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Who is Martin Appel?

Yesterday, a quarterly report filed to the Federal Election Commission showed that someone named Martin Appel spent over $16,000 from January to March this year to oppose the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, doing so in the form of independent expenditures. In 2011, Appel made over $29,000 in independent expenditures.

Appel lists the address of his independent expenditure operation as 10161 Park Run Drive Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89145. That’s the same address given for the administrative office of the Plaza Offices, a place that rents out temporary office space – turnkey offices.

The independent expenditures Appel has made are odd in their distribution. More than 50 percent of Appel’s expenditures are for “attorney fee’s” made to two different law offices, both in Michigan: Dobrasin Thennisch PC in Pontiac and Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller PC in Southfield. The remainder are for website development and online advertising.

There is a prominent lawyer by the name of Martin S. Appel, but he lives in Los Angeles, not Las Vegas. Of course, the Martin Appel independent expenditure system seems to be remotely organized, with web services hired from both California and Florida. Then again, why would a lawyer need to pay other lawyers such high fees? The only Martin Appel who lives in Las Vegas is a reviewer of sound system components – not a good candidate for someone who can drop almost $40,000 in an attempt to influence a political campaign.

Can anybody out there provide some assistance in determining for sure which Martin Appel is directing these independent expenditures, and what his plans are?

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