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Oil Industry Gets What It Paid For With Cory Gardner Drilling Bill

capitol dome in scarletYesterday, U.S. Representatives Cory Gardner, Francisco Canseco, Pete Olson, Mike Coffman, Marsha Blackburn, Bill Johnson, Jefff Landry, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Lee Terry and Rick Berg introduced H.R. 4480, legislation that would, if passed, expand drilling for fossil fuels on public lands, to create profit of oil and gas corporations.

What do all these U.S. Representatives have in common? Why would they work together to create legislation that benefits fossil fuel corporations?

They’ve all taken a whole lot of money from the oil and gas industry.

Cory Gardner, the primary sponsor of this bill, has been in Congress for less than two years, and already he’s taken more than $277,000.00 from sources affiliated with corporations that profit from the drilling, processing and burning of fossil fuels. That’s not counting independent expenditures using money redirected from oil companies either. No industry has given as much money to Congressman Gardner as the oil and gas industry.

These members of Congress aren’t so much public servants as they are corporate assets.

One thought on “Oil Industry Gets What It Paid For With Cory Gardner Drilling Bill”

  1. Tom says:

    Yup – pay to play is the name of the game in D.C. as well as most state and city governments too. This is an inherent flaw in “democracy” as corrupted by capitalism.

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