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The Hunted Wolf

It had been 123 years since a wolf was seen in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of southwestern Germany. Recently, however, locals reported seeing a wolf, causing excitement at the idea of a return of wolves to the mountainous area. Today, however, it is reported that the remains what appears to be a wolf, shot dead by a hunter, have been found in the region. Will it be another 123 years before the next wolf tries to re-enter the area?

wolf shot dead in southwestern GermanyHere in the United States, three members of a family who killed almost all the members of what was the sole wolf pack in all of the state of Washington were convicted at the end of last week, but were let off the hook with fines and probation. They were caught in their crime when they tried to ship a bloody wolf pelt using a fake telephone number at a FedEx facility.

Elsewhere across the northern United States, newly legal wolf hunts are about to begin. In Wisconsin, 25 known illegal wolf killings took place last year, but now that Governor Scott Walker signed a law legalizing wolf hunting, and the Obama Administration has approved the removal of wolves from protection under the Endangered Species Act, Wisconsin residents are clamoring for the opportunity to kill wolves themselves, with a wolf-hunting permit offered at the price of just $100.

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