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Committee to Get Walker Running Supporters connected to Americans Elect and Concord Coalition

The Committee to Get Walker Running, a group trying to kick start a Draft David Walker for President campaign, has 10 public supporters on the morning of April 21 2012. This count comes from a web page prominently linked to on the front page of On a subsidiary web page, visitors are urged to sign a “pledge to become an Americans Elect delegate and support David Walker.” A few other people have taken the pledge there.

Putting those two lists together generates a set of 12 people supporting the Committee to Get Walker Running:

Public Supporters of the Committee to Get Walker Running, as of the morning of April 21 2012

9 out of the 12 public supporters of this Draft David Walker effort are either campus leaders in the Americans Elect organization, leaders in the Concord Coalition funded by Peter G. Peterson, or both.

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Update, 11:09 AM: Blake Wright’s LinkedIn profile has been updated, showing an upgrade from Regional Campus Director to National Campus Director for Americans Elect. That’s a prominent leadership and paid staff position within Americans Elect.

Americans Elect: Blake Wright promoted from Regional Campus Director to National Campus Director

Blake Wright has also pledged to support David Walker for President.

Americans Elect National Campus Director pledges to support David Wright for President

That’s a direct violation of the Americans Elect neutrality policy.

9 thoughts on “Committee to Get Walker Running Supporters connected to Americans Elect and Concord Coalition”

  1. John Lumea says:

    Well sleuthed, Jim.

    It’s curious, to me, that Nick Troiano doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere at A drop-down menu under the About tab includes a sub-tab for “The Committee,” which directs to a page listing Yoni Gruskin and Ryan Schoenike as the only two “co-chairs.” But, according to an email that I received yesterday from Solomon Kleinsmith:

    Gruskin and Schoenike chair the org, and Nick directs it.

    This would seem to suggest — if there’s any committee structure at all — either that Troiano is the real Chair, with Gruskin and Schoenike as Vice-Chairs, or that Troiano is something like the President.

    Either way: If, as Kleinsmith writes, Troiano is the one who “directs” the committee, then surely his name ought to be listed prominently on the site.

    And who else is on this “Committee to Get Walker Running”? Kleinsmith? Lincoln Davidson? Others on the lists above?

    One of the FAQs at (accessible from the About menu) reads (emphases mine):

    Who is behind this?

    This draft effort was started by several young people –– Democrats, Republicans and independents –– who are fed up with today’s hyper-partisan politics and are concerned for the future of our country.

    Several of the organizers were deeply involved in the “Do We Have a Deal Yet?” initiative of last summer, which mobilized over 140 Student Body Presidents to pressure President Obama and the Congress to adopt a “grand bargain” around deficit reduction during the debt ceiling negotiations. Our leaders answered by kicking the can down the road again, which resulted in a downgrade of our credit rating. Rather than sending another letter, we think sending another candidate will send a louder message.

    So who are these “several young people” — a group which, this answer implies, is large enough to include within it a subgroup of “[s]everal…organizers [who] were deeply involved in the ‘Do We Have a Deal Yet?’ initiative”?

    And which, if any, of these people formally is on the Committee to Get Walker Running?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      That’s not precisely what the data show, Tom. The number of people signing up for Pinterest through Facebook has declined. It’s possible that more people are now signing up for Pinterest independently, which would be an indication of the social site’s independence and therefore strength.

      To connect this to the subject of the article, I just looked up “David Walker” on Pinterest… the only pins up for “David Walker” are for an artist of the same name who has a thing for faces.

  2. Bill says:

    It is a little (but only a little) surprising how little effort Americans Elect has devoted to trying to decently hide the fact that the fix is in for David “Who?” Walker. Look for the organization to change its name soon to “Americans Elect Walker.”

    Oh no they don’t….

  3. Bill says:

    By the way, Jim: congrats on your sleuthing which uncovered William Kelleher’s “Rapid Response Team” affiliation at Americans Elect. Now that his cover is blown we seem to be subjected to much less of his coy credulousness.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We can “follow the money” now more than ever in coming elections:

  5. Tom says:

    sorry – that was me above

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I believe it.

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