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The Foreign 4-Propylbenzaldehyde Mystery

There are seven commercial suppliers of the industrial chemical 4-Propylbenzaldehyde in the United States of America. They are:

3B Scientific Corporation
Honest Joy Holdings
Rieke Metals, Inc.
Oakwood Products, Inc.
Riedel-de Haen AG
Platte Valley Scientific, LLC
ASDI Incorporated

Why, when there are so many domestic sources of 4-Propylbenzaldehyde within the United States, has Congressman Mick Mulvaney introduced H.R. 4354, legislation to reduce the import fees on 4-Propylbenzaldehyde?

Does Mulvaney think that there is something with American-made 4-Propylbenzaldehyde?

A person doesn’t just spontaneously wake up in the morning and say, “You know, what we need in this country is more foreign-made 4-Propylbenzaldehyde.” Who put Representative Mulvaney up to writing this bill, and what’s their relationship to the Congressman?

Can anyone out there shed some light for me on this mystery?

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