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All Of The Above Insanity From Congressman Scott Tipton

Coal-fired power plants in Shenandoah National Park.

Nuclear power plants in Yellowstone National Park.

Oil refineries on the National Mall.

Hydrofracking in the Finger Lakes National Forest.

Offshore drilling along the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Agricultural methane processing stations in the Everglades.

Hydroelectric dams in the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area.

Garbage incineration power plants at Mount Rushmore.

These are the kind of changes that would be considered under Congressman Scott Tipton‘s new legislation, H.R. 4381, which directs the Secretary of the Interior “to establish goals for an all-of-the-above energy production plan strategy on a 4-year basis on all onshore Federal lands managed by the Department of the Interior and the Forest Service”.

Representative Tipton’s legislation illustrates the profound disregard for the worth of our nation’s natural environment that has become characteristic of politicians in the U.S. Congress. It also reveals the absurdity of the approach that almost every elected official in Washington D.C., including Barack Obama, praises as “All Of The Above”.

An All Of The Above energy plan isn’t a plan at all. It’s merely a statement that our country should take action, and do something, do anything at all, without consideration of the consequences. It’s a policy to say that whenever anyone comes up with a plan for energy production, it should be approved without question.

All Of The Above is a path that convert our nation into a collection of furnace, ash piles and mine shafts.

Scott Tipton all of the above energy plan for federal lands

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  1. Tom says:

    Oh and don’t forget “say goodbye to privacy and freedom” CISPA:

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