well as the contemporary. my computer can repeat all that you have written. So, there is no self-knowledge or wisdom found in ones word. now, first of all, most of my ‘time’ is spent teaching and not cutting away at ‘buddha boy. Or, ripping into the ignorance of all the world religions from Christianity to Islam and so on. You see, truth is rather simple to realize. the thing is, seeing through all that one has been conditioned by that seems to stand in the way. part of being a teacher is pointing out the past absurdities (organized religion) as well as contemporary ones that are present (Buddha boy, scientology, etc.) Without fully understanding all this, so much is missed. it is like a violent man trying to teach others about spiritual peace. World peace cannot come about through superficial or false means. one must discover truth within oneself and not profess childish ideas of loving-kindness which is merely a feeling. love, peace, joy is not a feeling. spiritual peace is not a thing of the mind or the psychical. it is beyond your high ideals no matter how ‘real’ they may seem.

  27. Jason Thomas says:

    Your ten fetters ideas: (Thankfully, I am not a Buddhist or whatever)
    1. I have no beliefs. there is nothing permanent. so, no permanent self.
    2. I doubt everything so i can find the truth or falseness of all things.
    3. no rites or rituals contain any truth within them. meaningless.
    4. desire is part of ones life. no resistance to be free of it. sexually, one has no hangups. your flesh came into being from your parents sexual intercourse. Why the disregard and disgust with sex which is natural.
    5. There is no ill-will in me for anyone. if there was, no need to point out the false so that the truth may awaken and free you. what greater love is that?
    6. there is no one in this flesh to crave. If craving was to arise, the observation of it is sufficient to see it, understand it and be free of it.
    7. To lust for immaterial existence is to not realize what is the entity that wants it.
    8. No pride, conceit or arrogance, for grace is what awakens you and not ones own efforts. So, there is no room for self-glorification.
    9. to be lost in mind is to be restless and easily distracted. the rest within is pure peace unconditioned by any worldly events.
    10. Ignorance means to ignore the contents of ones life. awakening is seeing you are all life. through attentiveness, there is the end of ignorance.

    1. Sky says:

      you talk as if u have been able to speak with god…i havent speak with him but i definitely felt is hurt…u may not realize it yet because u fail to understand who u really are…the truth is simple as it is just like u said but if the truth is simple then y is everyone still the same..u said u are a teacher? what is it that u really teach…it is the one who teach that fail to understand his own inner teacher

      1. Sky says:

        im not on no side of no religious group cuz i have seen the truth and that truth is within me..u said u teach..but who are u teaching..wen one follow one he call teacher he has already been led off the path of truth…the truth itself is eternal…what the ancient teach or what buddha teach is not the truth but the essencewithin the teachin is the truth….u havent been aware of who u really are…true i was lost in the midst of the world..wen my mind are trouble with question there no one there to answer it except for myself that is one of the reason y self realization is the key cuz without knowin who you really are hurts..knowing the fact that people live and die

        1. Jason Thomas says:

          you must come off the whole idea that one is already awakened or you are what you seek and so on. they will not get it. that creates conflict within others. I may understand that there is nothing to seek but, one trapped in the illusion of this life, does not. telling someone they are already the truth is a cruel thing and a poor way of pointing.

          There is nobody i am teaching. that’s just it. but, they do not know that what they think they are is an illusion. so, I start from where they are. If that is alright with you. lol.

  28. Jason Thomas says:

    Man sets out to seek God. I am saying, negate the seeker, which is an illusion, and perhaps the real is just there. Is this not teaching? Or, is it one is expecting things to be how we want them to be according to our ideologies.

    Can one who is blind tell another how to see? Perhaps, when at once you awaken to truth, then and only then, you may discover those who proclaim to see are blind. and those who seem to be blind in your eyes can see beyond the universe.

  29. Sky says:

    u think only of one side of life but u neva really thought about the other side of ur life which is ur soul…this universe may have million and billion of soul but still only one of the same origin..

    1. Sky says:

      replace the origin with spirit is wat i meant to say…we are all one of the same spirit

      1. Jason Thomas says:

        ah, that is just it. There is no soul. that is something one has been told. you ‘think’ there is something permanent within you? yet, observe this life, clearly. there is nothing permanent. to cling to such an idea is absurdity, is it not? If there is something immaterial and impermanent within you, will you have the means to know it? you are speaking of what others have told you. throw away all the books and knowledge you have accumulated and see within oneself.

  30. Sky says:

    if u have a blank paper in front of u and look at it there nuttin written….that whole space of blank is like ur mind…within that blank itself is the truth nuttin can be written and if it was written then the word itself is you the form of the body but really in reality your thoughts cannot be fit into one sheet unless the sheet itself be on you….

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      In other words, be empty. but, one is full of self. self being the idea that one is the body, the mind and the content of the mind that is filled with fears, aversions, desires and so on. The whole idea of ‘trying’ to be empty of all that is just an idea to one who is in such bondage. a true teacher simply points this out. not say, be empty. what does that even mean? with ones noisy existence the thought of being empty is only another concept to be added to the same storehouse of knowledge that is already causing sorrow. one must see and understand the content and the movement of the mind. Through understanding it there comes freedom. When there is freedom, there is emptiness. When you are truly an empty vessel, there is no need for any religion or teacher. Truth comes into being within you.

      1. Chili Chill says:

        When YOU get enlightened, YOU know there is no YOU. —- an oxymoron? or the one that says is a moron? hmmm, I let YOU be the judge

  31. Sky says:

    the things i see inside of me is the truth….within ur close eye is the whole universe..if u were to die and i were to die is a different story becuz wen u die the eye u see is in darkness but if i die the eye i see is light and that one light is my awareness…i trust in what i believe not becuz i waas told about it but becuz i experience it….i pass away and arise again only within the mind…that what it really is….but if it was my body that die how can i arise again…if u talkin about belief ill let u know from my point of view scientific and spiritual…..if u enter by chance as a black matter of the universe into this world and form a body of a human wen u die u repeatedly over and over again dying and arising until u realize that u urself is god, u awaken ur awareness with one piece of light and the moment u died again u free from the world of sufferin…does that make any sense to u…wen ur mind is in darkness ur mind is everywea around the place lost having nowea to go jus like a dream..but wen u becomes awaken u realize that all along u were lost trying to find the way out….time is limited to us…but is it limited to the mind of ours or is it both jus a illusion state that makes us wander

  32. Jason Thomas says:

    When you say the ‘thing’ inside of you is the truth, how do you know it? is truth a thing? A thing can be measured. if it can be measured, i doubt it is timeless. so, i must doubt all that.

    To awaken to truth, is it a ‘person’, a ‘self’, an ‘entity’ of the mind that awakens? see, the thing is, the mind being so divided it only sees in accordance to its own division. To awaken to truth is the realization that there never was an entity called ‘self’. the seeing of this fact is death, is it not? it is the ending of a false thing. an unreality. awakening is realizing the false and going beyond it. realizing that all illusions of separation are a movement of ignorance due to ones lack of awareness. this is the ultimate revelation.

  33. Sky says:

    the point of being empty is is jus like a book it is empty unless u open it and read it…just like the book of life…u may neva have witness it but i have..becuz i tapped into the realm of infinite…and let me tell u something….within every pages there nuttin that is written in there so if that books is empty then how can our life be written…..easy..thats becuz the mind system is already i say u could make as many story as u want in ur mind jus like those blank page but if u were to write on them wounldnt it be limited to ur thought would u run out of paper to continue ur story…..every vision i seen everymoment i dream is empty y is it empty…it is becuz it was neva permanent jus like ur thoughts

  34. Sky says:

    u look at the world with only ur physical eye but i look at it wiith a different view..i see both material and nonmaterials…i witness the energy of an atom flowing in this world so many particles that what made me seen through it…this world is rise up by the mind itself jus because u feel solid doesnt mean it real…feeling, hearing and seeing is not jus the physical sensation but also a spiritual sensation..the particles is an energy that animate this whole world…is also the same particles that animate ur body….no one can the truth to noone only for them to realize it themselves….like the way we talking if we were really talking face to face and when one jus stop and listen he realize that while the other person was speaking his mind some sort of a way my mind was blank it was jsu as empty as it is…that is the truth…we are to be aware but to act on it…i only see and hear taht is the truth of awareness…

  35. Sky says:

    not to act on it**

  36. Jason Thomas says:

    see, there is a certain danger in saying one knows. can truth be known? to say one knows the truth is to be trapped in time. truth being timeless can never be known. spiritual awakening is not an experience. to come to That is to be empty of an experiencer.

  37. Jason Thomas says:

    When did i say i look at life with only my physical eyes? To awaken means to go beyond the mind and the psychical mind.

    I question if its a spiritual sensation. sensation implies the senses and the mind. spirituality is beyond mind.

    That is just it. listen to your point on awareness. “we are to be aware and not act.” understand, there is no one within you to act when there is the totality of awareness awakened within you. awareness is complete inaction.

  38. Sky says:

    i like talking to u not becuz of the differences but becuz of the same source of teaching…wrong can be right and right can be wrong…the truth itself is one source of life…if u have a glass of water in ur hand..the water within it is great as an ocean with the same potential jus like a drop of if we are not one of the same den tell me is that drop of water not the same as an ocean…it is becuz these kind of question and these kind of unreal thought that lead us to awakening…if there is no confusion in ur heart den how can u becomes awaken…this universe is infinite possibilities right or wrong will lead to one answer…iuno if i still have time to talk to you but what i can tell u is that i am the son of man who carry my father image and walk with my mother kindness……and that all there is nothing but the truth…..

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      Exactly. you have a greatness that needs to be shared. hopefully, you are teaching and learning with others. You may rest in being free and stay in that understanding. Or, come back and point this out to others.

      I would not say we are saying anything different. just pointing from a different aspect of the one truth.

      yes, what we are ‘attempting’ to do is get others who think they are merely a drop of water to return to the wholeness of the sacred ocean within.

      It is an honor to have spoken with you. (namaste)

  39. Sky says:

    i use to see the world same with ur view same like any other person but ever since this light been within me i am calm,peaceful, all my hate i use to have all the anger i use to have is disappearing one at a time….i walk with the will of god believes it or not..when i speak it not the body that speak but the god himself spoke cuz the delusion in this world is great due to the fact that man nature (imagination) is evil….if u have time even jus a mintute a day use it with clear thought of nothing what soever and listen to what ur heart really tells u not wat the mind have said…..there is 2 side of u that u have neva seen unless u become awaken…meditate on what i told u even jus a minute its count and it show u the true light of who u really are…unconciousness,subconciousness,conciousness…the wounded,the wounder, the healer….nothin can explain by wat i see..its not a thing that we can jus discriminated but jus to percieve the infinite in the no time zone..when u use the infinite light within that no time zone and bring it to reality u will be as pure as jesus,buddha and all the rest of those honour one….nothin can be express by word but only heart..

  40. Sky says:

    it is an honour to talk to you…let me tell u one more thing…it has already been foretold that i will be in a face of confrontation…i know that u will answer bak…becuz my horoscope have said that the first phrase i laid out will be reply with the person who is stubborn but are in the same state as me…das y i share with what i felt becuz there something that tells me to let you know my side of the story…as for now ill let u be…a fool who know that he is a fool is not a fool anymore becuase he has realize that he was a fool…which makes him wise…that is awareness that i was referring to..u have my blessing.. remember my name…Sky

  41. Jason Thomas says:

    what is wrong with being challenged? keeps one from falling asleep! lol.

    stubborn is probably an understatement. just intense without the slightest hint of compromising the truth that is free and unperturbed by ignorance.

    Of course, if you are a fool just a glimmer of insight is sufficient to free you of it. But, we never want to be a fool. we want to be wise. a fool who realizes his foolery has a chance to awaken to wisdom.

    remember my name?: I do not have one. forever nameless, timeless and unknown.

  42. Sky says:

    im not old neither i am that this age of 22 i think its it good enough to have this much wisdom..i like to share what i feel but there never a person who have reply bak like the way u did…that what makez me interested on keep talkin…usually i jus like to leave phrases then and there on the internet hopin someone can read it but today is definitely special for me to share my experiences with you… as for right now my time is over i hope to talk to you again..

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      And, i look forward to speaking with you again. Blessed be.

  43. Sky says:

    Form does not differ from emptiness; emptiness does not differ from form. Form itself is emptiness; emptiness itself is form.

    “Form does not differ from emptiness” “is” is like “is not.”
    “Emptiness does not differ from form”: the distinction is of substance and function.
    “Form itself is emptiness”: its true source is fathomed.
    “Emptiness itself is form”: the false flow dries up.
    Mountains, rivers, and the great earth are but manifestations of consciousness.
    “Dreams, illusions, bubbles, shadows”—so it is!
    Be careful not to seek outside maintain the Middle Way.
    He who casts down strained threads of cause is the One Come Thus.

  44. Sky says:

    So too are feeling, cognition, formation, and consciousness. Shariputra, all dharmas are empty of characteristics. They are not produced, not destroyed, not defiled, not pure, and they neither increase nor decrease.

    Feeling, cognition, formations, and consciousness are also like emptiness and form.
    Again he calls, “Shariputra, pay attention, listen well!”
    “All dharmas are empty of characteristics,” lacking a nature of their own.
    “Not defiled, not pure,” they remain apart form corrupting filth.
    “They neither increase nor diminish”—enlighten to the Middle in all its profundity.
    In the pure and deep ultimate stillness, when all creation is transcended,
    Suddenly awaken to the primal interpenetration of self and dharmas.

  45. Sky says:

    Therefore, in emptiness there is no form, feeling, cognition, formation, or consciousness; no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, or mind; no sights, sounds, smells, tastes, objects of touch, or dharmas; no field of the eyes, up to and including no field of mind-consciousness;

    Therefore in emptiness there are no characteristics of form.
    Feeling, cognition, formations, and consciousness disappear as well.
    So do the six faculties and six objects, together with six consciousnesses.
    Three minds come to three ceasings, and three closures are pierced.
    The great cart of the white ox turns with the sound lin-lin.
    A little yellow-faced child jumps and thumps in agitation.
    If you ask what instructive meaning is to be found in that,
    The front double-three and the back double-three meet

  46. Sky says:

    And no ignorance or ending of ignorance, up to and including no old age and death or ending of old age and death.

    “No ending of ignorance” means that its basic nature is empty.
    False activity, discrimination, followed by name and form;
    The six entrances, contact, feeling, love, grasping, having;
    Rebirth, old age and death are each that way too.
    For thousands of miles the sky is clear, without a cloud or a shadow.
    Still water fills a deep pool and reveals the light of the moon.
    Like people who drink when thirsty perceive for themselves the hot from the cold,
    Merely talking about food or helping things grow: the work is always wanting.

  47. Sky says:

    There is no suffering, no accumulation, no cessation, no Way.

    Each of the sufferings exerts pressure, and all attack together.
    Accumulation is feelings which beckon, each unlike the other.
    It is only through tranquil cessation that ultimate joy can be attained.
    This is the Way that should be practiced to awaken to the emptiness of dharmas.
    With three turnings of the Four Truths the Dharma Wheel revolves:
    Seven Shares in Enlightenment, the Eight-fold Path, with Psychic Skills, Mindfulnesses and Efforts.
    One day connect right through and realize sagehood;
    Partial truth with residue is no more than a conjured city.

  48. Sky says:

    And no understanding and no attaining.

    Six Paramitas involving phenomena belong to the Store-Teaching Bodhisattvas.
    Sudden awakening to principle; the Perfect’s practice of Wonderful Enlightenment.
    “No understanding” destroys attachment and empties every attribute;
    “No attaining” is non-verification, and comprehends the fusion of dharmas.
    Then, a jeweled realm appears on the tip of a single hair.
    The Dharma Wheel is turned while one is seated in a mote of dust.
    These words are spoken, yet few indeed will truly believe them;
    I do not know how many know my sound.

  49. Sky says:

    Because nothing is attained, the Bodhisattva, through reliance on prajna paramita, is unimpeded in his mind.

    There is no cultivation, no verification, no attainment.
    All that is conditioned and has characteristics is destined to demise.
    Bodhisattvas, awakened beings, in becoming enlightened to this truth,
    Place trust in prajna to bring them even with the other shore.
    The mind without impediments leaves the retribution-obstacle behind.
    A nature totally, truly empty puts an end to words and thoughts.
    I send these words to those of future worth: seek it in yourself;
    A head piled on top of a head is the height of stupidity.

    1. Jason Thomas says:

      the moment one repeats what another says, it becomes meaningless unless you see and understand it for yourself. Give no one and nothing any authority over you. see for oneself and point for oneself. Do not resort to the past traditions, beliefs and so on.

    2. Jason Thomas says:

      the moment one repeats what another says, it becomes meaningless unless you see and understand it for yourself. Give no one and nothing any authority over you. see for oneself and point for oneself. When one see for oneself, there is no meaning in resorting to the past traditions, beliefs and so on.

  50. Sky says:

    Because there is no impediment, he is not afraid, and he leaves distorted dream-thinking far behind.

    “There is no impediment” means truly letting go.
    When “he is not afraid,” obstacles made by karma depart.
    With distortion left far behind, the characteristic of production is broken through.
    Coarse, fine, and dust-and-sand delusions of your dream-thoughts become Thus.
    As three obstacles finally dissolve, three virtues are perfected.
    The interchangeable use of six faculties brings certification to six psychic powers.
    To be able to fathom this wonderful truth is to directly enjoy its use.
    Those who know easily enlighten the dark and difficult path.

  51. Sky says:

    Virtue is nowhere incomplete, and all the obstacles perish.
    This ultimately final perfect stillness is called Nirvana.
    Those passed by, not yet come, and now existing,
    All Buddhas of the three periods of time, rooted in a common source,
    Having placed their reliance on this very Prajna Paramita,
    Reach genuine enlightenment equal to that of the Supreme Immortal.
    If only those who practice remain capable of diligence and vigor,
    What worry can there be about not attaining the field of the Dharma nature?

  52. Sky says:

    Therefore know that Prajna Paramita is a great spiritual mantra, a great bright mantra, a supreme mantra, an unequalled mantra. It can remove all suffering; it is genuine and not false.

    This “great spiritual mantra” is hard to fathom fully.
    This “great bright mantra” illumines the trichiliocosm.
    This “supreme mantra” leads to the utmost fruition of enlightenment.
    This “unequalled mantra” helps us reach the ultimate peak.
    It can remove all suffering and bring the turning wheel to a stop.
    Since it is “genuine and not false,” it enables us all to progress.
    What has been spoken here discloses the depths of profound Prajna,
    And briefly explains the dhyana of the Patriarchs found in the East and West.

    That is why the mantra of Prajna Paramita was spoken. Recite it like this:
    Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha!

    As part of the esoteric, the mantra cannot be thought about;
    Much like the edict of a monarch, its mandate is followed by one and all.
    Similar as well to a secret password used among the troops,
    If one’s reply the question is not fitting, one is quickly put in line.
    The wonderful truth of the Great Vehicle entirely transcends distinctions.
    Yet ordinary people see false conditioned cause as true.
    Guided by the finger, gaze at the moon; the finger is not the moon.
    Borrowing the mantra, light up the mind; the mantra is the mind.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      If this is nirvana, I’m running away from enlightenment as fast as my little feet can carry me. Sheesh!

      1. Sky says:

        you been running away from it many lifetime…so how can you say that you want to run away from it again..running is easy..but trying is difficult..u choose the easy way out but how can it be easy wen most of ur lifetime you been suffering…

        1. Jim Cook says:

          How many lifetimes, exactly?

        2. F.G. Fitzer says:

          Running for many lifetimes is easy? I can’t even run for longer than 90 minutes without my knees getting sore!

          Now, slinking is much more ergonomically practical than running. I’ve been slinking away from enlightenment for 87 lifetimes, most recently as a jaguar, which is very effective as slinking. You ought to try it sometime, Sky!

    2. Ralph says:

      If you can explain to me what a trichiliocosm is, in your own words, without looking it up, without cutting and pasting like you did above, I’ll take you seriously.

      1. Sky says:

        words are only a form with infinite meanings behind it just like your body and mind, i dont know what a trichiliocosm but i do know that its in the same category like the rest of the words…just because one use big words doesnt mean its actually exist only within one owns mind just like you say how i cut and paste when the word you just use arent you also cutting and pasting..

      2. Jason Thomas says:

        oh, I can answer this one rather simply. all dimensions and other worlds have no meaning when in your very own country, society, home, you are full of misery and sorrow. everything else is of your imagination based on what others have told you. Without discovering what is truth, we stay seeking the trivial.

        The greatest philosophy I can give: Stay dumb.

        1. Sky says:

          doesnt matter what i just said….i agree with Jason the greatest philiosophy is to stay dumb…cuz only wen you know the dumbness it also open the path for its wiseness…the past and future opens its door of chance for us this year…so make good use of it…if u cant choose one then combine it..itz wont hurt as much as choosing one side but instead became the middle way

        2. Sky says:

          do you believe in horoscopes cuz i do if u want to know what today about here a clue about mines:

          July 28, 2012
          See Others’ Humanity
          Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
          You may find that you are more sensitive to the needs of others today. You could notice that this awareness makes you want to bond more deeply with the people you meet. Perhaps today you can use these feelings of empathy to work on seeing the common link between all humans by understanding the suffering of others. As you go about your day, look at the people you encounter and see their humanity. You might notice their expressions, the way they walk, their speech. Picture yourself in their shoes—imagine how you would feel if you were in their place. Try to think about the difficulties they may have in their lives and use your own experiences to identify with them. You may notice that by relating to the suffering of others, your capacity for compassion grows.

          When we realize the universality of humanity in all people, we generate a greater ability to empathize with others. There may be times when we look up to people and imagine that they are better than us or conversely think of another person as being beneath us. But examining the human details in others and visualizing their life as the same as ours help us to understand that we are all one. We are all children of the universe who cope with the same issues and undergo similar struggles. Realizing this helps us truly sympathize with others. By seeing that humanity is universal today, you will learn a deeper way to connect and empathize with others.

  53. Sky says:

    word is just a form which hold infinite meaning to them…just like your body and mind..i dont know what a trichiliocosm is but i do know that it is in the same category like the rest of the words…just like you said how can i cut and paste other word when you are also cutting and pasting others word…that right word is jus a form and i can also make up a name with the same meaning you wanting to know..

  54. Sky says:

    do u see the differences between the duplicate or do you see it as the same doesnt matter what u think it is…cuz the truth have neva left you…the one who percieves within you are god so am i not god…..we learn,study and understand thats our basic skills which also the original source of godlike for you to determine yourself whether you use ur knowledge for the good or the bad…everything will end up only being a memories…nothing is permanent in this world…nothing you gain or build in this life can save you from ur suffering..

  55. Sky says:

    only through self realization can you access the door to the infinite or the door to the unknown because your true self is the key and is the only pure gift of innocence within you…if my wordz doesnt make any sense to you then there nuttin left for me to say…just know that every races and every religion is of the same source…the differences is only the opposite of one another

  56. Sky says:

    the world trichiliocosm cannot be known by just mere words that been written..only for you to seek it yourself if you wish to see if there is such worlds…i have seen the infinite and there is nothing in the infinite that you can disciminate….if all the worlds is from the same source of infinite, how can i discriminate it…nothing iin this world can be explain into a definition..everything discriminates according to the senses of mankind…we share the same ability no one is higher than no one unless he is to be fully awaken… from what i see and understand from the gift that has chosen me show only the real here and now….you might know that the present is in the now but you will never know the real here unless you realize your inner soul

  57. Sky says:

    have you ever seen what inside a black hole…everyone look out from it everyday in there life and still wonder wat is it…many became confuse the day they were born thinking there possess to eyes but really in truth you looking out from only one eye which is the inner eye..the one the operates it is the core or the source of god which is the only piece on the other side of this black hole..the whole universe is within the body not outside the body….god wisdom is greater man wisdom makng the simplest things into a difficult things to figure out….everything in it is space and spaces is everything….when you realize emptiness you will know that emptiness is really not empty but only just a functional state

  58. Sky says:

    have you ever seen what inside a black hole…everyone look out from it everyday in there life and still wonder wat is it…many became confuse the day they were born thinking they possess 2 eyes but really in truth you looking out from only one eye which is the inner eye..the one that operates it is the core or the source of god which is the only piece on the other side of this black hole..the whole universe is within the body not outside the body….god wisdom is greater than man wisdom makng the simplest things into a difficult things to figure out….everything in it is space and spaces is everything….when you realize emptiness you will know that emptiness is really not empty but only just a functional state******

  59. Sky says:

    let me tell you that the internet is the greatest knowledge there is just like the mind…so if one says that jus because you search the internet to get ur answer doesnt mean its really true..aha but it is..not true but the truth…cuz neither right or wrong is still the same answer…the internet is jus like a universe while it is loading is just like a man about to land on the moon or any other planets… see if one search inside for the answer is faster than searching outside for the answer…the holy spirit is within each and everything and is its greatest manifestation

  60. Sky says:

    there many more i wish to say but i am limited due to the fact that one is not able to accept the truth until the right time..i went against my own self by lettin out all this message so if you really have a question that needs to be answer just ask me the Sky because i am limited to the eyes of all beings

  61. Momar says:

    I’m very disappointed for both sides as I have also read that there were people harassing him during his meditative state and so he felt forced to retaliate physically. It is hard to accept that people would be so blatantly selfish enough to prevent someone’s efforts of spiritual practice and also disheartening that yet another leader does not practice what he preaches.

    1. Sky says:

      i agree with you Momar but i have not witness the events that they claim to happen.. so either way there no proof of whats goin on but only rumors.. i havent heard any news of the buddha boy but only about this nonsense…i dont like to believe what i hear but rather for what i see…if he really did this according to the rumors then there must be an explaination for why he did it…if one becomes awaken already den for sure that he already let go of his ill will and is the one who envy that casting an evil eye upon him making everyone thinking he a false leader…i do wish to meet him face to face to see what lies beneath that human body…

  62. Sky says:

    as for right now…i only wish for the world to be at peace…so stay strong and walk in the righteous way to ward off evil

  63. yoda says:

    even Gautam Buddha was seriously accused by many…
    search google for what people were spreading about Amrapali and his relationship…..
    though i don’t know both sides but i respect a person who meditate elaborately…
    another point in ancient times even demonic humans were very hard meditators and they amplified their demonic attitudes and demonic willpowers… according to your subconscious minds attitude you will get fruit from meditation. That is why Buddha firstmost said that first attain Shunyaawastha (Shunya= zero, Awastha= State) so that there will be no question of in what state you will get amplified after meditation.
    Even Swami Vivekananda sometimes would get very very angry … so who is saying meditation practisioner should be brand ambassador of most calm most gentle and so on is false expectation.
    i like meaning of name Daniel (e.g. God is my judge). So let God Almighty should judge him only. (though i don’t understand even sand in christianity, islam, judaism, buddhism. Forgive me if i am doing some offence to anyone on this forum)

  64. mm says:

    I’m just wondering what does he look like now..he was a very pretty boy. lol

  65. laurie says:

    would i be right in saying- everything is contained within infinty, therefore everything is infinite?

  66. Mans says:

    If he was any way legitimate, yes he is expected to be ultimate ambassdor of calm

  67. Jyampakidwen says:

    Please do not believe what you read. The journalists did not report the truth. I was there, visit 5 times from America. I know the whole truth. Come to Nepal to see for yourself. He is the most amazing Guru I have ever known. Mm, he is very good looking and has absolute beautiful smile. Seeing is believing…Do not listen to rumors.

    1. JT says:

      what you are saying is hearsay. he can’t free anyone of the world. He can’t even get out of his own country! So, how can he free you spiritually? he said he cannot free anyone and yet you are still thinking he can. a beautiful face and smile doesn’t mean anything when it comes to spiritual fulfillment. such things are trivial.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Such kind words ..!! 🙂 Exactly believe in what you see , not in what you hear or read xx

  68. Zsuzsanna Takacs Marici says:

    An open request to Dharma Sangha
    Dearest Holy Dharma Sangha,

    All my praising words about you in my writings had been wrongly twisted in the past and translated falsely by your sangha members, so you could never learn the truth about my writings, though I still believe that you are a divine Guru with the ability to know the Truth. So please Dear Dharma Sangha, try to see the truth in my words and not the veils that the wrongwishers cover them with. And I would like to request your translators to translate this letter punctually and without leaving out words or changing them.

    Thank you that you have allowed me to continue to serve your devotees and other spiritual seekers by releasing me from your captivity in Halkoria and leaving me alive. Thank you that I can continue to praise your name by sadhana, speaking, meeting people and writing about the Truth. The suffering in Halkoria had reminded me of the need to spread the real Dharma and distinguish it from falseness even more, and I am very grateful to You for this.

    But I have a request to you. You have taken away from me a laptop, MP3 player, mobile phone, Bible, sunglasses, flashdrives and personal drawings and notes. These have been never returned to me. The laptop had been constantly used by me to write about the truth as it is, and in this to praise your greatness. This was done by my service to your sangha by writing many articles in Google Group about how great a divine being you are, and constantly informing others about your exceptional qualities as a Guru in my reports from 2011.

    I would never afford to ask my laptop back from You, as you are the owner of all what belongs to me, but I do not need it for my own entertainment, only for the service to your devotees and other spiritual seekers. After my captivity many people approached me with requests for advice about You, who you are in reality, what is the power which makes me still respect you after what you have done to me, how it is possible that I still consider you the same divine being. As I was able to praise you by my happiness, I am continuing to praise You by my suffering as well.
    But although these people are asking me to answer emails and write long texts, which I myself do with joy for the Dharma, I cannot do this regular service to them without a laptop. My readers need my help with advice in meditation and some of them need my reports that I am alive and safe, as many of my friends and pure devotees of You are worried about my safety after the acts your sangha did to me.

    But I cannot afford to pay internet cafes just for writing. I am doing this from their sponsorship, and these poeple, some of them your big devotees, are not rich, but all poor people. They even decided to collect money for me for a new laptop, so that I can write. But it is very difficult for them.

    But why should these poor people sacrifice their basic needs, if I do have a laptop, which was bought by my own money? But this laptop was taken by your sangha.
    Though in the tradition of yoga it was an acceptable way to offer the Guru all the possessions of a Chela, everyone knows that you never told your sangha that I would be your Chela… Yes, I wanted to offer You all my possessions in case I can become your Chela and can stay in Halkoria, but this did not happen in the reality of your sangha.

    But in the same reality was the laptop taken from me, and I never offered it to them. I have never offered this laptop to Your material-level sangha.

    In case you, Holy Dharma Sangha, personally use the laptop and other things, it would be an honor for me and please enjoy them any longer You wish. But I am afraid this is not the case…

    Your sangha has taken what was not given, and I believe and hope that even in these confusing times you are still teaching the same Eternal Dharma as Sakyamuni Buddha.
    The laptop and MP3 player had been partly a gift from a person near to me, and it has a value of love in it, not just the money. How can you support such a hurting act, influencing so many people’s feelings?

    I was taking this laptop from Europe for the sole reason to able to translate your prayers and teaching and spread your light by it to all the human beings. I did not stop to write truthful reports about You, and I continue to praise You by my writings, which is bringing a lot of fruits of Dharma You surely can know about.

    So please enable me to use this laptop again and write the Truth about Dharma, and help people come nearer to God’s Grace.

    This laptop is storing lots of private spiritual secrets about the grace I was receiving during 2011 in Hlakoria. Why is there no respect to other followers of Dharma in your sangha? To steal equipment and notes containing spiritual writings and drawings of holy experiences of other people is surely not an act of Dharma.

    Please return the laptop which was taken from me at You order, as the act of holding stolen objects from others is a sin for your sangha, though You Yourself are allowed to do anything. But what good is in encouraging and supporting sin? Please forgive my simple thinking, but I do not understand this secret. My brain was created only to grasp the Dharma and Shila, and supporting sinful acts in the name of Dharma I cannot understand in my low intelligence.

    This is an upside-down act, and because by this stealing act your sangha is blocking my ability to help others with advising about Dharma and praising You, it is a double wrong. Any sangha which is built on such a basement of harming others and stealing, would soon collapse.

    It is so easy and so pleasant to live in a world of Dharma and Shila – to keep the rules of non-harming, not-stealing and not-lying. Why it is not possible to arrange in Halkoria such a world, dear Dharma Sangha? The acts of taking other’s possessions, lying and harming others make life so heavy, dark and complicated, while to act according to Dharma would make all things easy and pleasant for everyone.

    Please, Dearest Dharma Sangha, let my belongings brought to Krishna Lama (Krishna meme) of Lama Hotel Simra, Bara District, Nepal, from where they will be taken by some of my friends or diiplomatic officials.

    Thank you for your patience with me and please forgive me that I have been born and wished to support you with all my heart and abilities. I have realized You did not need support. I am sorry to question the legitimity of stealing, lying and harming others in Your sangha. I would be able to give all all these belongings to you all to enjoy them, but now the necessity of the situation gave me courage to turn to Yourself for allowing me to serve Dharma by using the laptop. If it would be just for me, I did not have the courage to ask for it to be returned.

  69. JT says:

    Marici, him and his devotees are lost in their own ignorance. why appeal to them? they have no loving-kindness. that is just a pretty little idea they say with they lips but their hearts are cold and dead. end of story.

    1. Zsuzsanna Takacs Marici says:

      JT, you might be right. But I am also His devotee, in a way… And sorry, I do have some loving-kindness.
      If they are like that that, it is their problem. I am doing what anyone would do in my place: asking to return stolen belongings which I need. I did not report them to police just to protect the name of their Guru, though police were pushing me to make a report. . And I know the panic of jailing and being left alone, not provided even a lawyer or a diplomatic representative in a foreign country, surrounded by uniformed but easily bribed strangers… Do I really wish those fools in the sangha to suffer like had to do? Not really. So I am giving them a chance to return my belongings based o human ethics and the Dharma they speak and write so much about…

      1. JT says:

        Then you have a true and wonderful heart that is not superficial and pretentious. then, rare are you in this world to be one who is genuinely kind and considerate. but, to let them get away without doing all that is necessary to bring them to justice, is this not against truthfulness? what they did was beyond being inhumane. if it was something mediocre then, it would not be a major factor. you could simply shake the dust off your feet and walk on. but, to let this level of injustice, cruelty and indecency go… are you not leaving them opened to do this to someone else? Do what needs to be done. I am with you and many of the ‘intelligent’ ones of the DS groups and forums are with you.

        1. Zsuzsanna Takacs Marici says:

          Thank you, JT, though I have no idea who you are. But I am simply trying to be human, I know this species is getting to be extinct in so called spiritual people…

          “but, to let them get away without doing all that is necessary to bring them to justice, is this not against truthfulness?”
          Yes, you are right. But I am still giving them a chance. Justice is not in the world, its police or law forces – especially not in Nepal, a country without a Constitution. It is the responsibility of the Nepali Government to make sure that atrocities like they did to me and other people, are investigated and rightfully punished. It is not my responsibility. Though the Nepali public, especially in the area of Halkoria, is outraged by their activities, police and Government did nothing.

          “but, to let this level of injustice, cruelty and indecency go… are you not leaving them opened to do this to someone else?”
          Yes, unfortunately this is my fear too. This is not just about Marici, people forget that another woman, a Nepali, named Maata or Ani (mother or nun) suffered probably similarly like me from the sangha. We do not have any news about her after her release… Another person, present to the atrocities done on me, the new khenpo Dawa, has disappeared. We also did not get any explanation why, where and when… Are these people still safe and alive?

          You are right that I should not be silent also because if they were able to do such things to me, there can be soon other people tied to trees, tortured, sexually abused, violently treated by sangha… But I do not want them to suffer as I had to suffer from them, though I know that Karma is merciless. They are just blind. I feel pity for them, not revenge. But the injustice is painful for me.

          “Do what needs to be done. I am with you and many of the ‘intelligent’ ones of the DS groups and forums are with you.”
          Thank you, I know who is on the side of truth. It is something we are born with. A natural sense of truth, justice and ethics, no matter if we are religious or secular.

          The other type of human beings is exactly those, who were quick to condemn anyone in any historical event, be it burning “witches” in the Dark Middle Ages, be it burning “pagans” during the Christian Inquisition or Jews in the name of “purity of the race”… They are the most dangerous types of people, willing to be fooled to harm, torture and even kill under any reason, if it unifies them..

          But the sangha does not even know, why they harm and hate me. If you ask them , “What did Marici do to you, personally?”, they will find nothing. I had hardly any interaction with most of my torturers before… The answer will be: “….because everyone says she is a witch and she is evil, so who am I to decide if it is true, I am trusting sangha” (this answer had been really told by one of them!)

          1. JT says:

            then, I will rest in your wisdom of knowing what is best to be done when and how. take care. just be careful. as long as your heart is pure and clear whatever action you take it will be of that truthfulness. blessed be.

  70. Zsuzsanna Takacs Marici says:

    JT, please pray to the Highest God and Highest Guru, to help us, all people involved in this situation, either as victims or as persecutors. Thank you for your blessing words!

  71. Anonymous says:

    He should not be the reincarnation of Buddha, since Buddha has attained enlightenment and get out of the wheel of suffering( birth and death).

  72. Vadim says:


    omg.. some people realy like posting long inner monologs! 🙂

    i just have a question about maitreya buddha..
    didnt palden dorje/ram/buddha boy said that he is the reinkarnation of the maitreya buddha.?
    or is it just a story of the monks around him?

    and which buddha skool is it with this monks around him.?
    does anyone know??

    and are all his speakings/teachings in snaskrit?
    who translates them?
    or speaks he normaly nepal and only the “official” stuff is in sanskrit..?


  73. John Smith says:

    Well, most of the victims get sexually assaulted and manipulated by the offenders. After that the victims do not realize what actually had happened to them. I am not talking about “Marichi”.

    This is a fact only few people know. I knew one cult. That is a secret which of course I will not discuss. But the fact is for some people praying, or fasting, etc is a form of devotion. For some people sex is a form of devotion. They do sex because it is holiness. And there are secret societies which actually I will not discuss here. But I am just quoting facts here.

    Stay Blessed Marichi!

  74. jc says:

    We dont really know the truth if this article is true or not..gossips spreading and it changes from time to time..all we know is that he’s meditating for days /months according to the documented videos…and we really dont know if he’s still fasting after that days..u know people making up speculations..every now and then.

  75. John Smith says:

    Well, let me spit out some secret. The real thing is that. What we worship does matter. Whether you worship many gods, One God or the Devil. There are always choices, and the option you chose to worship will definitely help you, If you chose many gods …so and so,, if you chose one God,,,so and so…if you chose the devil and so, and any case you will be helped, whether you spent years without eating. To the world you are not eating but actually you are being given food into your belly by the Source that you worship. And thus people thinks that OH this is holiness. Actually this is not; don’t want to open secrets here. Good luck jc,

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      What if I choose the deviled eggs? Oooh, or the deviled ham? Will I be, to the world, eating?

    2. AT says:

      Wow John Smith what is yr profession that gives you info on these “secrets” re cults, gods, devil?

      “What we worship does matter?” in what way? You mean, maybe depending who I worship, “they” may answer my prayers faster? Who/why worship the Devil? What is the disadvantage / or advantage?

      To put it plainly, you mean those who go without food for impossible periods of time (not talking about HH Bomjon or any other Guru) does not have to be holy, as they may get their food from God or Devil? Please share more if you can, or where to dig more on those “secrets” you mention…haha your words spark a curious mind.

      And Marici if you happen to be reading?…I sent email to your gmail acct – hoping you would reply soon if and when you have time…

  76. John says:

    @AT wait and see we are coming at your place 🙂
    Hey Fitzer don’t panic. I guess you are having eerie feelings for eggs these days isn’t it. Amazed how do I know all that which is happening to you around these couple of days. 🙂

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      😉 I have been having eerie feelings for potato pancakes, not eggs, John. Wooooooo.

  77. adriana says:

    I hope Zsuzsanna got over her supporting such individual by now. You are worth more than that, young lady. I have no clue what had happened to you in your previous life, but know that people in general take advantage of those who are in desperation-even those who think they are not able to use, hurt one, most people still do, it is like sensing no self respect and feeling that that person does not mind. The real whole human would not take anything or harm you anyhow even if is in practice of belief thing (taking possessions or tied hands… ?!)
    I understand your need to believe or ease your life, even see some kind of charisma of the lad, but I reckon there is no easy way out to ‘enlightenment’-not that I know or try to define..
    I know one way, live with what life is, no advertised spirituality or promises of some lama. It is tough, but even in little things we do good for others around us, and saying truth there is at least a good feeling when you look behind you at how you live. To sit somewhere to show that you can sit for long or not eat will gain you attention, sure. Dude should use his time and body different way. Also most people with basic common sense and even with no much education already know why world suffers, so he said not much of new. And his helping to world by meditation: well, sure, but does not work for me, sorry..
    You know person by what he does. He did get attention. Said what he said, and sat there. great. he sure is doing it just for himself so I don’t get those following him, obviously he does not want to interact, but enjoyed publicity. Hope that had an end to it, for good of those who followed.

    1. Zsuzsa says:

      “I hope Zsuzsanna got over her supporting such individual by now. You are worth more than that, young lady. I have no clue what had happened to you in your previous life, but know that people in general take advantage of those who are in desperation-”

      Yes, thank you for you worries. I got over it. Yes, very exact: I was vulnerable as my baby had died I 2007, so I wished to leave worldly life and return to meditation, broken by the big pain of the loss of my child! I was looking for some solace, some guru to caress my weeping soul wit divine states in which I could detach from the pain losing my child… Instead he let me chained, attacked and raped, for nothing!

      I think I was just so desperate after the senseless tortures tat Bomjon did to me, an my some of my friends, that I wanted to find some “spiritual” explanation to it, and the image that the guru was just punishing me for some past life faults (which he but failed to prove me even when requested)was a temporary solution to stop to ask questions… I even wrote on my website that am giving him a chance to prove that all that violence and immorality was just some strange “test” or “divine play” (leela) or exercise to make me strong, but he did not use this chance. Instead, he just added a few victims to the long list and spread a few absurd gossips about me to my friends to argue why he “had” to torture me and Maata for months. I was still “drugged” by the sick devotion towards this harmful “guru”, many months after the captivity, trying to protect his good name against critics and trying to “open eyes” that torturing others by a guru is just a normal and acceptable thing, breaking hands and letting raped women is allowed, when done by a guru… I wished it was so. It even might be so. Just a little problem with it: Ram Bomjon is NOT a guru! I am not sure if it is allowed to go further with this on these pages, but finally, after painful investigation also on all around Nepal, asking locals (I speak some Nepali)and inner research facing my fears and attachments, I got to a conclusion which is rather frightening…

      “I understand your need to believe or ease your life, even see some kind of charisma of the lad, but I reckon there is no easy way out to ‘enlightenment’-not that I know or try to define..”

      But yes you are right. I just was so sad I needed a shortcut…A jungle environment, peace, god people around, birds songs.. I did not need much of him. I wanted to give I was a volunteer translator of his prayers…

      “I know one way, live with what life is, no advertised spirituality or promises of some lama. It is tough, but even in little things we do good for others around us, and saying truth there is at least a good feeling when you look behind you at how you live.”

      Yes, St Therese’s “little way”. Finally everyone once must realize that real spirituality is not pathetic exclamations in crowded rituals and preaching big words on stages.. Real spirituality is in a modest everyday life when choosing to follow our conscience and ethics in dealing with anyone and anything.

      “To sit somewhere to show that you can sit for long or not eat will gain you attention, sure. Dude should use his time and body different way.”

      Good point. But there is a tradition in Asia to find out who we are, who is God, why we are. But yogi and sadhus who used to sit like him, or even real Buddhas, come out of the Tapasya years as more moral, more gentle, more empathic.. Bomjon’s sitting only fortified his inborn violent character, and made him proud and domineering, a dictator who say he is higher than all gods and God and al Buddas…(really, just ask his followers).

      “Also most people with basic common sense and even with no much education already know why world suffers, so he said not much of new. And his helping to world by meditation: well, sure, but does not work for me, sorry..”

      His speeches were disappointingly non-authentic to me too. But I fooled myself that this was just a theater to satisfy worldly people, but in reality he is intelligent and high :)No, he is not. His meeting with Nepali Prime Minister shows how unable he is even to formulate a normal speech spontaneously.

      “You know person by what he does. He did get attention. Said what he said, and sat there. great. he sure is doing it just for himself so I don’t get those following him, obviously he does not want to interact, but enjoyed publicity. Hope that had an end to it, for good of those who followed.”

      But Adriana, that is a far past! Nowadays he is a leader with fast speech with the tone of gang leaders, cynicism irony and dark jokes, emotionally instable and hectic chaotic person unable to even walk from point to point B without four-six security guards or at best with a helicopter… He I ridiculing meditation now.

  78. Xai Kai says:

    Most enjoyable dialogue with responses and convictions.
    Xai Kai

  79. Crystle says:

    Attractive part of content. I simply stumbled
    upon your blog and in accession capital to say that I get actually enjoyed
    account your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing for
    your feeds and even I success you get entry to
    consistently quickly.

  80. egoless says:

    Good on J Thomas for inspiring so many positive and loving responses ahahaha. poor soul at such a battle with ego… We truly lose touch and grasp of true wisdom once we begin to believe we know it all.

  81. Jo says:

    I came in late to this thread but it made me wonder if everyone who participated in it was sitting in the same room together at the same time without access to any technology whatsoever, how different the conversation would have been. Would there have been more loving kindness and respect for all, or would there have been a few black eyes. Considering this thread started as a result of the violence of Ram Bahadur Bonjom and his followers, it’s a curious thought.

  82. Sense says:

    I have never heard such dribble particularly from JThomas. But even more so from the rest (although I did not read all the articles)

    I find that those whose hearts have Hardened have little perception of the spiritual. In fact, the whole point about spiritual is that you cannot perceive it (easily or even at all) with your natural senses or soul (mind, thoughts and emotions) however, your soul or rather your brain is the main or only conduit to draw out spiritual truths, realities and manifestations.

    What is certain is this, God is a Spirit and those who worship him must do so in the spirit and in truth.

    Herego the issues here is that God is not the only spiritual power out there and if you don’t know what you are doing ( like where most of us start of and sadly most are still stationed) there are many voices out there that are leading/ trying to lead you and you will fall for them to your demise. God’s voice is not the only spiritual voice out there.

    So, this is why you need the Word of God- the Bible in order to perceive the spiritual world, understand what is going on around you and walk the right path.

    You know it, I know it, everyone who reads this article knows it and even if you try to deny it, your heart will tell you that what I just shared with you is a spiritual truth.(it applies on all levels of existence and not even worth arguing against)

    So there it is, the seed is planted now guard it in your heart and with all your might and command your mountain to move.

    Finally, Love is the bound that holds all things together and make all true seeds sown in the spirit work. If you cannot get/understand spirituality, well you actually do not need to. I can sum it all up for you like this, Love God, & Love everyone else as God loves you (which is a higher standard than Love everyone as you love yourself because frankly some of you humans do not even like yourselves)

    1. J Clifford says:

      I have read what you wrote, but I have no idea what exactly you’re talking about. My heart can’t tell me that what you’ve shared “is a spiritual truth”, given that what you’ve shared is incoherent.

      Can you please try to be a bit more clear? Before you can convince people to agree with you, you’ve got to make sense, Sense.

    2. Zsuzsa says:

      ” Herego the issues here is that God is not the only spiritual power out there and if you don’t know what you are doing ( like where most of us start of and sadly most are still stationed) there are many voices out there that are leading/ trying to lead you and you will fall for them to your demise. God’s voice is not the only spiritual voice out there. ”

      This is a very nicely written truth. It becomes more disappointing when you offer a rather narrow-minded only solution: “So, this is why you need the Word of God- the Bible in order to perceive the spiritual world, understand what is going on around you and walk the right path.”

      Not all humanity is Christian and for those significant numbers who are not, you should add, there are other spiritual guidances – worlds of God – in their own traditions. Torah, Quran, Bhagavadgita, Dhammapada, just to mention a few. They all teach similar basic rules how to live a right life.

      But yes, your reasoning is valid! But believe me, that even such a reasoning can be hijacked by guru-cults and transformed to prove the “necessity” to have a guru/spiritual leader to bow to and ask all questions, to clarify the holy books. And then the next step of hijacking is when apart from the need to clarify (and helped distinguish good from bad) a cult does no need only a guru but a whole system, organization, church or ashram: and they will continue to use your original argument: the need to have a guidance, because”God is not the only spiritual power out there and if you don’t know what you are doing “… A guru always knows, they claim, and the guru appointed authorities as well…

      Finally your own direction gets you back to the original point which can be so much misused: “God is not the only spiritual power out there and if you don’t know what you are doing ”

      A civilized, adult, morally backed, normal human being has all the abilities to actually know what one is doing! We all have a soul, heart a mind. These are the tools to you to find out who we are why we are here, who are others, what is the world. Without the need to hang on external walking sticks which can easily break, we have been given by God all we need to return to Him.

  83. C. N says:

    MarichiNovember 10, 2014 at 2:53 AM
    This article has a number of confusing mistakes. Please correct them. I am Marici, one of the two women held captive by Bomjon in 2012. His brothers, Dil Bahadur and Gangajet did not harm me at all. In april 2012, after seeing my case in TV, they went to Bomjon to ask why he did this to me, and to take their smallest sister Ranjeeta away, afraid to keep her with such a cult. So they were NOT aggressors and criminals, as you article (maybe due to the weak translation?) shows. They were also victims. On the other hand, you mention Limbu, his full name is Darshan Subba Limbu (Foon Chok) and it was him who had sexually assaulted me about 4 times. But you write a mistake: Limbu is NOT a brother of Bomjon! He is just an attendant. He was not teh only one who tortured me though, in 2012: Tomek Tarnowski Dorje and Molam lama, also Shangbo Dong had actively tortured me, while scores of followers were there, saw it and heard it, and not helping. Marici


    1. Zsuzsa says:

      To C. N.: it belongs to a basic Netiquette not to quote the words of others without giving the source. This comment I wrote under the article on and it is not a comment under the article here, on Irregular Times. Brazil Weird News surely had the best intentions, just they confused the names and deeds, du to a poor translation which is evident from their article’s style. Otherwise I am sure they did not want to harm anyone’s reputation. But C.N., it is kind of out of space when you place that comment here… Because Irregular Times did not accuse the family of Bomjon of attacking me or Maata at all. So why did you copy my comment as if in my name here?

  84. Zsuzsa says:

    A brief introduction of the nationality/caste system in Nepal – why Limbu cannot be the brother of Bomjon: Ram Bomjon belongs to the “Bomjon” sub-caste of the Tamang caste, which are often speaking their own Tamang language and source themselves from Mongolia. Darshan Subba Limbu (Bomjon rewarded him with a monk name Jyampa Foon Chok) belongs to the “Limbu” caste, although his mother is Gurung. Someone with a surname (which always denotes the caste in Nepal) of “Bomjon” can never have an own brother with a surname “Limbu”. On the other hand Molam lama, who re-broke my broken hand second time, belongs among the Magar caste. Shangbo Dong I guess is Tamang but not sure. So the claims on Brazil Weird News that Bomjon’s brother is Limbu, would bring a smile on the faces of Nepalis.

  85. C. N says:

    To Zsuzsa
    I’m sorry. I just want people to hear and opened their eyes from your stories. Sorry I didn’t mean anything bad.

    1. Zsuzsa says:

      Ok for now, just next time add the Internet URL link to other people’s quote which you are using on a different website/blog, so that readers can check out the context in which it was written and the date.

  86. Thomas Tejiyas says:

    Sigh. I performed yoga and pranayamas at 18-22 years age. Forced myself to an OBE, and had partial kundalini awakening. joined (and left) hindu sects and studied religious and philosophical scriptures. Travelling the world, fighting cancer and settled with family. Let me tell you, wisdom comes with life. This boy has to experience love and disappointment, hope and despair, emotional followers as well as crazy followers,etc, and most important in order to realize that exactly all souls are equally worthy to God he has to get down from the throne. This is the age of kali – a pedestal is there to raise the teacher so he can be seen and heard, but proudness crawls also up the pedestal. I´m 56 now and have seen enough of this guru nonsense. Ram Bomjon has to be damn careful, because he is definitely not Buddha and should not let people around him worship him as some god. If it works out for him, he could be a very good rinpoche in his later years.

  87. Liz Kay says:

    Sorry but half of this is a lie.
    I wonder why you didn’t mention that a camera team from National Geographic observed him for more than 5 days straight and confirmed that he didn’t drink nor eat? They were pretty near and could see everything clearly.
    Also it’s just plain wrong to say that he left the tree because the police wanted to investigate. He left it because he got distrurbed by the crowd.

    His skills are real. He doesn’t need to eat or drink but this is pretty common for people who really know how to meditate.

    Only western people would be cynical like you and joke about it even though they know nothing about it. You joke about the solution to many many problems. Thanks for holding back our development.

    Then there’s the thing about him ” capturing and beating up people”.
    I don’t know how much of it is true. But i just witnessed how you twisted the truth so you might’ve as well done it with that part of the story.
    Maybe he did get corrupt, maybe not. But you’re words can’t be trusted sorry. It’s more than obvious that you’re just trying to make him look bad. You don’t know what damage people like you are causing in this world man..

    1. gurucopter says:

      He is the best and doesn’t afraid of anything!

  88. Marīci says:

    Liz Kay, you all are waving with Discovery Channel, but why is that they themselves never come out to prove what the Bomjon Sangha is claiming about them? The reason is that actually the whole seriousness of the “scientific background” is exaggerated, and in reality there had not been allowed for Discovery team to film Bomjon even three days and nights, not mentioning 5 days! You are just jangling with words here and there, but there is not a single evidence that it is actually true. If it was, Discovery and BBC would stand behind your claims, but they don’t … Actually we can learn from a small book written by Daniel Haber, why it is not a serious proof: Daniel Haber: Journey into the forest (Seeking the Enigmatic “Little Buddha” of Nepal)
    Daniel Haber, Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi, 2007
    Discovery Channel had been here to set up cameras, but it didn’t work out and they may return again later. However when we contacted the Discovery liaison person in Kathmandu, Carolyn Syangbo, she said that Discovery had hoped to film three continuous days but were only given permission to film at night from 50 meters away and their infra cameras were not good enough. She said, “After their first visit the Discovery team were very interested, but after the second visit they thought it was all a bit fishy.”

  89. Marīci says:

    To Liz Kay: “Also it’s just plain wrong to say that he left the tree because the police wanted to investigate. He left it because he got distrurbed by the crowd.”

    Who or what is your source, Liz Kay? The Bomjon Sangha’s propagandist websites and meetings? That is simply not unbiased enough for most people to take objectively. What is my own source? I had been kidnapped, tortured and beaten by Bomjon and his attendants 3 months, and met 3 of his many other victims who confirmed me a similar “treatment”. If you learn Nepali and go around the area, villagers will actually tell you that yes, he disappeared many times “mysteriously” out of very pragmatic reasons: after he attacked people, he had to hide from police, until his rich donors “smoothed” these unpleasant consequences down…

    “His skills are real. He doesn’t need to eat or drink but this is pretty common for people who really know how to meditate.”

    Again, had you been there 6 years day by day near him, that you can claim this as a witness? It I just your wishful thinking, subjective, belief. Do you really expect that the wide public will consider your personal belief a scientific evidence? On the other hand we can find many people who mention that Bomjon had been actually eating, though not much and not so often, but eating, during the 6 years. To me this was confessed by his nearest devotee Jas Waiba, for example. Or here: :
    “Lokendra Badu
    Well, Here is what i heard about buddha child..
    In 2009, I went to shoot documentary of largest animal sacrifice festival , The Gadhimai Mela (Gadhimai Mela 2069 Youtube) .I also read in newspaper that Ram Bahadur Bomjan was going to stop this killings with his special god gifted power.
    on the way to Bara,Nepal I met Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Teacher, he was also local of that place where Bomjan borned,studied. He told me that he is not Buddha child , he just have some unusual disease from childhood. He used to sit alone and not so friendly with others. He told me that when Ram Bahadur Bomjon was in 8th Grade ( I dun remember the exact grade) two korean citizen and one Nepali people come to there school and they donate some money to school as well. At that moment they also made this big master plan of making Ram Bahadur Bomjan as child Buddha. So, they use the unusual sickness of bomjan as a medium to earn money and of course they did grab huge money from it as well.

    I also asked about how can he meditate without eating for days to him. He replied “That’s why they didn’t give permission to enter new people where Bomjan meditate.. Bomjan used to have food daily around nights”

    In Gadhimai Mela Bomjan didn’t showed up with his special powers as people like me were waiting for him to be present there and stop this nonsense killing festival. But he didn’t showed up there.

    So , from this teacher conversation and Bomjan absense in Gadhimai Mela 2009 .. I think this Buddha Child Was Fake.”

    Liz Kay, you write:
    “Then there’s the thing about him ” capturing and beating up people”.
    I don’t know how much of it is true. But is just witnessed how you twisted the truth so you might’ve as well done it with that part of the story.”

    I am carrying the “stamp” of truth about this “capturing and beating up people” on my body, Liz! I am one of the many victims beaten, tortured by him, and held captive. I was just too devoted to him long so I did no make a big sensation about my suffering for long. But after I see what is he about and how he continues with the same violence against others, I had become sober in this. I had put on the Internet the X-rays of my broken wrists, broken by Bomjon and his attendant, a Buddhist Magar lama! I had been sexually assaulted repeatedly by Bomjon’s bodyguard D. (now a Lama as well, Jyampa F.). My chains had been put on me and the keys from its lockers held by Bomjon’s attendant T. (D.) form Poland. These are all concrete things, registered by Nepali police and media, and witnessed by many followers in 2012… who eventually told what they saw to Avenue TV.

    “Maybe he did get corrupt, maybe not. But you’re words can’t be trusted sorry. It’s more than obvious that you’re just trying to make him look bad. You don’t know what damage people like you are causing in this world man..”

    Why would an author have any such goal, just to damage a meditating boy? Can you find any real reason, any benefit for an author for making up a damaging story about a Nepali ascetic, if it was like this? Why cannot the author’s words be trusted? Any logical reason for that?

  90. The UGLY Truth says:

    As you notice Ram Bahadur has really hair probably a wig made of natural hair(notice all other Indians have normal hair cut). Beneath the wig he puts plastic bag full with salt water or other nutritious substances. It’s very possible to pierce the tympanic membrane and to reach the throat via a thin tube.
    He has a catheter to urinate. His brother enters the tree through an underground shaft to change the dippers.
    Otherwise I KNOW that meditation is the way to reach enlightenment, but especially this guy is an impostor!

    1. Vaja Yogini says:

      It’s possible to put a plastic bag with glucose solution on the top of your head. The tube with the needle entering your vein (notice his hand is hidden). Catheter for the urine. Dippers for the poop. The brother sneaks through underground tunnel to change the dippers. Now when he is rich enough he can afford more sophisticated equipment: FX skin, wigs…etc.
      Shame for the Buddhist world! Meditation is great practice and false “gurus” must be debunked!!!!!!

      1. Zsuzsi Takacs says:

        No need for such complicated equipment, when everyone was forbidden to enter the site after 5 PM, even the alleged (96 hours a row) BBC crew. Actually those 96 hours in a row had been filmed only during daytime, not at nights. This is what Daniel Haber is writing in his book Journey into the forest – in search for the Buddha Boy of Nepal as early as in 2006 (when the BBC documentary was made). He spoke with the Nepalese representative of BBC and she told him that the crew was so much limited in their filming (by the “Sangha” = cult members) that they finally thought that it was all ” a bit fishy”… Even to keep hungry a young boy during days is already a big deal I think, so in any case the young Bomjon was an ascetic. But what is bad is lying: against Buddha’s Pancha Shila (five moral rules). And Bomjon lied that he never ate in 6 years.

  91. Anonymous says:

    This is insanity. For people to throw around bashing lies is in itself destructive Not only for the writer, but also for the people who read and believe these tall tails clearly written from an un-professional bias. Give facts, and clear details, instead of an article written in 5 minutes with a clear intent to discredit a spiritual figure. Its a shame things like this are punlished, and even more alarming people believe everything they read on the internet. Research the truth and assess the news yourself instead of un-professional works like this.

  92. Zsuzsi Takacs says:

    The links to The Himalayan Times, The Hindustani Times, Ekantipur and Nepalnews are no more working, when it comes to the contrversies of Ram Bomjon. This is a result of the mny years long influencing, bribes and threats and using the cult’s political contacts – an ex-health minister who is a devotee of Bomjon, as well as probably also the late Prime Minister’s support. Apart from these, the cult’s self-styled US-Nepalese “PR expert”, Kishore Sherchand, had explicitly announced in October 2012 (on their inner forums) that he is going to do maximum to “clear the media of the negative image” about Bomjon. Interestingly this actually happened, the very same year and from the very same month the Nepalese mainstream media was not publishing a single letter about Bomjon and his crimes. Insiders explained me also that the European “Sangha’s” alleged leader, Ivy Jugoa (Jyampa Lhaden) was regularly bombarding Nepalese government offices with petitions to not allow the Nepalese media to dirty the image of her guru…
    Be it anyone and anything, the Nepali mainstream media had not only stopped to write new articles (or, the TV to show new documentaries and news shots) about Bomjon, but they had even DELETED ALL controversial articles that had been ever written about Bomjon – and that is not a small number. To make it even more effective they simply closed down their websites’s archives access for the public, interestingly coinciding with a great refurbishing of their sites (The Himalayan Times, Ekantipur). Two of Nepal’s main online media has this no more access to the articles which dealt widely with Bomjon’s crimes. While, if you search for other older articles on any other topic, you might easily find them on the Internet: thus one can get a proof that the deleting of old articles and entire Archives was SELECTIVE.

    As The Irregular Times articles about Bomjon are also using the links to mostly The Himalayan Times as reference inside the texts, I would like to warn you, the authors, that these links are no more working. Yet back in 2012, when set free from this cult, I had foreseen this move somehow, knowing how fanatically the leaders wanted to polish the image of the fake “Buddha” already in 2011… I had saved all available articles and recorded TV news and documentaries from the Internet and shared with a lot of people. I have also entered many articles from the media to Internet Archives ( or Archive,today,

    If you wish to use the links to the articles which had been deleted by mainstream Nepali media, or other, you can surely find them in one of these clandestine Bomjon-media-storing websites:

    1. Zsuzsi Takacs says:

      Dear accuser of the author, concerning facts, proofs and witness and victims accounts you have plenty available on the Internet, just search.

      1. Jason says:

        Jason, I do not know you.. I care not to tangle with your Ego. You have somehow convinced yourself you are awakened or enlightened? How? Via Wikipedia? Social Media? Every reply you made was like reading a Childs reply except instead of growing up it was a constant decrease in “wisdom” with words.. To put it blunt.. you sound like a spoiled little brat. And I don’t enjoy using words like that but Your Spiritual Persona has trapped you in One of the Darkest Caves I’ve ever heard an Echo come out of.. I did not call you a brat , just that’s how your words made you come off.
        This is my First time on this site.. Im guessing it’s yours or your connected to it somehow but Good Lord. If you are “AWAKE” I would rather stay asleep if that’s how it turns out to be.. But I KNOW this to be untrue. I wish you well. Calm Down and Check yourself!

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