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Committee: Vote David Walker for President First. You’ll get his Policy Ideas later.

The campaign to Draft David Walker for President is an awfully strange one in many ways, right down to David Walker himself making an appearance on national TV to declare that he wasn’t running for president, and he wasn’t encouraging anyone to vote for him for president, except back when he repeatedly did, but anyway he’d consider it if anyone were to start a draft campaign to make him a presidential candidate, and look, here’s some colleagues of his from Americans Elect and the Concord Coalition who have done just that.

The latest strangeness in the Draft Walker story comes from the twitter account of the Draft Walker Campaign, which is declining to share the policy ideas of David Walker when asked. The pitch: just vote for David Walker first. After he wins, then you can find out what he stands for!

9:54 AM April 24:

Mark Smith: @DraftWalker Not single-issue voter but protecting #life very important incl #abortion, natural #endoflife. Where do u stand?

DraftWalker: @MtnrSmith This is a draft effort, not a campaign. We wont know the full range of views until/if he runs. Just what he’s said publicly.

9:41 PM April 23:

DraftWalker: @sikhny All your support would do is get him on the ballot for the Americans Elect primary, then you’d get that platform from him.

1:40 PM April 22:

Nils Werner: @DraftWalker Where can i find out more about his platform so i can get an idea why AECorps is slanting the whole thing in his favor?

DraftWalker: @inils What platform? He’s not a candidate yet. We’re trying to draft him.

Call me a traditionalist, but usually I look at a candidate’s platform for policy action — like, say, massive cuts to programs that help struggling Americansbefore I decide whether to vote for them. Silly old-fashioned me, I’ve got it all backward.

7 thoughts on “Committee: Vote David Walker for President First. You’ll get his Policy Ideas later.”

  1. AE Transparency says:

    Here high atop the palatial AE Transparency Tower we had a good chuckle over that Twitter exchange, too. Almost made us spill our morning mimosas on our cummerbunds!

    We are reminded of another famous Madison Avenue product for which it was necessary to buy the whole package before you could find out what was inside:

  2. Daniel H says:

    I would support-click TJ Ohara and Mike Ballantine, the fifth and sixth ranked declared candidates just to make sure David Walker doesn’t crack the top 6 if did decide to declare.

  3. Charles Manning (manning120) says:

    People on this board have been saying AE is a joke and criticizing Rocky Anderson for attempting to use AE to get ballot access. While I reject the criticism of Anderson, I agreed previously that AE seemed like, well, a joke. A couple of days ago, AE told me that I can’t vote for Anderson because they couldn’t verify my identity after I made three unsuccessful tries to convince them of my identify. This is conclusive proof, if any was needed, that AE is a fraud. People in the Anderson campaign, including me, are considering suing.

    1. AE Transparency says:

      Yep, the hand that rocks the server rigs the vote, Charles. Unfortunately, if AECorp has nothing else (and, indeed, it has nothing else) it has really good lawyers (an oxymoron?) and the money to keep them running day and night. Many of us around here have learned, from hard experience, that the only way to actually beat AECorp is to humiliate it, and to educate its prospective prey before it can consume them.

      But if you need an amicus curiae, we’re your huckleberry.

  4. Steven says:

    Another good reason I’m glad I withdrew my ‘support click’.

    1. Bill says:

      Back up the bus…you mean you can withdraw a support click????

      1. Steven says:

        Yeah. You can go back to the candidate’s page on AE and find the button that says “I’m Supporting”. When you mouseover it, it turns red and says “X Remove Support”.

        Whether it counted or not…who knows. With the lag and being from one of the 40 smallest states…I can’t prove that my vote or my unvote counted.

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