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5 Big Media Mentions get David Walker for President 31 more Votes

How does one Americans Elect draft committee called “The Committee to Get Walker Running,” representing a Americans Elect presidential candidate named David Walker, manage to get 5 big media mentions in one day (#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5)? I mean, there are 432 other Americans Elect draft committees out there trying to get attention too. How does the Draft Walker Committee manage the trick, especially if, as it says, it’s just two weeks old and utterly not related to anybody, just a bunch of earnest kids? How does this one candidate get so much media attention like – snap! – that?

Here‘s how:

Here‘s how:

Connections of the Committee to Get Walker Running

Here‘s how:

And what did all that big media access get David Walker?

Last night, there were 261 people voting for David Walker for President on the Americans Elect system. Tonight, after the David Walker campaign’s biggest media day ever, there are 293 people voting for David Walker for President. At this rate, David Walker will earn a spot on the 2012 Americans Elect presidential ballot some time in 2013.

What David Walker’s selling — a Pete Peterson brand of cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security while America’s richest earn ever more — the American people aren’t buying. Inside connections can get an aspiring politician plenty of notice. But all the connections in the world can’t buy people’s minds.

10 thoughts on “5 Big Media Mentions get David Walker for President 31 more Votes”

  1. John Lumea says:

    It is a lot of media for one day — especially for someone who, according to press accounts; according to the official bio, the official press release, and the official editorial (co-authored by the draft committee co-chairs) at; and, in one case, according to, isn’t even on the Board of Advisors of Americans Elect or a national co-founder of No Labels.

    That said: As I scroll through that Americans Elect advisory board, I do notice a few political consultants who would have been able to help with media access.

    As to the low voter turnout: Maybe it has something to do with the thin-skinned and occasionally trash-talking tweets of the draft committee’s social media volunteer.

  2. Daniel H says:

    Whew. I am glad for these results. I think the learned here by the DWalker for Prez Committee is also the lesson learned by Americans Elect itself. Start you voting (supporting) process the same time as the Iowa primary. We would have a better start than just 60 days. And if you want to run, don’t waffle and wait until the end.

    1. Joshua says:

      At the pace the AE candidates have been gathering support clicks, even having the full months of November, December, and January wouldn’t even have been enough time for any of them to garner the 1,000 supporters in each of 10 states to qualify for the primary ballot.

  3. Jim Cook says:

    Watch out, world! Overnight, David Walker for President has gotten Four More Votes.

    Why am I writing this mockingly, and who am I mocking? I’m mocking the media, who in their glowy media reviews yesterday were shoving out phrases like “a prospect that seems more and more likely of late” (Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post) and “Walker fever: It’s spreading” (Alexander Burns of Politico).

    The only place where Walker fever is spreading is the DC dinner party circuit.

    1. John Lumea says:

      BREAKING: David Walker has punched through the 300-click ceiling.

      Maybe this is what Politico meant in saying that Walker “could end up punching well above his political weight”?

      1. David Walker says:

        WOOT! 16th place, here I comes!

      2. AE Transparency says:

        To put Walker’s ‘progress’ into perspective: when we published our most recent Weakly Voting Highlights for Americans Elect on 4/21, Walker had just 1.32% of the ten-state qualifying votes he needs (with the first-round ballot period 89% complete). As of right now (4:30 PM ET 4/24) Walker’s media blitz has rocketed his tally to 1.66% of the number of ten-state qualifying votes he needs (with the voting period now 92% complete).

        There’s just no stopping the Walker Express! Apparently his unofficial campaign motto isn’t resonating with voters: “If Granny doesn’t like sleeping in the street, let her go back where she came from!”

  4. J. Clifford says:

    And Rocky Anderson, who compromised his principles and pissed off his supporters by embracing the Americans Elect pro-corporate political party, now has a whopping 2,141 supporters.

    Rocky Anderson has been gaining supporters at the pathetic rate of 39 people per day. In order to even qualify for the lowered Americans Elect threshold, he needs 47,959 new supporters.

    Where are they going to come from? Has anyone heard anything at all about Rocky Anderson in the news lately? Anderson trashed his own campaign by joining the world of corporate influence in politics, and then, corporate America decided to ignore him anyway.

    At his current rate, Rocky Anderson would gain enough supporters on Americans Elect to qualify for consideration for the Americans Elect space on the ballot in about two and a half years.

    1. Charles Manning (manning120) says:

      Maybe this explains it. Here’s a copy of the email AE sent me, after I made many tries to vote for Anderson:

      “Hi Charles,
      “Thanks for your message. To help ensure the authenticity of the vote,
      all identity verification must be done through the website.
      All delegates are given three chances to verify their
      identity.Unfortunately, people who fail the verification process three
      times are no longer eligible to participate
      in the primary. This is to ensure a secure and reliable process.
      “The AE Team”

  5. Bill says:

    I tell ya, it’s a major ground-swell of spearheaded rising of the center support! And other tumescence metaphors. I want to have Walker’s baby.

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